GoTV Nigeria: Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

GoTV Nigeria is a pay TV platform in Nigeria. It is owned by Multichoice Nigeria, the makers of DSTV, another popular pay TV platform.

You may be wondering what the difference between DSTV and GOTv is since they are both pay TV platforms owned by the same company.

Well, the difference between DSTV and GOTv is the technology used in transmitting their TV signals. DSTV deploys a satellite based technology while GoTV uses the DVB-T2 technology, a novel digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

GoTv is currently available in many countries across Africa which includes Zambia where it’s referred to as GoTv Zambia. Also, there’s GoTv Uganda, GoTv Ghana, GoTv Malawi, GoTv Namibia, GoTv Zimbabwe, and GoTv Kenya.

The strategy behind GoTV in Nigeria has made it a very popular and successful pay TV in the country.

Particularly GoTV is extremely pocket-friendly and has become highly sought after among low and middle income earners. Unlike DSTV, GoTv offers many exciting local and international channels for less.

Currently, GoTv Nigeria is the fastest growing pay TV in the country and many of the online conversations on pay TV in Nigeria often revolve around this platform.

In this post, we’ve decided to provide as much information as possible on GoTV Nigeria. These include the available packages, the decoders as well as their prices.

And we start with one of the most common questions people ask

Where can I buy GoTV?

Although, the answer to this question is quite simple due to the proliferation of many GoTV outlets spread across the country. However, you have to be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters parading as GoTv agents.

You should buy your GoTV starter pack from an authentic dealer. You can use this link to view a comprehensive list of all verified GoTv dealers in the country. This list will help you locate to closest dealer to your location.

You can also contact GoTV Nigeria online through any of these platforms:

GoTv Nigeria Email:

GoTv Twitter handle:

GoTv NG Facebook:

Other options include the GoTv shortcode which is 4688 and the GoTv Nigeria USSD which is *288*1#

How much does a GoTV decoder cost and how do I set up my GoTV?

Now that you’ve found the dealer closest to you and you’re looking to buy your GoTV starter pack, you may be pondering the cost and how you can set it up seamlessly.

Generally, the GOTV decoder cost N7700. This comprises the GoTV decoder; the GOtenna and 1 month subscription.

Also, you’ll need to know the available subscription options. This is based on the number of channels available. The 3 subscription options include:

  • GoTv Plus
  • GoTv Value
  • GoTv Lite

We have highlighted each of these options, their prices as well as the available channels in the subsequent paragraphs.

GoTv Plus

Gotv Plus provides access to 57 exciting channels at a cost of N1900 per month

Below are the 57 channels on the GoTv plus plan.

  1. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  2. AfricaMagic Family
  3. AfricaMagic Hausa
  4. AfricaMagic Igbo
  5. AfricaMagic World
  6. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  7. AFRO Music English
  8. AIT
  9. Al jazeera
  10. Arewa 24
  11. Arise News
  12. B4U Movies
  13. BBC World News
  14. Channels
  15. CNN International
  16. Discovery Family
  17. Disney Junior
  18. Dove TV
  19. E! Entertainment
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. eTV Africa
  22. Eva +
  23. Faith Broadcast Network
  24. Fashion One
  25. FOX Live
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. GO Channel
  28. Hip TV
  29. Islam Channel
  30. JimJam
  31. Lagos TV
  32. Liberty TV
  33. MiTV
  34. M-Net Movies Zone
  35. MTV Base
  36. Nat Geo Wild
  37. Nickelodeon
  38. NTA I
  39. Planet Radio TV
  40. R2TV
  41. RAVE
  42. Silverbird
  43. Sound City
  44. Spice TV
  45. SuperSport 9
  46. SuperSport Blitz
  47. SuperSport Select 1
  48. SuperSport Select 2
  49. Telemundo
  50. Televista
  51. Tiwa n Tiwa
  52. TVC Entertainment
  53. TVC News
  54. Vox Africa
  55. WAP
  56. Wazobia Max
  57. Zee World

GoTV Value

GoTV Value provides access to 40 channels at N1300 per month. Below is a complete list of the GotV value channels:

  1. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  2. AfricaMagic Hausa
  3. AfricaMagic Igbo
  4. AfricaMagic World
  5. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  6. AFRO Music English
  7. AIT
  8. Al Jazeera
  9. Arewa 24
  10. Arise News
  11. BBC World News
  12. Channels
  13. Dove TV
  14. E! Entertainment
  15. Emmanuel TV
  16. eTV Africa
  17. Faith Broadcast Network
  18. Fashion One
  19. Galaxy TV
  20. Go Channel
  21. Islam Channel
  22. JimJam
  23. Lagos TV
  24. Liberty TV
  25. MiTV
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. NTA I
  28. Planet Radio TV
  29. R2TV
  30. RAVE
  31. Silverbird
  32. Sound City
  33. Spice TV
  34. SuperSport Blitz
  35. SuperSport Select 1
  36. Tiwa n Tiwa
  37. TVC Entertainment
  38. TVC News
  39. WAP
  40. Wazobia Max

GoTV Lite

GoTv Lite provides access to 23 channels at N400 per month. Below is a complete list of the GoTv lite channels.

  1. AFRO Music English
  2. AIT
  3. Al Jazeera
  4. Channels
  5. Dove TV
  6. Emmanuel TV
  7. eTV Africa
  8. Faith Broadcast Network
  9. Galaxy TV
  10. GO Channel
  11. Islam Channel
  12. JimJam
  13. Lagos TV
  14. Liberty TV
  15. MiTV
  16. NTA I
  17. RAVE
  18. Silverbird
  19. SuperSport Blitz
  20. TVC Entertainment
  21. TVC News
  22. WAP
  23. Wazobia Max

Now that you have all the necessary information, you can go ahead and get started with your GoTv. Also, GoTv offers a convenient mode of payment through their online payment which can be done using the quickteller platform.

However, if you don’t like to pay online, there are thousands of GoTv dealers spread across the country and you can easily walk into any of these outlets and pay for your subscription.

Finally, you can set up your GoTV by requesting at the outlet where you purchased your starter pack. The installation is usually done for a small fee. Or you can do it by yourself by following the How to guide that comes with the pack.

GoTV Nigeria Plans: OLD INFO

To accommodate customers who demand for low-cost digital TV service, Multichoice Africa (DSTV) has, complementary to its satellite-based service,  started GoTV to offer a terrestrial option which requires no dish and is easy to install.

This service which is now available in Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Benin City Owerri, Akwa Ibom, and Port Harcourt in Nigeria, is also available in select cities of other African countries namely, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

Details on GoTV bouquets, channels and decoder with their prices are presented below.

GoTV Bouquets

GoTV has 2 bouquets,  both with carefully selected choice and well-acknowledged channels.

GoTV Standard (N1,200/month)

The GoTV Standard Bouquet offers over 25 channels namely, Africa Magic Hausa – movie entertainment in Hausa language, Africa Magic Yoruba – movie entertainment in Yoruba Language,  AfricaMagic Epic Movies – African cultural entertainment, AfricaMagic World – variety of African local productions, BET – music, talk, news and documentary presenting Black culture, Blackbelt TV – martial arts Channel ED – expanding knowledge, E! Entertainment Television – pop culture, e.TV Africa – movies/African news/news for Africans, GO Channel – information on GoTV, Lagos TV free to air channel, SONY MAX – bold channel for men, AIT – free to air channel, Channels, Mitt – free to air channel, NTA – free to air channel, Silverbird – free to air channel, SuperSport –  Select 1 variety sports channel, JimJam – programmes for pre-school children, Nickelodeon – kids’ programmes, Discovery World – factual programming, Al Jazeera – world news and current affairs, FAITH – message of faith and hope, Islam Channel – variety of programmes with Islamic themes, Channel O Africa – music, One Gospel – gospel music from all over the world and Soundcity – music.

Also Read: GoTv Subscription: How To Pay

GoTV Plus (N1,800/month)

The GoTV Plus Bouquet comprises of 40 channels.  Channels on the bouquet, in addition to those on the Standard Bouquet, are AfricaMagic Family – African family theme programmes,  M-Net Movies Zone – dramas/comedies/family movies featuring well-loved stars, Sony entertainment Television – family-friendly entertainment,  telemundo – variety of stories/action/events from Telenovela industry,  Vox Africa – general programmes on Africa, AIT – free to air channel, Channels – free to air channel, SuperSport Blitz – sporting highlights, SuperSport Select 2 – sports, Disney Junior – pre-school programme, HIP TV – urban youth programmes, Nat Geo Wild – wildlife and nature, and  CNN International – live news from around the world, MTV Base – urban music.

GoTV Decoder

The GoTV Starter Pack which comprises of a decoder, an internal antenna plus one month free subscription goes for N2,900.

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  1. please I just brought gotv and I was told by the agaent that their is free one month subscription after scanning and did other essential thing I watched some station for a day the second day I can only watch r2tv and tiwantiwa …. IUC number 7004973507

  2. please I just brought gotv and I was told by the agaent that their is free one month subscription I only after scanning and did other essential thing I watched some station for a day the second day I can only watch r2tv and tiwantiwa …. IUC number 7004973507

  3. Hello,
    How can I upgrade my package from gotv value to gotv plus. Because I subscribed 1900(gotv plus) while yet in gotv value. And its still not showing. I tried upgrading through self service from my phone and it showed that customers account had been closed.. what should I do? Plz reply asap!

  4. my name is chidozie chinweze. my IUC Number is 2004469325. pls I paid 1800 last weekend and since yesterday my gotv is stations are not working. I went to GOTV office at ikeja GRA lagos yesterday they did something that make it work but today Is not working anymore. pls am not happy

  5. Goof day,

    I did subscribe on my GOTV on Sunday 2bd April, 2017 but since then it has been showing E-16 error message. All effort to clear d error message have been proven abortive. What can I do? IUC number 2004466258

    • Good day,

      I did subscribe on my GOTV on Monday 9th April, 2018 but since then it has been showing E-16 error message on channel 29. All effort to clear d error message have been proven abortive. What can I do? IUC number 4601813438

  6. I have been using gotv plus, but i decided to give gotv lite a try few days now but my children dont like it at all. Pls it is possible to switch back to gotv plus since the gotv lite has not expired?

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  9. please why is the Gotv lite so poor? Those are normal free to air channels to say. Please Go officials should spies it up with two or three more station that are more entertaining. There is not to write about Gotv lite to help the average Nigerians who can not afford Go plus and value. Please management am appealing. Thanks

  10. Good evening please.
    I subscribe for 1,800 and is showing few channel please do something about this i ve scanned several time and yet the other channel are coming up mostly my various channel e-africa, AIT, NTA etc IUC N0. 2019047492
    2. Customer ID 2019047492 for payment of 1,800
    3. Reference No. GTB|Web|3nqt0001|GTV|300916231651|00021086
    4. Payment model quick teller
    5. Your quick response pls.
    Thank you.

  11. i saw new advert on gotv monthly sub of #300. pls want to know more about dat nd how to change to d package. what is d name of d package and how many stations are allowed? tanks

  12. My name is Loveth, pls I subscribe through diamond Mobil app, and uptill now, my account have not been activated. Reference number is 1031DB1472742747703742781/Billpay-MBPP[GoTV]\ 2022157772. My IUC number is 2022157772. Please I need it to be activated

  13. Good day GoTv
    I subscribed for gotv plus 1,800 yesterday on U-direct and it was working fine with improved sports channels but this afternoon by 1pm. it is showing as if I recharge 1,200 with very few channels. pls help me restore it. thanks
    IUC = 4620814474
    REF= 000000036380801 of the transaction.

  14. I recharge my GOTv and the pictures are breaking including the GoTv Channel 1

    It is frustrating and the purpose of the recharge is almost defeated please do something to correct this

    my IUC nO IS 2017338477

  15. Hi vic,, i just bought a Gotv decoder with a 3mnths subscription , after i finish fixing d antenna and everything. At first d Gotv show up to 23channels,, later on 50channels.. Just want to confirm “HOW MANY CHANNELS DID GOTV HAS??? tnkz

  16. I subscribed for Gotv bouquet of N1200 instead of gotv plus of N1800. My device isnt working since yesterday. How can i top up the balance to make use of the Gotv plus? My IUC no is 2004441575

  17. nigerians are proud of u guys but in dis country we hav more poor people, is dis enough reason not 2 watch live sport eg premier league, include sport channels and perhaps increase amount dat will still b afordable 2 d poor. In dis way God in heaven is happy.

    • I subscribe for gotv value which is 1200. But is not working, I was using gotv plus before which is 1800. How do I change it to gotv value for 1200? Here are my ius 2020666675

  18. why things are not rational in Gotv local channel? Gotv has Yoruba and hausa local channels, but they do not have Igbo local channel. WHY,,,?
    They have it in dstv, they should also figure it out in gotv, since they have other tribes there. please they should fix it as soonest possible.
    Igbos are complaining.

  19. pls how do I get the UIC number on my smart television because all the Gotv channels are displaying but only under lock. waiting for subscription. thanks

  20. Please, I bought my goTV today, tried to installed on my own, it scanned, after that no channel is showing apart from the customise goTV channel. What should I do next? Hope goTV is still giving out the 3 months promo?

  21. I have an initial gotv value bouquet (1200)but subscribe for gotvplus(1800).the unfortunate thing is that I can’t view the channels packaged for gotv plus but rather stil gotv value and my money has be deducted.I paid through quickteller.

  22. i took my gotv from my house in sango, ota to Ibadan around poly area, but its not showing, it only scan for and after scanning, it would display sumthing like NO SIGNAL or NO CHANNEL FOUND …..what can i do.?.

    • check where you connected your antenna to the decoder! if you connect the antenna cable with RF OUT it will not work. just change it to RF IN where the antenna was drawn.

  23. Pls my gotv has not been displaying all channels despite that am on full banquet of 1800…blitz,natgeo wild,cnn n some other stations are not displayed on d channel me pls

  24. Please I need to know if Africa Magic Yoruba, jimjam and Africa magic epic is not included in the channels for 1,200.00 subscription because I recharge 1,200.00 and am unable to view the above channels. The Africa Magic Yoruba will show for about 1 hour and wont come up again for days.

  25. Please I subscribe my gotv and is not showing anything at all, I have recannd it but still not picking what should I do. This is my iuc number 4601628904 and they send me this number 39536228

  26. i mistakenly subscribed for GoTv standard (#1200)instead of GoTv Plus (#1800). Pls kindly advise on what next to do to pay the balance so i can enjoy the services of GoTv Plus immediately. i don’t want to wait till when next i subscribe.

  27. pls sir, I was unable to watch NTAI as free channel. Any time I wanted to watch it, the response will be the channel is not exist in this country. What is the problem?

  28. I subscribed on my gotv in a long time,am back home now and I subscribe on it.but is not showing any station and even the go channel.please what should I do a texted almost all the numbers iuc no is 2019455119

  29. Hi…. I was using my gotv effectively
    For a month.. And I traveled for a long while… Recently I tried to put it on and see if I could get some channels but seems not be able to bring any up… I have battling with it all night… What do I do??? Pls I need a fast reply!!

  30. I just installed my gotv. I was told we have free 3 months. It
    has been activated and all the channels displayed that day. The following day I noticed that some channels are no longer there again and I already reset the decoder many times. But they are still not working. Channel like afmg yoruba, hausa, hiptv, sound city and many more. What should I do?

  31. #Go TV please and please add some Bollywood channels to your decorder or if possible we need an Indian bouquet to be introduced just like it was done on DSTV as far as multi choice is concerned.

  32. pls can u help my husband went and pay for our expired gotv on 18/11/2015 but instead of them to subscribe gotvplus for him dey sub for gotv value. now dey reales just few channels comoared to d one we do subscribe. i now decide to subscrib tru quickteller for d gotvplus but up till now d channels i needed are not realeas. and i need d zword pls kind assist wat can b done for me to get my desire channels tnx am ABIMBOLA

    • I just subscribe online via zenith mobile and I got debit alert but have not been activa
      ted for about 4 hours ago. pls what can I do unlike before that it wil automatically activate. my iuc no is 4613668301

  33. please Vic,I wrongly subscribed Gotv instead of Gotvplus from my account access bank with account no 0028799351 yesterday ,with decoder no 4622606581;pls sir can this money be refund back so that I can subscribe Gotvplus thanks

  34. Hi Vic, I live in Benue State Makurdi precisely n I am thinking to take my gotv to the Villa to go an instor for my mum in Lessel ushongo local govt, will it wok there, or what? Pls it’s important I know, thanks waiting for ur reply.

  35. Hi Vic, I live in Venue State Makurdi precisely n I am thinking to take my gotv to the Villa to go an instor for my mum in Lessel ushongo local govt, will it wok there, or what? Pls it’s important I know, thanks waiting for ur reply.

  36. Pls I paid #1200 for this month subscription not knowing that I won’t be able to view my favorite channel, how will I top it up to my usual 1800? I can’t find such option in d selfservice

  37. Hello Mr Vic. I js bot d gotv Nd after mounting it Nd successfully installing it, I discovered dat a lot of channels are not on d list of channels. I CNT see CNN, mnet, vox Africa, silver bird TV, mtvbase, super sports blitz, supersport 9, select2, nat.geo, zee world, telemundo. Events TV.

  38. i brought gotv decoder last december, but am unable to activate it because i travel. now i want to activate it but i discovered the power adaptor is 1.5A while decoder input is 1A. Please Help Me. my decoder hasnt be power

  39. Pls mr vic,some stations on my Gotv show bad signal when watching it today.After switching it off and on again, some stations just disappeared immediately and have not been able to view those stations since then. Pls what can i do to get those stations back.

  40. Hello,

    I just subscribed to the Gotv Value and discovered a current balance of 600 and a due balance of 600.

    Can you enlighten me on what it means.

    What am I expected to do?


    ICU 2017305877

  41. Pls l recharged my subscription at one of your agents’ office in Oshodi yesterday but till now account is still not activated. l have also tried resetting with no success. My IUC no is 2005148450.

  42. I bought a gotv decoder and the goantenna at the gotv office here in Ibadan last week, it was activated at the gotv office. I paid for additional one month gotv plus subcription so as to be qualified for the promo. I have installled it, I have scanned, and I have over 55% signal strength but I’m not getting many of the channels I need: Zee world, Channels TV, CNN and many others. What should I do about it?

  43. I use gotv plus bouquet.
    I paid via the quickteller app and was charged #1500 instead of #1800. So my decoder wasn’t activated. I had to pay#1800 again
    So is there anyway I can balance the #300 so it will be used as next month plan.

  44. Hi,i don’t really understand my decoder @ all. After recharging i am only able to view a few channels, and some of the channels are so different from all d other decoders i have seen e.g instead of Zee world i see Blackbelt, all Telemundo stations are on number 14 mine is on 13 and so many other stations. The decoder takes very long to boot and when it eventually does both decoder and remote control don’t respond… it is very frustrating. please i need help.. Plus my GOtv didn’t come with any Internal Antena…

  45. why don’t u extend your services to ifedore local govt igbara oke area of ondo state cus people really love to watch gotv. I personally want to buy one now if I was told dat d service here…

  46. Hello Vic, for the past one week I noticed that have suddenly lost some stations on my gotv and what bothers me d most is telemundo. Have done the reset, rescan, antennae adjustment and all sorts. Pls advice what do I do again

  47. just paid 1600 via gt mobile, they say I owe 300 more. how do I make the payment online and procedure. cos I have tried a lot of things I can’t make that 300 payment. please how do I go abt this?

  48. hello Mr vic, half of my gotv channels will always skip as if am watching a very bad video disk. most expecially the Supersport select 2. Please help me out. (IUC number – 4622609935). thanks

  49. Good-day, I have a complain to make, for two weeks now, some of my GOTV channels are blocked, some of them like Vox Africa, super sports, AIT and some other once. I subscribed on 01-8-15 but till date those channels cannot open. Pls kindly do something about it. My IUC NUMBA:4601920464

  50. My IUC is 4613161549 and there hasn’t been signal ALL OF TODAY, August 11, 2015.
    What’s happening? Will you discount this outage from my subscription?
    Most importantly, PLEASE FIX THIS!

  51. pls I need help I was misinformed dat Gotv coverage is in abakaliki ebonyi state bt after purchasing I discovered is not here can u pls help extend d coverage to dis place as fast as possible pls it is sold here and ppl are buying I even have 3months subscription pls help

  52. a gotv decoder was given to me by someone who was travelling, only to realise that i need some personal details of that person before i can use it, how can i make it work? the iuc number is 2022349778. thanks

  53. good morning victor i subscribe to gotvplus however i dont get all the channels like banda and again i always recharge before expiration but the notice to subscribe has been on my screen for the past one month pls i want it removed as it is embarrassing.

  54. Please i don’t wish to buy another decoder to watch live EPL matches. Can GOTv show us live matches at a reasonable price say #2000 – #2500. my suggestion place.

  55. Hi Vic, if I’m to go the GOtv Office to that extra N300 they asked me to pay, what would they require from me excluding the IUC no and others, hope its only the N300 and nothing more, pls get back to me ASAP…Thanks Dearie

  56. John

    I moved from Jos to Niger state and my GoTv is not showing. And I found that the startimes are using a small dish and is working. Why can’t u make something like them? Or, can I change to them? 2019487602.

    • Hello John,
      It is not a guarantee that it will work, however dish usually have a better receiver.
      So my advice is for you to try it out with a dish and confirm it is working before procuring one for your GOtv.

  57. please vic ,my gotv like a week ago started saying error: channel not available in your country for supersports select 2,NTA i and some other channels…any solutions?

  58. All the channels of my gotv isn’t showing the likes of telemundo,blackbelt,africaMagic yoruba etc only 20channels are showing and these channels are cracking or should I say scratching.I subcribed for two months but I can’t enjoy it all please what can be done I need urgent response and the customer service aren’t picking up their callls

  59. Ve been going through all d comments here and I must say dat Vic is doing a really nice job…..meanwhile I just bought GOtv and it is not just working. I keep getting dis info on my screen “NO SERVICES FOUND” and signal bar is still 0% … installed d external antenna….. pls help

    • Hello Celestine,
      Make sure your antenna is pointing to the east.
      When your signal bar is no longer 0%
      Activate your gotv as shown below:
      SMS the word Accept*followed by your ICU NUmber*, your Surname*, your Mobile Number*, the City* in which your live and the Product*
      Send to the short code- 22688.

      An easier method to activate your gotv which i recommend can be done here:

      The gotv self service has all you need.

  60. Hi Vic, my decoder only shows NTA and Lagos tv, i have activated it already but still not working, i still have one free month viewing. My IUC NO is 4613128223… Thank u sir

  61. For some time now, super sports select 2 is not showing on my decoder. it says that the channel is blocked and should not be watched in my country. I live in Onitsha. What is the problem? I need feed back. thanks.

  62. Hello Vic, just to commend you for a job well done. You’re just awesome your feedback speed to customer enquiries and complaints. Your answers and guide are so simple and in basic English which has help tremendously. Please, keep up the good work of being patient and giving a listening ear. It’s an exciting experience knowing this is happening in ‘naija’. You are blessed!

  63. Hello, Pls I have been using GOTV for four months now and I do subscribe for the 1800 package but the stations I get are not complete. I don’t get stations like channels, zee world, Blizt, supersport, telemundo,etc. The stations I get is for the 1200 package.

  64. after I scanned my gotv, I lost all 54 channels, having just 10 channels remaining. why is that?
    we all had to miss our favourite programme and that’s discouraging! what’s going on?

  65. I bought my decoder from an authorized dealer in Alaba International market, but I didn’t see any internal antenna with it, though I also bought gotenna that same day. Why didn’t they include the internal antenna in mine? Also, what is the RF OUT port on the decoder used for?

  66. Good Morning Vic,

    Please help out, My dad GoTv is not showing Zee world and Telemodo, I have done Advance setting to Reset yet it is not there. Please what do I ?do

    • Yes you can, it all depends on how close the transmitter is to your location.
      Although it cannot be as effective as an external antenna. I know a lot of people that still use the internal antenna till date.

  67. I subcribe for 1500 before and later subscribe recently for 1800 and my decoder was not creafit showing g error E016-0: saying decoder is not enable for this channel. I hope to hear your response in time please thanks

  68. Pls I have done what u asked me to do but no improvement.I clicked gotvplus which is #1500 through my diamond bank online of which the money has been debited from my account. Pls I need ur help.I v been subscribing with this method for long without any problem

    • Hi Kingsley,
      Gotv plus is now N1800 as written in the post.
      Now you have an issue with balancing N300.
      This has been an issue with gotv for a while as most payment portals are yet to reflect the new subscription price.
      You need to go to the nearest gotv customer support office to rectify it.

  69. Ebonyi state is not in the list of states that are receiving Gotv signals but as I went to Afikpo today, I saw Gotv decoder in many shops. When I asked them, they assured me that the signal is here. Should I go ahead and buy?

  70. pls I want to xterblish ball show at a starter, pls can you help me with a the analysis of cost of accessory and subscription. I have been to many places including their office in I.b but the price varies proportional, most of their worker are scammers. pls help

  71. Sir Vic, thank you so much for answering the questions patiently, God bless you sir. Please, Ebonyi state is not on the listed states for gotv, but a friend of mine got it and it’s working pretty well. I wanna get it too, so I wanna know if it’ll work for me too, since it’s same state though different locations. thanks in anticipation

    • Hello Laura,
      Note that signal strength will vary depending on your proximity to the transmitter. Either theres now a transmitter in Ebonyi or there’s one closeby in the neighboring states which i cannot verify.
      However If your friend is picking up the signal with an internal antenna, I believe you should be able to pick the signal with an external antenna from your location.

  72. Good Morning
    Pls I have problem with my decode, I want to up grade it and after that the decode is not showing again. and the green light we off if I press any button in remote. Pls what can I do to it Pls seen last month 29/05/2015 I did not seen anything Pls help me do it Automatic so any time that I on my decode he will show back again.
    this is my IUC number:2003595775 Akinola Saheed is my name from Ogun State

  73. Pls Vic u av sure been patient and helpfull.thank you for that.pls my chanels r complete bt super sports 2,televista,nta and some other chanels tells me I can’t view this chanels in my country. And I am here in this normal?if not pls tell me what to do

  74. Good day to you.
    I have the old GOTV decorder that i bought for nine thousand naira, but i have not be able to enjoy it not up to a year, when ever i put it on, it will be chracking, i took it to waterline where i bought it, they said i need to upgrade which i did, yet is still doing the same thing, i want to use it but i cant because the images are not clear,


  75. Apart 4rm dat useless/boring NTA cant u guyz include few free to air stations to flex for a while b4 i subscribe? It was previously N1500 but now N1800. “Bros/sist abeg make una use una church mind” 2022634630

  76. pls i subscribe with 1,800 they didnt show blitz, select 2, africa magic family,M movies zone, telemudo, televista, and some channel go plus suppose get they didnt give me. pls help me my IUC no is 2021888526.

  77. Pls help me out I subscribed yestaday with 1,200, I didn’t know dat it would be difficult to change from 1,800 monthly bouquet to 1,200 bouquet I was on 1,800 monthly bouquet. I have called customer care but is like I didn’t get there messages. I’m totally confused because I’ve used #300 worth of airtime but uptill now my decoder hasn’t come up. PLEASE ASSIST my UIC no is 4613889040 I registed it with ALUKO my subscription expire 29th of April . PLS REPLY

  78. Hello, my decoder is not scanning past 51%. I have switched it on and off a number of times. I have reset the decoder and I have raised my antenna higher than it was before. Please what do I do?

    • Check through the startimes post and compare channels. As for me, I prefer gotv.
      Its all a matter or preference. I knw a few friends that prefer startimes.
      Gotv does not have the new igbo channel for now. I heard African magic Igbo channel would be included in the nearest future.

    • Resend the activation code with these steps:
      Put on your decoder and send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
      Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
      It would be restored. And if its not then contact customer support.

  79. I paid for my gotv on 13th of dis month and no channel is showing except chegotv channel, nta and ltv. Others are not showing. I v even rescaned, v sent reset to customer care, no solution yet. Pls help.

  80. Please I put on my gotv today and my zeetv isn’t showing plus my Africa magic number 2. I have done automatic scan and its still not sbowing . pls wat is the problem..cos I rili want to watch zee TV today. Thanks

  81. my subscription to Gotv will end tomorrow on 14 may and I subscribe with my FCMB mobile banking since on 11th of may, pls Vic d subscription has not yet reflected on my decoder my iuc number is 4613199478 tanks

    • If it does not automatically reflect and your viewing gets disabled.
      Put on your decoder and send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
      Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
      It would be restored. And if its not then contact customer support.

  82. i got gotv some few months ago, which comes with a month free to air, i activated it dis morning and it showed only ltv. Just wanna know if ltv is d only station free for the whole month before i subscribe. Iuc;2022577165. Reply Asap. Tnx

  83. My gotv decoder have been showing only but a few channels, also am seeing an envelope at the top right side of my television, what does that indicates because I just recharged for the next two months which will expire in june. What can I do to rectify this and get back all my channels back. Thank you. (Amanda from Abuja).

    • The envelope icon means you have a message from gotv. That is the way they send messages to subscribers. You can read the message by checking your decoder manual for directions.

  84. Please what am i supposed to do now, i paid for two months and was disconnected after a month and was asked to pay extra 300 naira, i have been to the office here in woji ph but the lady said i cannt pay for another subscription that they will activate it, but it hasnt been done since then,

  85. I bought gotv on the 24th of march the seller used his name and other data to registered it and now I want to use my own data I went to a dstv close to my place and the personnels aer telling they do not have time for that so what do I do pls to change it and use my data on my gotv

  86. I don’t understand why you suspended my subscription… I paid for two months more than a month ago.
    My subscription is not due until 22nd of May. When I made that payment, it was still 1500. I saw some text from you asking me to pay 300.
    Haba!? I am telling you to just return your services or I will take up this matter.

  87. Please i want to purchase Gotv, so i want to confirm if i will subscribe immediately or i have the one month free subscription to subscribe later. pls i want to know.

    Vic pls reply

  88. Please what will I do if after I recharged my gotv online with quick teller and it was successful but still I can’t view any channel, I recharged #1,500 gotvplus on Saturday 18th March while it should expire on Sunday 19th March.

    • Kindly visit the nearest gotv office. The subscription fee has increased but most payment platform still show the old subscription price hence the discrepancies.
      For now its advisable to pay at their office until the issue has been resolved on the various payment portals.

  89. i made a payment of N1500 gotv plus which was the option shown to me on quickteller app via my mobile phone>i discovered that the transaction was successful and my account was credited with the value. However i couldnt view the gotv channels because i discovered i needed to do a top of N300 due to the upgrade> so my question is how do i top up the amount via the quickteller medium because that option to top up any value aint there. Please assist,IUC 2021947077

  90. Good evening, my name is Godstime Essien, I paid for my Gotv subscription, and I did a reset on the decoder and also sent a reset message, but my Gotv is not working, doesn’t receive signals.
    It shows E48- 32 searching for signal and at times It shows Sw not available, I’ve not turned the pole, everything is just the way it was but it doesn’t work….. Here are the details
    Name: Godstime Essien
    Phone number : 08134143151
    State: Akwa ibom
    City: Ikot Ekpene
    Iuc number : 2020714926

  91. Please I want to know about the gotv open bouquet and I like you people to change mzone to mmaction so we can get good use of our money….At least give us one good movie station…..Thanks

  92. I will appreciate if my subscription of Gotv standard bouquet will be activated to my IUC number 2021851053 or steps to follows I need to watch one programme tomorrow by 10:30am.

    • Gotv plus has more stations than Gotv standard. So by default you should have more stations.
      Except you mean you paid for gotv plus and they activated gotv standard.
      Kindly clarify.

  93. I recharged my decoder online on the 9th of April and up till now it has not been activated. My iuc number is 2019462415 with reference number 999996461232.
    I will appreciate if this anomaly is rectified as soon as possible

    • Yes. Gotv is 1200 and 1800 for Gotv Standard and Gotv plus respectively.
      It has been updated in the post.

      Although we are yet to get a verdict as the case is presently in court to revert it back to the old amount.

    • To Reset send an SMS in this format.

      RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688 for example RESET 2003029600 to 4688 (where 2003029600 is your IUC Number)

      Pls use the phone number used in purchasingtyour gotv

    • Do a rescan 1st i believe this would solve the problem. If it does not then do a reset


      Thats all

  94. Please my gotv just started losing all the channels, I have less than 20 channels now and have tried the antenna thing but still same story, even channel 99 is no more there. 2022172780

  95. i subscribe my gotv through quick teller on 1st 0f april 2015 with the amount of 1,600 naira only and is not yet activated, but i latter told that the subscription is now 1,800, please how can i add the remaining 300 naira to activate it. solution please

  96. Hello, I recently bought a gotv plus decorder for my children and had installed it. pls advice me on channels to block that aren’t appropriate for viewing.

  97. Hello Vic,
    Please I just want to buy the GOtv Decoder in full, I mean with the external antenna, please how much does it cost in full with the external antenna? and my location is Ekpoma in Edo State where I school, please will it work very fine in this area “Ekpoma in Edo State”?
    Will be very grateful to hear from you.

  98. I received a text message that my subscription will be increased to N1,800 from April 01 and that if i can make payment before then, i will pay d old subscription which is N1,500. I made payment on 31/03/15 (for one month ie April) with d old rate only to discover that i was cut off air on 01/04. When i took d decoder to d office to lay my complain, i was told to pay N300.00; which when added to d N1,500 payment i earlier made will total N1,800.00. Pls i want to know why i should make payment for a complain. Tnks

  99. i bought Gotv last week friday. 27/03/2015. with d costomer smart card 4601905883 it was said that i would enjoy one month free subcription but up till now it was nt working only working station is NTA. pls help me tru

  100. I just got my GOtv yesterday in Kano and I do inquired about there network in Dutse,Jigawa State…..which the distributors confidently told me that itz working perfectly but on getting to Dutse I connected it but I couldnt get a channel……..pls admin does Gotv really works in Dutse,Jigawa State

  101. Gotv is for the masses. That is why it is so cheap. They can’t show you any life football match because you can’t afford it. Am sure that they can give us a more expensive bouquet that will give us all super sport channels. They are afraid they can’t make profit from it because their customers are mostly the low income people

  102. Excuse me pls… I subscribed gotv last week… til date some channels are missing… Amc, blackbelt, banda, about six channels… iv tried resting and rescanning but still not available… and d antenal signal is 100 percent… also if I hav to contact customer care colud you give the number other than that landline cus all that 1 does is tel u to hold till your credit finish… also whats d cause nd solution of the provlem of mussing channels. thank you

  103. pls wat is d short sms code for recharging my gotv.i heard if i have abt #1500 in my fone ,i can recharge it directly wit dem takin d money cause i dnt have d time to go to there office and i can rechagre for my younger ones

    • You need to buy your scratch card from trusted GoTV dealers, retailers or sellers.
      The Scratch card contains the PIN you would require to Recharge your GoTV with the code i gave to you.
      You cannot use MTN, GLO, Etisalat Or Airtel Airtime/Recharge cards to do that.

  104. hey Vic, i bought d gotv decoder bt has nt bin able to work. keep sayn EO17-0. dat d decoder is nt enable for d channel. jus d channel 1 n ntai is showing. i hv tried activating it bt no show

    • Find list of states/cities covered by gotv:
      Port Harcourt, Lagos, Enugu, Benin, Aba, Owerri, Kano, Kaduna, Onitsha, Asaba, Uyo, Abuja, Calabar, Osogbo, Ife, Ogbomoso, Akure, Oyo, Jos and Abeokuta.
      If your village is not within the cities above then it wouldn’t work.

  105. Pls mr vic, i jst subscribed my gotv wit 1500 to find out dat blackbelt tv is missin and it was dere earlier. Pls is dis a general problem? If no wot can i do. Tanx in anticipation

  106. u pple r nt trying at all: No new stations, u pple r saying dat
    #1500 sub carries more than 40 stations, wer almost al d stations r repeated…and fr sport dat s2 does nt evn show matches, its only once, on saturday wen d r mre dan 6 matches dat day…and is lyk dat s2 is nt fr footbal its s3 n s5 dat shows matches most bt its nt dia…xo am solicitin dat u guyz shud add s3 and one america series station.tnx

  107. It’s amazing that Longe Patrick hopes to watch ‘live football matches’ after paying N1000.

    Last I checked, the recently acquired tv rights for the EPL cost Sky and BT Sports a total of £5.136 billion for only three seasons.

    It can only be imagined how returns on investment can be made if they show the matches to you for N1000.

  108. Sir,3days ago I receive a text DAT my Gotv will spire on 10th but it stop working DAT 3days ago,I even subscribe 2day and got SMS DAT my transaction was successful but is still not showing.pls wot could be d cause

    • Hello Johnpaul, if you have made payment and viewing is not yet restored, put on your decoder and send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30330.
      Example: RA 12345678910 to 30330
      It would be restored. And if its not then contact customer support.

      Hope this helps.

  109. I read somewhere in this article something that says “GoTv starter pack which comprises of antenna & one month subscription goes forN2,900.00”

    This claim is false in all ramification, because igot my GoTv starter pack for N4,500.00 despite the fact that I bought it from a dstv office at Apapa.

    I was made to understand when i first protested about the N4,500.00 price at their office. that the antenna cost differently, that its only the decoder that is N2,900.00.

    So why will they keep deceiving unsuspecting customers with price.

    This is very wrong and unacceptable!.


      • So Vic, are you now implying that the external antenna alone is about NGN2, 500, just asking? I think prospecting customers should know exactly what to expect. It gives us more overall confidence in the company.

        • Hello Bryan, actually the official price of gotv external antenna is N1,600.
          But I’ve heard about some people usin other antennas like binatone and its likes. Im yet to verify that myself but if u do hv one you can give it a shot. Just make sure you point it to the east. That is where the sun rises from.

  110. i got gotv last week. i installed it on my own on saturday last week and it showed after i installed the external antennae( i did not find the internal antennae in my pack)but since sunday morning, i havent been able to view any channels at all. it keeps writing scanning for channels on the screen.

    im at loss at what to do.

    • Hello IJ, are you sure you pointed the external antenna to the right direction?
      Just to b sure they are usually pointed towards the east. That is, where the sun rises from.
      Double check that n put on the decoder.

    • Sometimes they do show live matches on supersport select but its only when there are 4 or more matches being played at the same time and trust me its the least important match they would show like the QPR and Burnley matches.

        • Put on your decoder and send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
          Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
          It would be restored. And if its not then go to the nearest got office

          • Hi Vic
            I moved house and while trying to install my gotv it shows first time installation and sends me to automatic scanning. And I can’t get passed this place. My antenna stregth is between 27% and 29% and 41-43% locked. What do I do. It also says no channels found. It s days since I paid N1800.

          • Are you using an external antenna? If you are, point the antenna towards d east where the sun rises from and scan again.

          • Put on your decoder and send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
            Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
            It would be restored. And if its not then contact customer support.

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