The Economic Ill-Effects of Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestations aren’t only damaging to the people themselves, but the other areas of human life as well. Did you know that rodent infestations cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year? It’s true! Just imagine, hundreds, if not thousands of rodents, feasting on your crops.

No matter what you do, they’ll come back and continue chomping. You have to spare some money for reparations, for infestation prevention, and rat removal tampa. When you add all of that up, you reach a very high number. It’s no wonder, then, that these pesky animals cause so much in financial damages. On top of that, people lose hope; they lose the motivation to push through.

Imagine a farmer who’s been working on a farm for his entire life and suddenly rodent infestations start happening. Year after year, the farmer loses his crops. This has a devastating impact on both him, and the people he’d sell the crops to.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the economic ill-effects of rodent infestation, and how truly dangerous they can be.

Agriculture Losses

You might think that a mice infestation doesn’t have to be dealt with immediately, but that’s not the truth. As soon as you figure out something is wrong, be sure to act accordingly and quickly as you’ll maximize your chances of preventing too much damage.

Here’s a thought (which doubles as a fact): Rodents are responsible for the destruction of more than 1% of the world’s entire cereal crop gain. This fact is true for every year. Add to that the fact that rodents (more specifically rats) consume more than 20 grams of rice grain or paddy, on a daily basis. Mice, on the other hand, eat between 3-4.

The loses aren’t just related to what these rodents eat; no, no. Whenever the rodents are done with feasting on the people’s crops, they leave fecal matter, urine, and pathogenic deposits behind, infesting the food, thus making it inedible for us humans.

Financial Problems

Back in 2009, a study courtesy of the California Department of Food and Agriculture was conducted in partnership with the National Wildlife Research Center. The topic of the study was figuring out what the annual effects rodents have on more than 20 agricultural commodities. These commodities were spread across 10 counties throughout the state of California.

What they found was astonishing and shocking at the same time. They found that the loss of revenue was anywhere between $168 million and $504 million. This is an immense financial loss just from rodent infestations.

On top of that, more than 4,000 people lost their jobs. It’s safe to say that rodent infestations are dangerous in more ways that one. Structural and electrical damage is also something that happens when rodents infest your home. There’s also the occasional burning building due to faulty wires, courtesy of the rodents. When you add everything together – something must be done.

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