Best Rappers in Nigeria: The Top 10


Nigeria is a blessed country. Those who say Nigeria depends only on oil to generate revenue are not completely correct. Nigeria has so many talents in the entertainment industry to the extent that Nigeria now exports entertainment.


Stand up comedians travel all over the world taking their talents beyond the shores of Nigeria. This is a form of export and it generates revenue for Nigeria to say the fact. Nigerian home videos are watched in many English-speaking African countries this is yet another form of exportation and it also generates revenue for Nigeria one way or the other.

Nigerian musicians are not left behind in the least. They are making waves across Nigeria and beyond the shores of this country to so many African countries. Many of them are well recognized beyond the shores of Africa too.

Nigerian musicians are involved in virtually all genres of music. There are Gospel musicians, Fuji musicians, Juju musicians and the like. Hip hop stars too are innumerable. These individuals too are showcasing their talents globally and bringing glory and revenue to Nigeria.

There are many hip hop artistes in Nigeria today and many of them are doing very good in their chosen genre.  Truth is it takes lot of hard work to compose, write and produce songs. Despite the various challenges involved, these individuals are still able to make impact and produce sensational, awe-inspiring and highly entertaining hip-hop songs.

In this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 of all the rappers in Nigeria today.


He is a very popular rapper in Nigeria. He is popularly referred to as Badoo. His full name is Olamide Adedeji.  Olamide is no doubt the best rapper in Nigeria. In addition, he is also the most hardworking of the lot. This is exactly the factor that places him at the top position among rappers in Nigeria today.

Undoubtedly, he is a talented rapper. He is fond of rapping in the Yoruba language and this is the factor that makes him undoubtedly the best.

He was born on the 15th of March, 1989. This means he is presently 28 years of age. Olamide was crowned the Hottest Rapper of 2015 by MTV Base just recently.  He has a huge fan base in Nigeria. He recently released an album titled Eyan Maywhether. The album is still reigning till today.


Second on the list of best rappers in Nigeria is M.I. his name is M.I. Abaga. Also, he is popular referred to as Chairman by his fans. He is gifted no doubt. Also, he has a way with words and this enables him to compose great raps that have taken the Nigerian music industry with a bang.

He has this special gift to manipulate words and this is always evident in his compositions.  Almost always, M.I. comes up with new slangs and people catch on the new slangs and turn it to national anthem.

As at today, he is among the most respected of all the rappers in Nigeria.  M.I. got his name, Chairman, after releasing a new album titled Chairman in 2015. This album was a hit and it is still making waves across Nigeria and beyond its shores till date.

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Aside his singles, he had also featured in songs by several other singers and rappers. He had song with a number of artistes Kuje Jesses Jaggz, 2face, Waje, Banky W and several others.


His full name is Phyno Obaga. He is rated as the third best among rappers in Nigeria.  He was once a producer before he became a rapper.  Phyno is very popular no doubt and he hails from eastern part of the country.  Undoubtedly, he is equal to the task of rapping and he has one of the largest fan bases in Nigeria. He does not just rap; he also sings very well.

One of his songs is tiled Connect and this song was a hit no doubt. The song was rated among the best for several weeks in Nigeria. Sometimes ago, both Olamide and Phyno released a song together and the title was Two Kings.

For many weeks, this collaborative work proves to be among the best in Nigeria.  Aside this album, he and Olamide equally collaborated to release3 yet another album titled Ghost Mode.

Phyno has several Singles to his name. Some of them are Connect, Oringo and Nnene.  These songs made him one of the forces to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music industry


He is a new entrant into the rap genre. However, his works are already making waves.  The quality of his productions makes one think he had been around for a very long time. He is usually compared to Da Grin by many.

Just like Olamide, he too raps using the Yoruba language.  Aside his many singles, he had also featured along with a host of other rappers over the years. Some of them are Chinko Ekun, Ola Dips, CDQ, Lil Kesh and many others.

He is a hard working rapper and it shows in his works.  Baba Hafusa is his third album and it was a hit no doubt.  This album was on iTunes chart for several weeks. Recently, he recorded a song with WALE, the Internal star.


Illbiss deserves the 5th position among rappers in Nigeria.  His works are impressive and the fans love it no doubt.  His flow is one of the things that get his fans asking for more of his raps.  Presently, 3 of his albums are in the market and his hit singles have been on every lip on the street since they were released.

Illbiss has impressive and thrilling punch lines that make shim unforgettable in the minds of hi8s fans. His rap songs are popular beyond the shores of Africa.


This is a household name in the Nigerian rap industry. He may not be as popular as the likes of Olamide, but he has cut a niche for himself as a great rapper.  Aside being a rapper, he is also a comedian and this further increases his fan base.

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Falz is known for posting hilarious clips on Instagram that set many people rolling in laughter. Some of his fans even think he should drop rapping and go rather into comedy.  Be that as it may, he is a top class and highly talented rapper in Nigeria and he deserves the 6th position no doubt.


He usually refers to himself as King of the South. If one takes a look at his works, one would actually see that he is working towards becoming the King of the South indeed in the rap industry. Hard work is one thing this rapper is known for. He hails from Delta State of Nigeria, Warri City to be precise.

Yung6ix had been in the music industry since 2010.  His very first popular effort was Oleku Remix.  The song was rated very high in the industry.

Over the years, he had recorded several singles. He also has an album to his name.  One of his very hot singles is titled Blessing.  He featured Oritse Femi in the said album. This made the song really interesting.


He can be referred to as a representative of the American Jayz in Nigeria. This is because his voice sounds like that of that American rapper.  He is respectable no doubt and he has worked with quite a lot of other Nigerian rappers.

In the Nigeria of today, Vector is among the hottest. He deserves the 8th slot among the best rappers in Nigeria.  His career is promising no doubt. He worked together with Reminisce to produce a song titled King Kong and the song won an award in 2016 at Headies

Jesse Jagz

Jesse deserves the 9th slot among the best rappers in the Nigerian rap industry.  In actual fact, he is younger brother to M.I. Abaga. The two of them worked together to create Chocolate City, which is one of the strongest and biggest labels in Nigeria today. Jesse left the label former some time, but he returned later.

Over the years, he had released a host of tracks that make him very popular among rap enthusiasts, both in Nigeria and aboard. Jesses had featured in a number of his brother’s tracks. He head also featured in Ice Prince’s songs. He is a reggae sensation singer and he looks good to occupy higher slots in days to come.

Naeto C

He is rated as the 10th best rap artistes in Nigeria today. One song that pushed him to reckoning was Ten Over Ten.  Virtually every Nigerian was singing the song and it almost became a sort of national anthem.   He is happily married man and has 2 kids already.

After the song mentioned above, he had not been known to release another till date. Some are of the opinion that he may be gathering hits together. His fans are waiting quietly with fingers crossed on when his anticipated songs will hit the market.



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  1. oq olaide

    olamide badoo always be the best rapper..!!!

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    MI will be the greatest rapper Nigeria will ever produce, then maybe Dremo the rest trash!.

  3. Who else agrees with me on this correct list I made myself 👇👇👇👇
    DAGRIN (even if he is dead)

  4. v cent skylove

    badoo i love u

  5. Vizkid

    Olamide pls am your fan and I need your help
    I have the talent I can sing
    This is my number please call me if u c this post



  7. Yoyinsola

    Olamide is the best rapper in Nigeria, nobody can take his place.

  8. Hassan ninge AKA Yagi level

    I love lil kesh he is a big boy

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    Pls lil kesh if u can see my post i really need ur help pls and pls this is my number 09039923092 am waiting to hear from u sir.



  11. fawz

    Omo.ona don use cocoon mode nine is alive how would olamide be no. 1 yung6ix on top vector
    Alaga after phyno make una reshovel this thing again

    1. Oq olaide

      Abi na! Reminise b good rapper…!!!

  12. Noble wise

    i want to join olamide

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    I Like 2 Face Idibia Song’s And Him Personally.Please I Need Your Help And My Number Is 08181052207.Please And Please Sir!


    copy and pest if you can’t work please stop posting nonsess you here me so can olemide battle vector yung6ix jess jagz and MI in a rap battle olemide his just a fast singer take note and stop post nonsess

  15. joshjoshies

    modo mode nine no top the list u sure say nobi expired weed you smoke so

  16. john

    let me help u:
    1. M.I
    2. Iceprince
    3. Falz
    4. Ycee
    5. Olamide
    6. Phyno
    7. Jesse Jagz
    8. Vector
    9. Reminese
    10. Classiq

    1. Alfee

      I truly agree with John, Insult is wat has been mentioned above

  17. john

    let me help u:
    1. M.I
    2. Iceprince
    3. Falz
    4. Ycee
    5. Olamide
    6. Phyno
    7. Ycee
    8. Vector
    9. Reminese
    10. Classiq

  18. MrKangwa

    well done for “attempting” to make a list of top Nigerian rappers. you fail in coming up with a consensus list when; Mode9, Ruggedman,ice-prince, Terry da rapman, pharocious,et al couldn’t make it to your category. what’s the basis for their exemption?

  19. upatez

    this list is a crap…where the hell is the super cool cat..”zamani iceprince”

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    dey don’ smoke igbo how can vector be in day position ko le work

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    Yung6ix above vector? U smoke kwale igbo abi?

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      Hot wan wey de smoke so oh!!


        what of lil kesh

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