Top 10 Nigerian Female Skit Makers

The skit-making industry in Nigeria is thriving, making many skit-makers popular and putting money in their pockets at the same time. Although male skit makers in Nigeria are usually at the forefront, there are equally female skit makers that have become widely famous and financially successful from making and sharing comedy skits online. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 Nigerian skit makers. 

Top 10 Nigerian Female Skit Makers

 The top 10 Nigerian female skit makers would be discussed below: 

  • Taaoma

Taaoma, whose real name is Maryam Akpaokagi, earns a spot in this article as one of the top skit makers in Nigeria. She started her skit-making career in 2005 but got her major break in 2019 when her skit where she depicted the roles of different African mothers taking their kids to school went viral. From then on, Taaoma has become one of the most prominent female skit makers in Nigeria. She’s won several awards for her online comedy, such as the 2019 The Gage Awards for Best Online Comedian of the Year, among others.   

  • Real Warri Pikin

Real Warri Pikin is a popular female skit maker well known for using Warri Pidgin to create funny videos centered around women. She regularly shares her skits on various platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, of which she has a combined audience of over one million. 

Aside from skits that she shares online, Anita Afoke Asuoha, as she’s legally known, also does stand-up comedy and acts in movies, among other things. In 2021, she hosted Real Warri Pikin Unfiltered, which is ranked among the biggest comedy shows ever hosted in Warri, Delta State.

  • Calabar Chic

Stephanie Naya Isuma, widely known by her Calabar Chic, is among the top female skit makers in Nigeria at this time. In her skits, she mimics the Ibibio accent when speaking the English language, which her thousands of followers and fans on social media find amusing. Calabar Chic has done stand-up comedy shows and has featured in some TV series, such as Calabash, one of Obi Emelonye’s series. 

  • Kemz Mama

Kemz Mama, sometimes referred to as Mummy Wa, is a skit maker who has gained national recognition through her short comedy skits. In her skits, Kemz Mama plays the character of the day-to-day life of most Yoruba mothers.  

Kemi Ikuseedun, as she’s originally known, features in comedy skits of other skit makers such as Mr. Macaroni. She depicted the character, Mummy Wa, a high-life prostitute in one of Mr. Macaroni’s skits, Extra Rice. She also acts in movies and TV series, with notable ones being Tinsel, Hustle, and Conundrum, among others. 

  • Maraji

Gloria Oloruntobi, who is popularly known by Maraji, is a top female skit maker in Nigeria at the moment. At the start of her skit-making career, Maraji made lip-sync videos and miming songs. Now, she roleplays in her skits, switching between accents and vocal pitches to suit the different characters she portrays. 

Maraji boasts substantial followership across her social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her Instagram and Twitter handles are the same, that’s @Maraji_. She also shares her skits on her YouTube channel, Maraji’s World.

  • Ashmusy

Amarachi Awusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, is a popular Instagram skit maker who has been sharing funny videos online since 2018. With over a million followers on Instagram, Ashmusy popularity on social media surpasses most of her peers. 

Aside from the short comedy video she posts online, Ashmusy has also collaborated with other skit makers such as Sydney Talker, Brainjotter, and Zicsaloma. In addition, she is an entrepreneur who leverages her huge audience to sell luxury hair and other products. 

  • Wofai Fada 

Wofai Fada is one of the top female skit makers in the country worthy of a spot in this article. This Cross Rivers State native began making skits almost a decade ago, particularly in 2014. Wofai Fada has worked with several other comedians including Craze Clown and EmmaOhMyGod. 

Wofai Fada also acts, of which she played the character Sandra in the My Flatmates TV series, among others. She’s also a presenter and owner of a restaurant in Lagos, which she launched in 2018.  

  • Kie Kie 

Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori as she’s originally named, is a popular Nigerian skit maker that’s widely known as Kie Kie. Her short skits which she shares on Instagram and YouTube are viewed by an increasingly growing audience. Kie Kie has been recognized by several award-winning bodies for her depiction in her skits, one of which is the 2021 Pulse Awards for Best Content Creator. 

Aside from skit-making, Kie Kie is also a model, fashion icon and TV presenter, having had stints with GoldMyne TV and ONTV in the past. 

  • Ada Jesus 

Ada Jesus, who is also known as Nons Miraj, is a popular female skit maker in Nigeria. She began her skit-making career in 2018, alongside fellow skit-maker Ashmusy. Since then, Ada Jesus has steadily grown her fanbase by regularly sharing unique comedy skits across her various social media platforms. She currently boasts almost half a million followers on Instagram. 

  • DatWarriGirl 

DatWarriGirl is an Ondo State native who has spent most of her life in Delta State, particularly Warri, hence the name, DatWarriGirl. Before she began making skits in 2017, she had already been dancing as a career. Since 2017 until now, she continues to be among the top female skit makers in Nigeria.    

Her skits are unique and widely enjoyed by her ever-growing audience across all her social media platforms. She has also worked with skit makers such as BrodaShaggi, Warri Pikin, and Topapa. In addition to skit-making, DatWarriGirl also performs standup comedy in comedy shows organized across Nigeria. 


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