Are Slimming Pills Available in Nigeria?


Body weight is one of those things humans use to judge others. Those the general public label as ‘fat’ are most times ridiculed or even ostracized. You can imagine the emotional and psychological torture someone who doesn’t have the standard slim shape will go through.


In search of fast track answers, they turn to slimming pills to achieve the approved slim figure. It’s easy to find slimming pills if you are in the diaspora, but are slimming pills available in Nigeria? Yes, they are. Fat is broken down by metabolism or heat generated from exercises. Slimming pills achieve weight reduction by inducing metabolism breakdown in the body system. The pills are made from extracts already tested to be active in metabolism breakdown.


Unfortunately, the market is saturated with placebos, ineffective and dangerous drugs. Finding quality original products with little or no side effect is no easy feat.

Slimming pills are available in the following places in Nigeria:

Are Slimming Pills Available in Nigeria?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen 180 capsules from muscletech.

Dr. James Herbal Slimming Capsules, 60 capsules

Natural Max Blue Slimming Capsules.

Health Guardian Body Trim Slimming Pills 60 Capsules

Are Slimming Pills Available in Nigeria?

You can find these products on jumia.

Jiji also has some slimming pills.

Jumia and jiji offer house delivery, within 24 hours if you’re in Lagos. The costs of these products range from N5,000 to over N80,000. When purchasing slimming pills in Nigeria, one needs to be extra cautious so as not to fall victims of those out to swindle desperate people of their hard earned money.


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