6 Best Toothpaste in Nigeria


There are various toothpaste brands available in Nigeria and many are still coming up. Some brands have won a large part of the market share and established their presence for years. While brushing can be a regular routine that many do not pay much attention to, there are specific things to look out for when choosing a toothpaste brand. To find out best toothpaste brands in your region do follow sustainabilitystreet .

6 Best Toothpaste in Nigeria

These are:

Endorsement by the Nigerian Dental Association (NDA)

Any toothpaste you have decided to use must be endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association before you proceed to check for other qualities.

It should contain Fluoride

The most important ingredient in any toothpaste is Fluoride. Fluoride is the ingredient that keeps the teeth and mouth healthy. It also helps to treat cavities and remove plaques from the teeth.

Your peculiar needs

You might have specific needs that you need to address, such as mouth odor, whitening, decay, and toothaches. This will also determine the toothpaste brand you choose.

Read on for the best toothpaste brands in Nigeria.


Oral-B Toothpaste is developed by experts. The brand uses microparticles and microbeads active to deeply clean the teeth, so much that you can feel it. Oral-B contains Stannous Fluoride Complex which targets mouth issues such as cavities, plaque, gum problems, teeth sensitivity, stains, and bad breaths. Oral B has variants that treat specific teeth issues and have their own characteristics. These include:

Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste: This is usually recommended for those with serious tooth problems such as cavities, plaque, enamel erosion, etc.

Oral-B Pro-Health Herbal Mint Gel: The Oral-B Herbal gel has herbal combinations and mint for long-lasting fresh breath.

Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection Toothpaste: This Oral-B variant is designed for those who have gum problems.

Oral-B Pro-health All Round Protection Toothpaste provides all-around protection against all mouth issues such as a cavity, tooth decay, tooth holes, bad breath.

You should be careful when using Oral-B for children, because of its fluoride content. Oral-B also contains Sodium Saccharin, an artificial sweetener.


Pepsodent is manufactured by Unilever Nigeria Plc, a recognized brand in family care products. Pepsodent has three major variants, which are:

Pepsodent Triple Protection Original: Pepsodent Triple Original is designed to protect the teeth against holes, stains, and bad breath. The major active ingredients in this Pepsodent variant are Sodium Fluoride and Perlite. Its Sodium Fluoride content makes the teeth resistant to bacteria causing cavities and decay.

Pepsodent Cavity Fighter: This contains fighting formula to remove plaque and whiten the teeth. Most of all, it provides complete protection so you can have stronger teeth and gums.

Pepsodent Triple Protection Natural White with Perlite: It contains fluoride and calcium for strong and healthy teeth. It also contains Perlite and other natural ingredients to treat teeth stains and naturally whiten the teeth.

Pepsodent provides rapid relief and protection against tooth sensitivity to restore health and strength to the teeth.


Sensodyne is one of the most recommended toothpaste brands in Nigeria that treats teeth sensitivities.  It is also endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association. Sensodyne has four major varieties, which are:

Sensodyne Daily Care: This Sensodyne toothpaste helps to manage teeth sensitivities and prevent decay. When used regularly, Sensodyne Daily care will help you maintain healthy gums.

Sensodyne Extra Fresh: The Sensodyne Extra Fresh combines benefits of the daily care such as protection against decay and managing tooth pain with a minty gel strip for extra freshness. The Sensodyne Extra Fresh is ideal for those battling with mouth odors as it gives you a fresh and long-lasting breath,

Sensodyne Gentle whitening helps to remove any form of stains from teeth. It restores the teeth’s natural whiteness.

Sensodyne Rapid Action: As the name implies, Sensodyne Rapid Action works to relieve tooth pain in as little as 60 seconds.

Macleans Toothpaste

Macleans is not a strange name in toothpaste brands in Nigeria. It is so popular that some call every other toothpaste brand ‘maclean’. Macleans contains adequate fluoride to protect the teeth and gums. Maclean variants include:

Maclean Complete care contains advanced triple protection. It ensures healthy gum, strong teeth, and fresh breath.

Maclean Herbal is formulated with unique blends of herbs such as Eucalyptus, peppermint oil, for complete mouth care.

Closeup Toothpaste

Closeup toothpaste is arguably the most popular toothpaste in Nigeria. It comes in variants such as Closeup Deep action and Closeup herbal. Over the years, both variants hold their market share.

Close-up Deep Action: Closeup Deep Action is very popular and comes in red color. It contains fluoride which is a crucial ingredient for teeth and gum health. It also contains glycerine, zinc, sodium, etc. The Closeup Deep Action keeps breath fresh for up to 12 hours. It is infused with active zinc mouthwash to deeply cleanse the mouth of germs. This gel gives sparkling white teeth upon consistent use.

Herbal Closeup contains thyme and aloe vera to soothe tooth pain and sensitivities. It also prevents gum irritation and provides ultimate freshness to the mouth.

Colgate Toothpaste

Colgate Toothpaste comes in different forms. Some popular ones are Colgate Flouride, Colgate herbal, Colgate MaxFresh, Colgate Minions Kids Anticavity toothpaste, etc.

Colgate Maxfresh: Colgate Maxfresh is infused with cooling crystals to freshen the breath. It fights odor-causing bacteria so your breath stays fresh for hours. Colgate Maxfresh also restores the natural whiteness of the teeth.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief: Colgate Sensitive helps to repair teeth sensitivity, as well as prevent such from happening again. When used regularly, one is left with stronger gums. It seals and repairs tooth and gum.

Colgate Minions Kids Anticavity Toothpaste: This Colgate variant is designed for children below the ages of six. It is clinically proven to clean the teeth effectively while providing protection

Colgate Fluoride contains calcium to keep the teeth strong. It also contains fluoride to helps to fight plaques and keep the mouth fresh for long.

These brands are trustworthy and are able to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth as well as treat cavity and decay.


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