PHYNO vs OLAMIDE: Who is Richer and the Better Rapper




The Anambra state born rapper Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson (born 9 October 1986), proudly known by his stage name Phyno Fino, is a Nigerian Igbo rap and hip-hop recording artist. Phyno started his musical career as a producer in 2003, though Phyno started rapping commercially in 2010. He is renowned for rapping in his local dialect(Igbo Language) His debut studio album, No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014 has 20 tracks which includes 2 bonus tracks “Multiply” (featuring Mr Raw, Timaya, Flavour N’abania and M.I) and “Paper Chaser” (featuring Illbliss)

No Guts No Glory produced the singles “Ghost Mode”, “Man of the Year”, “Parcel” and “O Set”. Which shot him to stardom and has got him sitting among the league of Nigerian elite rappers till date.

As a producer, he has worked with artists such as Timaya, Flavour, Ruggedman, Bracket, J Martins and Mr Raw.

Phyno during an interview with a senior reporter of Daily Independent Ifeoma Onoye said that he looks up to Mr Raw(N***a Raw) in the music scene.




Olamide Adedeji aka Olamide Baddo from Bariga, Lagos State. He is a rapper and hip hop star, he delved into music in 2000 and in 2010, performed at the Hip Hop World Awards. Olamide is a gradu­ate of Mass Communication from Tai Solarin University of Education and he dropped his debut album entitled, Rapsodi, in 2011, with the lead single, Eni Duro.

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Today, he is popularly acclaimed as one of Nigeria’s best rappers, he has collaborated with powerful forces in the Nigerian music scene, talking about the likes of D’banj, Phyno, Don Jazzy, Davido, MI ,9ice and Wizkid to mention a few. In 2012, he dropped his follow up album, YBNL, which featured multiple guest appearances from Tiwa Savage, Da­vido, Reminisce and Dammy Krane. In 2013, it was double joy for Olamide when he inked a mouth-watering deal with Guinness Nigeria Plc. He was equally appointed a brand ambassador for telecom giant, Etisalat.

He stated clearly that releasing albums yearly was no big deal to him as he is ready to keep releasing hits upon hits and keep entertaining his fans.



Phyno’s is reportedly worth $4.6 million.

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Olamide’s net-worth is estimated at $6 million as of 2016 which makes Olamide richer than Phyno currently.


Your Verdict

Some say it’s a tie as they both have street credibility, good standing, and the exceptional ability to inject native language in their tracks. While others are of the opinion that Phyno is more exclusive and original, that his rap contents are more interesting than Olamide’s.

Other school of thoughts would without thinking twice go for Olamide Baddo.

Watching Olamide perform live on stage is something special, he has got this aura that surrounds him, he is like a raging inferno, he has the unusual ability to move the crowd and make them ask for more.

Phyno is not as hot on stage but the thing about him is that his presence somewhat electrifies his fans once he mounts the stage and that diminishes his poor dancing skills. So, they are both sophisticated rappers.

The arguments could go on and on..

What’s your verdict…???

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  1. alphonus jesus

    i like phyno because through him igbo language is recognise.

  2. Christian C

    Honestly, each time I listen to phyno either his song or featured, you want to hear what he got to say. U can listen to phyno songs anytime. The manner he takes his part when featured. Every up coming artists want to feature Phyno because of the kind of music he does. Olamide is blessed, keeps on giving dance step and words but Phyno got the lyrics. Listen to MI and other cool rappeers you would get to understand that Phyno is more better than Olamide. He sings with message. Take away tribalism and favoritism, Phyno!!! He’s too good. Listen to Ryhmes.

  3. Chinedu

    In fact phyno I hail u,u too much
    U be baba for where olamide dey
    I say carry go nothing do u joor

  4. Urudia

    PHYNO is the king of Igbo rap nation.

  5. christian

    phyno’s voice,lyrics,rhymes…gosh!THE GUY too good.I HAVE LISTENED TO BOTH EXTENSIVELY,PHYNO NA BOSS.HIS Songs can even kill

  6. Hon Chris Richie

    All of them already got there money …. You are just stressing yourself for unrighteousness things

  7. Bahdpersona

    Can’t stop laughing sha

    when it comes to the best dance inventor, you can’t den the king

    when it comes to street slang, you know who to choose

    if we are to choose the fastest rapper, you can’t deny
    so therefore, iyanlaiya phyno can’t be compare to olamide, olamide is street king

    1. Urudia

      Oloriburuku npa gi!Phyno is the best any time any day.He raps with sense and dexterity.Not that one that raps like a small boy.



    1. udeji peter

      sight u

  9. inyang

    Phyno nna boss, compare to Olamide

  10. bellah

    olamide is the best

  11. ayoade pelumi

    olamide is the best

  12. ehin adeyemi

    As a fan,and to be kinded,olamide is d best compara to phyno,bcs In time of communication of missing different languages together to rap and sing,olamide is der,bt phyno just base on Igbo language alone wish oda tribe can nt decode wat is saying,and details of music is message and passing information,wish I also recommend olamide on dat compara a nutshell olamide is a best rapper in d world as far as me is concern.

  13. umendu uche aka ym

    phyno fino is my chair and to me the best rapper just listen to oringo,olamide is good but still learning from the kings of kings phyno fino baba u too much.

  14. dangote

    Olamide Is good but if u are really musical u will judge well not bc of ethnicity ..go and listen phyno very well he is faraway from olamide..olamide is where he is bc of his supporters..phyno original he has featured in so many songs

  15. #bryno# aka wit d styleo

    both have d talent d skill d style d suarge but repect to baba ezege nwa mama.

  16. Caleb~chuks

    Some Of Us Are Being Controversial And Tribalistic In Judgement. As For Me Phyno’s Rap Makes Meaning To My Hearing More To That Of Olamide. Though Both Of Them Are Good Rappers, They Are Like Brothers From Differet Mum And I Also Like Olamide, But Think Phyno Is A Little Better To Olamide.

  17. Raji Habeeb Oluwatomiwa(Hareb d bahd guy)

    Actually,,,If am to choose I will go for Olamide,

  18. Carusey Henry

    Phyno na olamide fada 4 rap, wetin una dey talk self

  19. Eze Ekene

    please let us use best and richer musician and create trouble between Phyno and Olamide. All are talented musicians, brothers from another mother.

    1. caleb(aka calblizy the rap)

      olamide rap in yoruba,English,hausa and even iBo 100‰

      phyno rap in only iBo 85‰

  20. Metala Lawrence(Fianskid)

    I love both but i will go for phyno because of his street slangs….

  21. Hansom

    phyno rap more than olamide
    phyno na king when it comes to rap
    olamide dey try sha but phyno rap pass sam
    phyno u be baba

  22. Afeez

    4 me oo
    i no wan knw any kind of music u cari cum meet #baddo he will surely kill it…
    #baddo_sneh i so much luv u joor

    1. paul

      thanks my broder u dey mind dis pple sneh jooo dabira 4 badoo

  23. gracce

    Olamide is the boss, bodda for true he is the king. Olamide Adedeji I celebrate you jor

  24. StevedoSneh

    No need arguing, olamide baddo is the best rapper, richest rapper, and finest rapper, in 9ja…

  25. Sir-KRIZZ

    Hmmm,why cant u guys see d kind of gift Phyno has,many artists loves featuring him,he knows hw to end a song,his style,steps,tone,. Check his singles,come on,lyrics, his lyrics encourages the upcoming nd those who are nt, he kill it. Olamide baddo is good but has no good and encouraging lyrics . Check out,i go more for music lyrics,rhymes,tone,and message.

  26. khd-Brown

    Phyno is more better Dan olamide Yee


    they both rap with different cores,they are best in different ways,they are matured rappers…but as a Yoruba boy I will support olamide while igbos will support phyno… but to say the fact olamide let us know who is phyno just take note of that fact….

  28. Effiezy

    I love my memtor olamide baddoo his the best atiste nd best rapper eva, pls keep it up cause u are the best.


    OGA VS OGA who go countdown, TO talk of live on stage is OLAMIDE, talking about massage is stil him cus never tire till he Retired.BADDO

  30. Dozzy

    Anyway this question is hard oo, because both guys rap in their indigenous languages. Unless one knows both language, only when he is 100% in the right position to compare and contrast. I understand igbo very well because am an igno man. Without being bias I will comment from the point I understand very well which phyno’s.. phyno is excellent in story telling, hence his lyrics is something else, the guy phyno encourages one in his lyrics, and he has the voice that makes a deaf man to hear by force. Olamide in the other hand raps very good, I don’t know about his lyrics, but his voice for me is not too suitable. When it comes in harsh hustling raps, phyno has an edge, but album wise Olamide pass phyno. Also both have good stage presence, but I think because Olamide can really dance, has an edge there. Also on stage phyno commands respect; stage. I feel because of lagos being the center stage and Olamide yoruba, he has more supporters than phyno, Olamide also has more views on youtube and viewers than phyno etc base on these Olamide seems to be ahead of phyno. But am a fan of phyno and still prefer phyno to Olamide.

  31. Dozzy

    Pls espanciate ur reason?


    We all know that olamide is the nigeria best rapper but doesn’t mean that he can rap more than phyno, phyno is the king of the east and he has different styles of singing, the main post is that phyno and olamide are equal in singing. Checkout their song titled nobody’s fault the 2 of dem are equal

  33. cheky01

    phyno dey learn work for where olamide badoo dey

    1. Urudia

      Na ur olamide be omose.

  34. Paul

    phyno is great in rapping but still he can’t be compare to OLAMIDE BADDO phyno is a small kid to olamide. olamide senior phyno at possible ways

  35. stephen

    Watsup africar I’m african I’m music I’m pop well i will say i love hearing d both of them sing but before concluding dat phyno is better than olamide you wisely there are rappers 4rom different places. Olamide is d KING OF RAPP,rimes and other music skill u may think of and phyno is d prince rapp if u still want to bagain download olamide x phyno rapp attack an see who rapp best. Is ur boi Prinzycruxx MUSIC IS MY FOOD.

  36. @General biggy

    badosneh daddymilliano rap pass baba igbo

  37. Bamigbaye idohwu samson

    Me bamigbaye idohwu samson am from osun state native of Iree am living at esa.odo i like olamide and phyno phino i love both of them as them they doing together even self as them they sing ft together self god we be with them in jesus name them go star more than this in jesus name. Amen. thit is my suggection with them

  38. signal

    olamide brot phyno 2 limelight. He awesome. bado is better

    1. Unanimous

      Who told u that?

  39. Jezztus

    Phyno is good when it comes to rapping, Olamide on the other is a rapper with charisma, he as this humour that makes fans want to see him perform,just as earlier stated, it’s kinda hard for me to say the best because I am a fan to both of them. I will just say nobody is an island.

  40. Val-Heart

    In all set and done,phyno is best to compare olamide,although they all rap,but phyno’s rapping style mean alot and more fast than olamide’s i think phyno carry the best quality

  41. Martins Nwanya

    Phyno na olamide boss for rapping.

    1. sacrosanct

      Olamide is the best rapper indeed,and he’s a very talented person in rapping…although people used to say one is better than each other…but i claimed that today…Olamide a talented man have never seen.BADDO AFTER U NA U:…


        olamide is the boss rapper and the best for me

  42. kefas #kezor

    olamide can do moth phyno #baddo

  43. Tunde

    bla bla bla la bla dont forget to close the door when u have finish fighting,
    all i no is we all belong to dust
    i always get angry wen we behave like kid cause phyno vs olamide dust
    me and u dust dust we come dust we go

  44. udemmadu uche

    Phyno is the Man ?;just like earlier stated,phyno is more original,gifted and same time more talented.He’s got the vibes

  45. Frequency

    Phyno rap pass olamide

  46. Frequency

    Phyno pass olamide

  47. Kul...bullet,shorten as K..BULLET a.k.a king baddoo BEAST OF D EAST ll of nigeria

    Spare me d sh!t…PHYNO FINO aka KING OF D EAST na big tym BOSS him na BABA…olamide self de learn tactis frm him as frm dier collab. 4 2 kings so 4gt d allocation bt d fan and swaggz na im make U count

  48. Celestine Destiny

    Well am by name celestine destiny and all i have to say is this olamide is a good rapper but i so much loves phyno any time any day i listen to his music am always happy nd it multivates me alot.

  49. Obisesan Ebenezer k

    Olamide na baba, he fit rap pass phyno

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