Why is it good to play online games?

Right now, at this moment, tens of thousands of virtual worlds are filled with real players. Hundreds of millions of people sit near the computers and enjoy their favorite online games on Game Karma. Can we blame them for this? After all, games bring joy and not only it.

Why do people play online games?

The main reason for playing is the desire to enjoy the game, relax, get distracted, or even escape from real problems, bring vivid emotions into the life. From the point of view of human psychology, this is a completely normal phenomenon.

However, one can hear that online gaming causes addiction, and people can waste both time and money on it. Still, online games can also be useful, but only if the player knows when to stop.

If a person plays online games 1-2 hours a day and can easily abandon them when necessary, this can hardly be considered a problem. Moreover, one can even benefit from spending time in the game:

  • For example, in a recent study, Chinese neurophysiologists and psychologists found that the brain of professional League of Legends players processes external signals faster, so such games can be safely considered useful for developing attention.
  • In another study, scientists made similar findings of the brains of fans of first-person shooters like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.
  • There was also a study that proved the benefits of playing racing for the elderly. It turned out that such leisure returns mental alertness and can even prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Needless to say, Minecraft, with its creative building mode, activates, and therefore develops, the creative hemisphere of the brain? Alternatively, the reading story quests in a good role-playing game would be like reading fantasy stories, but with the opportunity to act as the main character yourself.

Many people condemn online games. It is important to understand that personal effectiveness is influenced by many factors and not only online games. If you doubt this, then remember how many people in the world do not play games, and still do not do anything valuable, while many gamers are quite successful and developed personalities.

Should you play online games?

The purpose of this article is to show that the problem is not in the games, but in the person himself. You cannot blame developers for creating online games, just as you cannot blame alcohol producers for supplying liquor to stores, or a weapons engineer for inventing a gun with which someone shot himself.

If a person is conscious enough to control his hobbies and refuse to play if necessary, there is nothing wrong with such leisure. Moreover, one can even benefit from it.

Problems can start at the moment when a person ceases to be interested in real life, and game values ​​become absolute for him. When all day, wherever he is, this person’s thoughts are occupied with the game and game goals. Then everything is really bad, and therefore it is worth refraining from online games for some time.

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