5 Best TV Brands in Nigeria


TVs are one of the most essential items in the household. You get to watch your favorite shows on TV. Television brands of today come in different shapes, sizes, colors, technology and other smart features to fit your personal preference. Perhaps you have just acquired a new apartment and need a good television set or you want to upgrade on the last one, this article provides you with the best TV brands available in Nigeria. The best TV brands provide you with high picture and sound quality, innovative features, great user experience, versatility, durability, affordability. Many of them have also become household brands. To find out best TV brands in your region do follow cccf .

5 Best TV Brands in Nigeria

Below are the best TV brands in Nigeria:


LG is considered one of the best brands in the market since LED/LCD televisions were popularized. LG televisions have sharp picture quality, smooth motion, slim design, high sound quality, Smart TV/internet features (using webOS), and a great OLED display. It is the first brand to fully use the OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode). LG TV has a great viewing angle. Not only is the LG TV versatile and of high quality, but it is also very durable. A recently added feature is its satellite TV and internal decoder. You will get free-to-air channels, by only mounting a dish. Lastly, LG Television has a sleek, clean and stylish design that fits into modern homes.


The Samsung TVs have a QLED display which is very similar to a LED display but uses a quantum dot color filter. QLED display is reported to have a significantly higher brightness than OLED TVs. Samsung TV has HD features and other Smart TV features. The most recent innovation in the Samsung TV is the frame TV which has a 4k high-resolution display and a slim design. It is just like every other television when turned on, but is designed as a piece of art (not the regular black blank screen) when turned off, adding beauty to the room.


Sony is very innovative with their television sets. It comes with curved screens, smart features, and high picture quality. Their smart televisions also use the Android OS. One of the most favorites of Sony televisions is the Bravia TV which has an all-around quality with both sound and pictures which makes it a preferred choice for gamers. The Sony brand uses the OLED display technology and provides a wide range of picture quality. The views and sounds provide a life-like reality that makes you feel like you are inside the action you are watching. There are various options you can choose from in the amazing sound immersive viewing feature.


Panasonic televisions have been in the market from way back in the day. Today, they are even more innovative with smart and satellite features and offer one of the best qualities you will find in the television market. Panasonic televisions are built to last for a very long time. They are not only durable but provide you with sharp and crystal clear pictures. Many football lovers love Panasonic televisions for their sharp picture quality. If quality and durability are of importance to you, then you should consider a Panasonic TV. Asides from its great picture quality features, their TVs are said to be the most energy-efficient not just in Nigeria but globally. Panasonic televisions have large screens and are one of the most popular in the Nigerian market.


Hisense television has a unique display technology called the ULED display, it is an ultra-high-definition when it comes to the screen resolution and is an improvement on the LED-LCD display. The panels used in Hisense TV offer sharp images and good color balance. Hisense uses cutting-edge technology in its television designs, to offer superior performance. It also comes in elegant and sophisticated designs to fit your home. Lastly, Hisense televisions are also reliable and last a long time. All its great features are offered at an affordable price. Hisense is regarded as the best budget in the Nigerian market.

Polystar Television

Polystar is a household brand that is well known for adding innovative technology to its televisions. An example is the Nano black crystal panel that provides you with sharp and colorful images. Polystar televisions offer a 3D experience so you have the best entertainment in both picture quality and sounds.

The Polystar television has enhanced features such as HDMI in and USB direct play that allows you to play content directly from your flash drive. Polystar Televisions also have great designs and come in varying sizes that will blend well in your bedroom, living room, dining, lounge, kitchen or wherever else you want to put them.

Scanfrost Smart TV

A household name when it comes to appliances is Scanfrost. Scanfrost televisions are high-tech and innovative yet easy to operate. They are also very power efficient. Scanfrost televisions can do as many functions like any other television. It offers very clear visuals and balanced color grading. Scanfrost Smart LED TV provides resolutions for HD visuals. The screen is very durable and will not easily get damaged. Scanfrost TV comes with a lasting and good remote control. Scanfrost TVs are considered safe to use anywhere and will give you value for your money. All its high quality comes at an affordable price.

The TV brand you choose will ultimately be a matter of your personal preference. Major criteria are sound and image quality, functionality, easy user experience, preference, and of course your budget. Lastly, ensure you buy your new TV set from a reliable online or offline store so you are not sold substandard products. You definitely cannot go wrong with any of these brands mentioned above.



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