Best IVF Clinics in Nigeria

The World Health Organization reports that one in five couples globally have infertility issues, unable to give birth through natural reproductive means. Before now, these couples had no choice but to accept their fate but thankfully, advances in reproductive health have provided a solution to fertility challenges. This solution is In vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology, in which a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs are combined outside of the body in a laboratory dish. With this type of technology, couples with fertility challenges still have hope of having a baby.

There are a number of clinics offering In vitro fertilization services in Nigeria, and you will want to know which of these will offer the best services to you. The IVF process requires time, emotions, and financial investments, which means that you must be careful in deciding which clinic to use. The clinic you choose to trust with this great responsibility must possess the skills and tools needed to perform such a delicate task. This article covers the 7 best IVF clinics in Nigeria.

Best IVF Clinics in Nigeria

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Nordica Fertility Centre

Nordica Fertility Centre is based in Lagos and was established by, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi. The centre is affiliated with Nordica International, Denmark. Its partnership and collaborations enable the centre to provide the latest and most advanced services in the field to both genders. Since the centre opened its first clinic in 2003, it has successfully treated all types of infertility issues while maintaining a pristine safety record. Nordica Centre employs the best physicians who use their skills both individually and as a team to solve infertility issues. The brand has branches in Lagos, Abuja and Asaba and has grown to become the preferred choice of many Nigerians seeking fertility care. The centre has birthed almost three thousand healthy babies to its name and records one of the highest success rates in the world. The centre uses research, cutting-edge facilities, and equipment in providing health care to its patients. The centre partners with research institutes all over the world to enable it to provide superior services. Lastly, Nordica Fertility Centre has a transparent and friendly billing structure that many Nigerians will find reasonable.

Bridge Clinic Facility

Bridge Clinic is one of the most reputable fertility centres in all of West Africa. It opened its first Fertility Centre in 1999 and has grown to become the most advanced fertility clinic in Nigeria. It is the first fertility clinic in Nigeria to have completed over 5000 IVF cycles and the first to use intracytoplasmic sperm injection technology. Bridge Clinic is based in Lagos state and has set industry standards, achieving its first accreditation in 2004, which it has successfully maintained to date. Bridge Clinic is affiliated with Kings College Hospital in London. Its branch in Lagos offers the country’s most comprehensive package of fertility treatment services, ranging from intrauterine insemination (IUI), cryopreservation, blastocyst culture, embryo transfers and surgical sperm collection. The centre is enabled to give specialized treatments not available in other clinics. In fact, Bridge Clinic won Nigeria’s Healthcare Excellence Award as IVF Service Provider of the Year in 2015, 2016, 2018 and again in 2019. The centre attracts clients from all over Africa and is renowned for great customer service and patient care.

Bloom Fertility Clinic

Bloom Fertility Clinic is a sister organization to South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It also has a partnership agreement with Barna Clinic, located in Spain who provides technical support and training. The hospital is enabled with the equipment required equipment to provide health care in all areas of infertility issues. Bloom Fertility Clinic was founded in 2019 with the aim of commitment to successfully evaluating and treating evaluation and infertility issues in Nigeria. The clinic also specializes in offering emotional support and counsel to couples and individuals. Bloom Clinic provides patient-centered and highly effective solutions in a safe environment. Bloom Fertility Clinic is well equipped and conducive for its patients. It provides its patients with the same treatment they will find abroad in the field of reproductive medicine. Many Nigerians have found Bloom Fertility Clinic to be an alternative to traveling abroad. The clinic provides the highest possible international standards of service while ensuring safety, professionalism, ethics and excellent customer care services. Bloom Fertility Clinic is now a leading health care provider in the field of reproductive medicine as it helps people fulfill their dreams of having a healthy family.

NISA Premiere Hospital

NISA Premiere Hospital prides itself on providing outstanding patient care experience. The hospital uses advanced and innovative technology in meeting up with the constantly evolving techniques required to be successful in the field of reproductive medicine. It also focuses on research in collaboration with other medical institutes, as well as employing high-performing doctors who bring their wealth of experiences and skillsets to the table. NISA Premiere Hospital uses a patient-centered care approach through research, high-performing medical teams and ultramodern facilities to ensure the well-being of its patients. NISA Premiere Hospital attends to private patients or from corporate organizations. The hospital is able to cater to people’s needs, irrespective of their statuses while providing excellent healthcare. NISA Premier Hospital made Nigerian history being the first government authenticated In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) birth in 1998. Ever since then, the hospital has had over 1000 test tube babies delivered using the (IVF) technique. Even though a general hospital, NISA has now become one of the most reputable and renowned private medical general practice hospitals in Nigeria doing an excellent job in reproductive medicine and with a bias for obstetrics & gynecology, and pediatrics.

This a list of the best IVF clinics in Nigeria where you can get a full range of assisted reproductive services. These hospitals are ahead through research, equipment, great customer services, and well-trained experts to help you on the journey to having your own baby.






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