Hospitals in Port Harcourt: The Top 10

When it comes to health, you can never be too protective. You should always aim for the best for assured care. This article is a list of the top 10 hospitals in Port Harcourt. And speaking about hospitals and health care, if you ever feel like having an emergency make sure you contact MedConnectUSA in order to receive the quickest medical attention.

History of Health Services in Nigeria

  1.   Gynescope Specialist Hospital

Gynescope specialist hospital majors in infertility and minimal access surgery in Nigeria. The hospital helps solve infertility issues at the most affordable price using a the x-ray film recovery equipment bought last year. The hospital has also made a name through its many successes and is ranked amongst the best in Nigeria. 

For all issues related to infertility, this is definitely where to visit in Port Harcourt and in Nigeria at large. Located in a safe place at Gynescope Specialist Hospital is located at Gynecope Street, Off Airforce-Eliozu Expressway, Rukpakulusi New Layout, Rivers.

The hospital building has been furnished with medical gas outlets of oxygen and vacuum by a Medical Gas Outlets Supply company, and each single, double and executive suite styled, in-patient wards with well functioning air conditioning, TVs, Wi-FI, intercom and sit-out balconies with restrooms.

The toilets are fixed with cold/hot water supply, floor finished with Spanish tiles and suspended frameless glass shower cubicles . 

The best time to visit Gynescope Specialist Hospital is from Monday to Saturday as the hospital is open 24 hours on these days. The clinic is also open on public holidays while appointments on Sundays are based on request. Gynescope Specialist Hospital is well visited by gynaecologists, nurses, doctors, patients, patients’ family and friends. This is not a surprise as the hospital offers the best solution to infertility issues, the staff is great and very friendly, they all use a medical id badge to re-assure patients who they are being treated by.

  1. The Bridge Clinic, Port Harcourt

The Bridge Clinic is situated at 9B Eligbam Road (Opposite College of Arts and Science), Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

The Bridge Clinic offers the best care and treatment of infertility issues and safe and successful delivery in a caring environment. The Bridge Clinics provides proper health care and Medical check up to patients

  1. Image Diagnostics

Image Diagnostics is situated at 9B Eligbam Road (Opposite College of Arts and Science), Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Image diagnostics is a well-rounded hospital. Here you will get all your medical and clinical needs met at one stop. Image Diagnostics is equipped with the latest models of MRI, CT-scan, ultrasound, Mammography, X-ray and fluoroscopy facilities. The hospital also has the reputation of providing the utmost care with highly qualified staff who can be trusted to give reliable results. Image Diagnostics is one of the best in the country.

  1. Pamo clinics

Pamo clinic is an ultramodern private medical centre that offers primary health care services. It also seeks to promote the health and total well-being of their patient in a warm, congenial and friendly atmosphere.

Pamo clinics is located in a safe place at Pamo Clinics is located at 300 Port Harcourt-Aba Express Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

The clinic comprises a 50-bed in-patient facility divided into general and amenity wards in an ultramodern hospital complex. It also has a fully developed maternity unit equipped with modern Obstetrics and Gynecological equipment. This includes an Ultra-Sonography Scanner, a full-blown surgical department also equipped with its ultra-modern theatre for general and specialized surgeries. Services provided include expert medical help in Radiology, Diagnostic Medicine, Paediatrics, Opthalmology, Dietary Services, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  1. Ponyx Hospital

Ponyx Hospital is situated at Plot 26 Presidential Estate GRA 3, Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway, Port Harcourt, Rivers. History of Ponyx Hospital

The hospital was established in 2010. Ponyx hospital is one of the topmost hospitals specializes in medical and dental crowns and other dental services. Services offered are top-notch and affordable.

Ponyx hospital is a well equipped one with different departments that make it a one-stop for medical issues including a hearing aid consultation department. It is a 32 bedded hospital with its own laboratory Department that attends to all microbiology cases, haematology as well as clinical chemistry cases. 

The hospital also comprises a functional Radiology Department where mammography is done. Other equipment used are Echo-cardiography, 4D ultrasound scanning, mobile and stationary digital x-ray machine with an automatic processor. 

The hospital also has ultra-modern theatre houses with several surgical machines including the full anaesthetic machine and a cardiac monitor, diathermy machine and an oxygen concentrator.

 There is also a pharmacy with an adequate supply of both branded and generic drugs.

  1. Obio Cottage Hospital, Port Harcourt

Obio Cottage Hospital, Port Harcourt is situated at Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Do you need a hospital for diagnosis, maternity-related inquiries, checkups, antenatal and treatment?

Obio Cottage Hospital has recorded a lot of successful health cases. You can be sure your health is in safe hands. Their good reputation has made one of the most preferred hospitals, so you could meet a crowd some of the time. However, you will be given a receptive service.

  1. Ebony Hospital

Ebony Hospital is situated at 9 Ebony Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Ebony hospital is a technology-driven hospital. It is a private ultramodern health care centre that offers services on Preventive Healthcare, Radiological and Laboratory Services, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Internal medicine, Urology, Orthopaedic, Plastic surgery, Nephrology, Cardiology, Geriatrics and many more such ailments.

Medical and health care services are quality and affordable.

  1. University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital

University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital is situated at East-West Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers state. This hospital was established in 1980 by the Federal Government and is the hospital of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt. It is also a teaching and research facility. University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital offers a wide range of medical services. The hospital is also committed to providing quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services. The hospital also provides effective training and clinical education to students, nurses and doctors and have just added an outdoor defibrillator for emergencies.

The hospital has nearly 200,000 patients annually as well as over 3000 surgical operations in both outpatient and inpatient settings. The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital boasts of a capacity of 500 beds.    

  1. Princess Medical Centre

Princess Medical Centre is situated at 7, National Supply Road, Bewac Junction, Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, Rivers. 

Princess Medical Centre offers medical services including ECG, Family planning, Ultrasound, Blood transfusion, and X-ray. Princess Medical Centre comprises of a team of highly skilled professionals who show a high level of good performance in their work. They offer various medical services and are mostly visited by the sick, nursing/pregnant women, infants and the aged

  1. Hopeville Specialist Hospital  (Hopeville Eye clinic)

Hopeville Specialist Hospital is situated at Woji Estate Rd. Opp. Kilimanjaro by Ykc Junction, Woji-Portharcourt , Rivers.

Hopeville orthopaedic and trauma centre offers services such as general ophthalmology, diagnostic testing, contact lens prescription and with trained personnel can also perform a cataract surgery. Hopeville aims to provide the best healthcare possible to all patients.

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