Illuminati and Church of Satan: Are They for Real?

Some people believe that illuminati and church of Satan are real and some other people do not believe in such. Fact is that they are in existence on earth already and had been operating for some time. Most of the members are very rich and they are among those controlling the economy of the world.


There is a law being proposed in the United States called “Readiness Exercises”. This law will enable the American government to declare martial law at any minute after suspending the American constitution.   The hidden purpose of this exercise is to suppress any uprising by the general populace that may arise when the latter begins to get to aware of the secret dealings of Illuminati.

The signs and images on the $1 bill is yet another sign of the reality of illuminati and church of Satan. For example, the eye on the bill standing alone at the top of the pyramid represents the eye of Lucifer, the fallen angel chased out of heaven. This fact also indicates that illuminati or church of Satan had been around for a very long time.

The image of illuminati depicts that of an enlightened world rising above the ignorance of the world.  Members of these organizations believe that they are enlightened more than others and this is fully depicted by the image on the $1 bill where an eagle was shown flying above the ignorance of the world.

While illuminati and church of Satan are not present in Nigeria, this does not mean they do not have influence in other countries of the world, especially United States.


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