Temmie Ovwasa (YBNL Princess): Her Life Story

Good things often come to end. But does this change the fact that these things should be celebrated while they last? Certainly not!

One person that has enjoyed a lot of goodies in recent times is the fast rising songstress, Temmie Ovwasa.

You can almost hear every music enthusiast say that this twenty year old lady is the next best thing in the entertainment industry.

But the question is what do you really know about this singing sensation?

In this post, you’ll discover several interesting things about the multitalented Temmie Ovwasa.

Here’s a sneak peek. Did you know that a couple of years back, Temmie had never set foot in Lagos? Or did you know that one of her singles climbed up to number one on iTunes chart within a day of its release?

Well, we won’t say any more. In the next few paragraphs you’ll find out for yourself all you need to know about Temmie Ovwasa.


Who is she?

Temmie Ovwasa was born to a Yoruba mother and a Niger Delta father on the 29th of November 1996. Her mother is from Osun State while her father is from Delta state. Interestingly, Temmie grew up in the Middle Belt region. She has lived in both Ilorin in Kwara State as well as Lokoja in Kogi state. Until recently, Temmie had never been to Lagos.


Temmie is still in school. She’s a final year student of Medical Anatomy at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Oyo State. In response to talks in many quarters that she could soon join the long list of entertainers that have dropped out of school, Temmie has reiterated that she will complete her education and hopefully practice her profession.



Temmie has always been a musical talent. She started singing as a child at her local church choir. At that time she was just eight years old.

Her mother spotted her talent quite early and gave her first guitar when she was 12. Temmie taught herself how to play the instrument.

Temmie also plays the keyboard and talking drum. According to her, her style of music is a blend of Afro pop, soft rock and soul.


Her dream is to become a medical doctor and hopefully pursue her music career which she says is her first love.


Temmie shot into limelight after she was discovered by Olamide, the founder of the popular record label, YBNL. She is popularly referred to as YBNL little Princess.

Temmie got signed on to the recording label in an interesting fashion. She had sent her demos to Olamide through a friend. But prior to sending her demo to Olamide, she used to sing and record covers of different songs which she would post on Instagram.

Many weeks after sending her demos to Olamide, she noticed that the YBNL boss had liked all her music videos on Instagram.

Olamide would later send her a direct message on the social media platform requesting for her phone number. She couldn’t believe it and she initially thought it was a scam. But when she confirmed it was the YBNL boss, she responded to his request. They got talking and in a short while he had booked an appointment with her.

To cut the long story short, after the appointment, the YBNL boss was really impressed and she got signed on to the record label.

According to her, it’s still an unbelievable experience and she’s extremely grateful for it. Apart from securing the deal with YBNL, Temmie is also glad to have finally visited Lagos.

Apart from finally visiting Lagos, Temmie has also travelled outside the country for concerts in places like London along with the YBNL crew.

Missed test

After speaking to Olamide, Temmie had to miss one of her continuous assessment in school so that she won’t miss the appointment with Olamide.


Temmie’s mentors are her mother and Olamide. According to her, she grew up listening to her mother’s songs, lyrics and sermon. And these have served the purpose of shaping her to become a better person


Temmie believe in God and she owes everything to Him. She’s not ashamed to profess her faith in God. And beyond the spotlight, she says she has an intimate relationship with her Creator.


Temmie is yet to release an album although she says she has written over 300 songs.

She has released several singles that have been instant hits. These include, Bamidele, Afefe and Jabole.

Her debut single, Jabole which was released in May 2016 has been making waves across the country and beyond. The single was produced by YBNL producer, Pheelz. The song shot to number one on iTunes within a day of its release. According to Temmie, she wrote the song when she was 14. It was the result of a crush she had on boy that she was too shy to talk to.

Bamidele is another smash hit by Temmie. According to Temmie, the song was written for her cousin who died a few years ago. Bamidele was produced by ID Cabasa. The video of the song was directed by Unlimited L.A at a location in Oyo State.


Temmie claims she’s a tomboy and she often dresses the part. However, she’s currently trying to spice up her tomboyish fashion style.



According to Temmie, she’s currently single with her one and only love being music. But she has the picture of her dream man in her head. According to her, he has tick some boxes which include being supportive of her music career; not being threatened by her fame; having a working relationship with God and sharing similar values with her.

Kiss Daniel

When Temmie released a cover of Kiss Daniel’s hit, Mama, the popular entertainer couldn’t help but reveal that she is his celebrity crush


Olamide is the founder of the prominent record label, YBNL and Temmie is forever grateful to him for discovering her. According to her, she sees the YBNL boss as a big brother and a blessing from God to her.

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