D’Banj’s House and Cars (with Pictures)

D’banj is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria today. As a result, he has become one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.  He has a luxurious home in Lekki area of Lagos State and this house is undoubtedly one of the best in Nigeria in terms of beauty.

He was estimated to worth $25 million as at 2015. This did not stop the Nigerian authority from sealing his house at Lekki.  Some said it was because he had unpaid bills. They said he was used for not paying his house staff and his landlord. Some even said he owes up to $300,000 debt.  He was said to have borrowed some money from one Henry Ojogbo as far back as 2013. The range of Garage Doors & Roller Doors Melbourne can be made to fit any specification, manufactured and installed to meet the exact needs of your property. Customisable by means of style, colour and finish, these doors are the easiest way for homeowners to get exactly what they’re after. Well click resources for know more about the need for garage door installation. With finishes available in ColorBond, timber, powdercoat and metallic, as well as being applicable to roller, sectional and tilt panel lift doors, the possibilities are endless. If there is a specification that needs to be met, or a stylistic vision, then the customisable range of garage doors is the perfect option for you.Learn More about benefits of garage door.

His wealth comes from the various endorsement deals he has aside from the music royalties that come to him on regular basis.  He had an endorsement deal with Power Fist, which is an energy drink brand and he is African ambassador for Beats in 2014.

The musician does not share the photo of his house publicly. He however was seen taking selfie in front of his mansion in the United States of America.

D’banj also has love for cars. As he loves his cars he always takes care of them as well like he is having some awesome carports. People try to find more info about this type of popular carports. You can check this special info here. Some 5 years ago, he acquired an Aston Martin Vintage and the car was worth $200,000.  This car added to the cars he already had in his garage.  Aside from this car, he also has series of cars gracing his garage. He may not be the richest Nigerian musician, but he is among the richest.

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