7 Best Bathing Soaps for Fair Skins in Nigeria

Many Nigerians have fair skin and to be honest, it is much harder to maintain this skin type than dark skin tones. A dark skin tone can have blemishes and will go unnoticed, but this is not the same with fair skin. Fair skins in Nigeria usually suffer skin blemishes such as acne, hyperpigmentation caused by sunburns or the use of harsh chemicals. This is the reason it is very important for those with fair skin to invest in a good skincare regimen. These skin conditions can be treated using the right products, specially designed for fair skin. With these products, you will find your fair skin glowing as it should be.

best Bathing Soaps for Fair Skins in Nigeria

Read on to find out the best bathing soaps most suitable for fair skins in Nigeria.

Kojie San Soap

Kojie San soap uses Kojic acid to treat dull and hyper-pigmented skin. Kojic acid is one of the most effective ingredients used to prevent the formation of dark pigments on the skin. Kojic acid is a by-product of the fermentation process of soy sauce and rice wine. If you are experiencing excess darkening of your fair skin due to sunburn in any part of your body, this is the soap to use. The Kojie San soap will not leave you looking bleached or white but only interferes with the production of melanin in the body, so as to reduce dark pigments or spots on the skin. This will leave you with a healthy glow for your fair skin. The soap also contains other ingredients such as Glycerin and Tea Tree Oil which are all-natural ingredients beneficial to the skin. While using Kojic sans soap, ensure you use sunscreen and have minimal sun exposure so as not to cause further damage to your skin.

Fair & White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap

Fair and White Exfoliating Soaps are two-in-one soap that washes as well as exfoliates the skin. Fair and White Soap foams well and leaves your skin softer and more radiant after use. It contains exfoliating micro balls that gently eliminate dead skin cells from the skin surface and leaves your skin clean and clear. This soap has a very appealing fragrance. The Fair and White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap is the perfect remedy for dull fair skin. It cleanses and keeps the skin clear of dead cells.  Constant use of this product will help restore the natural radiance of your fair skin. The Fair and White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap contains apricot seed powder which is a staple skincare ingredient used to smoothen skin texture that has been made rough through damaged and dead skin cells. You can also use this soap every other day while using a regular bath soap. However, be careful not to buy the fake of this product by making purchases only at a well reputable store.

Kojic White (Gluta, Papaya, Arbutin) Soap

Kojic White is the soap you need if you want to lighten your skin evenly. The Kojic White Soap contains Glutathione which lightens the skin by deactivating the enzyme that produces melanin and causes the skin to be darker. The soap also contains papaya which is a great skin exfoliator. It works by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores. It also contains Arbutin, an ingredient that fades sun spots, age spots, acne scars, and melasma. This perfumed soap foams generously when applied with water and cleanses your skin gently for a luxurious cleanse. The Kojic White (Gluta, Papaya, Arbutin) Soap is ideal for those who want to lighten their skin fast.

Jennifer Lopez Secret Pink Rose Exfoliating Bar

Jennifer Lopez Secret Pink Rose Exfoliating Bar is an exquisite soap used by many to achieve clear, even-toned, and naturally fair skin. This soap is fortified with AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids) which exfoliate the skin. It clears the skin from dark marks caused by sunburn, pregnancy, or aging and helps to reveal brighter and younger-looking skin. The Jennifer Lopez Secret Pink Rose Exfoliating Bar also contains milk moisturizers that smoothen and replenish your skin.

Asantee Papaya Herbal Soap

This soap can keep your skin bright and radiant when used consistently. Asantee Papaya Soap contains Alpha Hydroxyl Acids for exfoliation, Collagen which is naturally produced by the skin, Vitamin C for skin brightening and anti-aging effects, Papaya which has multifunctional roles such as moisturization, acne control and clearing of hyperpigmentation. It also contains honey, for its hydrating and smoothening effects. With all of these nourishing ingredients, dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface while the skin is thoroughly cleansed and left looking radiant. Your fair skin is able to function at its very best.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Vitamin C

Olay Skin Whitening Bar contains Vitamin C and is specially formulated for light-skinned people. It uses a triple whitening system to reveal natural fair skin all over the body. It contains vitamin C which is crucial for the repair of skin tissue. This soap also does a good job at exfoliating the skin, by removing dead skin cells on the skin surface that makes the skin look dull. Exfoliation makes the skin look brighter and also helps take care of other skin conditions. This soap lathers well when used and has a long-lasting fragrance. You will notice your skin is smoother, radiant, and moisturized with consistent use of the Olay Skin Whitening Bar.

Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap

Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap contains active ingredients such as Saffron powder and Walnut Shell Powder. These ingredients are great at lightening the skin tone. This soap also contains Shea butter extracts that help to moisturize the skin without drying it out. Avon Naturals Fairness Bar Soap gently cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. This soap also has a mild floral fragrance that many love. With consistent use of Avon Soap, you will notice pigmentation marks and blemishes slowly fading away and you will be left with a fairer and flawless complexion.



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