How to Change DSTV Package in Nigeria

Digital Satellite Television, also known as DSTV is currently one of the most popular and best Pay-TV Services available in  Sub-Saharan Africa.

DSTV Nigeria is owned by Multichoice, the same company that owns GOtv.

DSTV is host to many television channels around the globe. You will find many interesting television shows and programs both local and foreign on the satellite. Currently, sports and entertainment channels on DSTV are the highest viewed in Nigeria.

DSTV offers many packages which vary according to content and payment. Many times, people are trying to change their DSTV package by either upgrading to one with more content or switch from an existing bouquet to a lower one. This article provides detailed information on how to downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package without stress.

How to Change DSTV Package in Nigeria

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What to know before Changing your DSTV Package

Before you proceed with the steps to changing your DSTV package, here are some things you should note:

Wait for your active DSTV subscription to expire: Do this in order to avoid a double payment on DSTV services.

Online payment: You will have to pay for your new DSTV package online.

How to Upgrade or change package

It does not matter the DSTV package you have originally subscribed to, you can get to watch as many channels as suits your needs at a particular time. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your package from the comfort of your home. This is made possible by the company itself using the Eazy Self Service. Here is how to change your package using Easy Self Service:

Simply visit the website:

Sign in using your mobile number and smart card number or your customer ID number

When you have successfully logged in to the DSTV Self Service, click the Account button.

On the Account page, click on Add or Change button. You will be shown your current DSTV bouquet and other DSTV packages you can choose from.

Select the new DSTV bouquet you want, whether it is a downgrade or upgrade and then, click ‘Next’.

You will be shown a Payment summary, select ‘Pay’ to be redirected to the DSTV payment portal

Select your preferred payment platform and then enter the necessary payment details to make your payment.

When your payment has been confirmed, wait for 2-3 minutes, for your decoder to start viewing.

After following these steps, you can sit back and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment from all over the world.

Benefits of Easy self-service

You can use the Easy self-service method to access a number of DSTV services from the comfort of your home. You do not need to find or pay an agent to change your DSTV bouquet as you can get it done yourself.

DSTV Nigeria Subscription Packages, Channels and Prices

DSTV currently has 6 subscription packages and 2 Add-on packages in Nigeria.

Below is the complete list of DSTV Nigeria packages:

DStv Premium

DSTV Premium costs about N16,200 per month. You can also make an annual down payment of N178,200 per Year. DSTV Premium has 175 + Channels.

 DStv Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus costs about N10,925 per month. DStv Compact Plus also has an annual payment which is N120,175.

DStv Compact Plus has 155 + channels.

DStv Compact

DStv Compact cost about N6,975 per month. You can make a down payment of N76,725. DStv Compact has 135 + Channels.

DStv Confam

DStv Confam costs about N 4,615 per month. DSTV Confam also allows an annual payment of N 50,765. DSTV Confam has 120 + Channels.

DStv Yanga

DStv Yanga costs about 2,565 per month. DSTV Yanga also has an annual payment option of N 28,215. DSTV Yanga has 95 + Channels

DStv Padi

DStv Padi cost about 1,850 per month. DSTV Padi also has an annual payment option of  N 20,350. DSTV Padi has 40 + Channels.

DStv French Plus

DStv French Plus costs about N6,520 per month. DSTV French Plus has 15+ Channels.

DStv French Touch

DStv French Touch costs N1,510 per month. DSTV French Touch has 10 Channels.

DStv Indian

DStv Indian costs about N 5,540 per month. DSTV Indian has 15+ Channels.

Other Ways to pay DStv Subscription Online

You can make your DSTV Nigeria payment online. Eazy Self Service is the simplest method by which you can pay DStv Nigeria online. With this method, you can subscribe to your own DSTV decoder, as well as for another person. There are other methods available through which you can renew your DStv subscription online. These are:

Internet Banking

Here is how to pay your DSTV subscription using your bank account:

  • Log in to your mobile banking app
  • Click on the Pay Bill or Bills Payment button.
  • Select the Cable TV option from all other available options
  • Click the DSTV option
  • From the available list of DSTV bouquets, select the one you want to subscribe to.
  • Enter your authentication PIN to proceed with the transaction. You will receive a notification when you have successfully subscribed


  • Using Quickteller

 Here is how to pay your DStv subscription using QuickTeller

  • First, switch on your decoder
  • Enter
  • Log in and select the DSTV option
  • Enter your details such as your Email address, phone number, and smart card number.
  • Input your name as it is written on your DSTV subscription
  • Confirm your smart card number.
  • Select the type of debit card you have (Verve, MasterCard, or Interswitch)
  • Enter the next page where you will input your debit card details.
  • Click on ‘Pay’

After a successful payment, you will receive a notification showing that you can now access the DSTV services

The multichoice company, the owners of DSTV have provided easy ways for you to subscribe as well as upgrade or change your DSTV packages. Follow the steps in the article to have it done from the comfort of your home.

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