UNILAG Transcript: How to Obtain Yours With Ease

Transcripts are vital documents that provide detailed information about a student throughout his academic programme – bachelor’s or master’s degree. The information contained in a transcript includes all courses attempted, grades obtained for each, and degrees and awards vested on the student during a tertiary education programme. Usually, transcripts are required when you plan to study abroad or seek to further education as they give a holistic idea of your academic performance. If you graduated from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) you will discover how to obtain your transcript with ease in this article.

UNILAG Transcript

These are guidelines on how to obtain your UNILAG Transcript with ease:

  • Where can UNILAG Official Transcript be sent to?

There are specific destinations to which UNILAG transcripts can be sent. First, only official email addresses of the Registrar of an equivalent academic institution, Dean of Postgraduate School of an academic institution, Embassies, and Scholarship Boards can transcripts be issued directly to. These official emails usually bear this format: registrar@…, internationaladmissions@…, and so on.

You can also be sent the soft copy of the official transcript, however, you must provide the official email address of the equivalent academic institution, embassies, etc. (e.g.registrar@…., deanpgschool@…,  internationaladmissions@…)

The official web link or website of equivalent academic institutions, embassies, scholarship boards, etc., can also receive an upload of the electronic copy of the official transcript. You must, however, provide the link, username, and password to complete the load.

Finally, the official transcripts can be sent to academic evaluating entities such as The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS), World Education Services (WES), and Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada, among others. The reference number, application ID, or student ID, as the case may be, is required to be provided in the address section of the application (e.g WES Ref no., ICAS no., PEBC no.)

  • Where can’t UNILAG Official Transcript be sent to?

The University of Lagos does not issue official transcripts to companies or organizations for employment purposes. A request for a Statement of Results could address this purpose. Also, the University of Lagos does not send Official Transcripts through third-party organizations.

Furthermore, the University of Lagos does not send Official Transcripts to individual addresses, either soft or hard copies. Thus, email personal or official email addresses, for example, toyin@yahoo.com or toyin@unilag.edu.ng, are cannot receive Official Transcripts. Finally, no section within the University of Lagos can an Official Transcript document be sent.

  • Steps to Apply for Your Official Transcript

First, it is pertinent that you adhere to “Important Information” and “Notice” that precedes the application process. Thereafter, proceed to click on the ‘New Application’ link to begin your application process. You will be required to provide your Matriculation Number and proceed to the following stage by clicking ‘Next’. However, if you have forgotten your Matriculation Number, what you’d have to do is click the ‘Click here if you have forgotten your Matric No.’ button, and follow the instructions provided.

The next step would be to confirm the authenticity of the displayed names and contact detail. If they are not, the phone number and email fields can be updated. This can be rectified thus: log in again, then ignore the Matriculation Number section and click ‘Next’ to continue, but you must provide your Matriculation Number in the address section before you submit.

What follows next is for you to select the applicable programme you ran at UNILAG, and select ‘Transcript’ from the options of the document type, and the number of copies required. If you gained admission into UNILAG through Direct Entry/UNILAG Diploma, click ‘Yes’, of which you will select the programme for the diploma you enrolled, and input your foundation or diploma matriculation number, as well as the academic session you gained entry.

The next stage of the process is where you will be required to indicate the destination, dispatch method and address. For the upload option, you should indicate the upload address, username, and password.

The next step of the application process is to make a payment online. You may use the Remita alternative by logging on to remita.net and clicking on ‘Pay RRR Invoice’. Follow the prompts to complete the payment. Note that the RRR number can be found on the payment advice. You may also choose to print out the payment advice and proceed to make payment at any Commercial bank in Nigeria. You will get a confirmation email once the payment is successful.

After this, you will have to follow up on the status of your application by tracking it via the application portal.

  • Steps for Medical Students to Apply for Official Transcript

For Medical students, these are the steps to follow if you want to process your transcript. First, you will need to write an application letter for the transcript which will be duly signed by you and address it to the Principal Assistant Secretary (Results and Records), College of Medicine, University of Lagos. You must ensure that your name, matriculation number and a detailed forwarding address are included in this application.

Next, proceed to make the appropriate payment online using Remita, or you could use the generated RRR number to make the payment at any of the commercial banks in Nigeria. After you have made the payment, attach the proof with the application letter and submit it to the Academic Office (Room 005) or through the official email of the College of Medicine: cmulacademic@cmul.edu.ng. You will need to make payment for the courier service that delivers the transcript. Payments for courier service are to be made separately – on their own.

  • Steps to Apply for Official Transcript to World Education Services (WES)

The application procedure for Official Transcripts to WES is unique as it only applies to World Education Services alone. First, ensure to read through the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Notice’ directives before you begin the process. Start the application process by clicking on the “New Application” link on the application portal. Next, you will have to input your Matriculation Number and click ‘Next’ to proceed. If you are, however, unable to remember your Matriculation Number, click the ”Click here if you have forgotten your Matric No” button.

The next stage of the application process is for you to confirm that the displayed names and contact details are correct. If this information isn’t correct, you can rectify this by logging on to the application portal again, then ignoring the matriculation section, and continue by clicking next to continue. You must include your matriculation number in the address section before you proceed to submit.

The next step of this application process is to choose WES as the destination for the Official Transcript. Then, select Transcript from the document type drop-down options. Click ‘Yes’ if you got entry through Direct Entry or UNILAG Diploma, then select the programme for the diploma and provide the Foundation or Diploma matriculation number, session of entry, and WES reference number before proceeding to submit.

The next step is to make payment for the application. You could make payment online, or make use of the Remita online platform. You could also print out the Payment Advice and make the payment at any Commercial bank in Nigeria. You will receive a confirmation once the payment is successful.

  • How to Track the Status of Your Transcript Application

You can track the status of your application via the application portal: records.unilag.edu.ng, by clicking the ”Track Applications” button. Then, click “View Details” to see the tracking/dispatch date. With the email address provided in your application, you will get periodic updates on the status of your application at every stage of the process.

Immediately after your transcript application has been successfully processed, your tracking number will be available on the application portal. With this tracking number, you can conveniently track your application with ease by inputting this number on the website of the courier service providers. The most used courier service providers (and their websites) that are used for sending UNILAG Official Transcripts include DHL (www.dhl.com), UPS (www.ups.com), PEACOCK (www.peacockaviation.com), and FedEx (www.redstarexpress-ng.com).

It is, however, important to note that no tracking number is required for applications requiring dispatch via NIPOST or upload to official acceptable websites or email addresses.

  • How to Apply for Student Copy Transcript

It has been established earlier on in this article that Official Transcripts are not sent to individuals, third parties, or companies. But, you can have access to an unofficial copy of the results transcript. To do this, you need to follow these simple steps. The first step of the procedure is for you to log on to the student portal (https://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng). Then, proceed to click the ”Student Academic Transcript” button right under the ”Results” menu.

Next, you will provide your recent email address and indicate the programme that you enrolled in while a student at the University of Lagos, and submit. Thereafter, you will then be redirected to make a payment online. You could also log on to remita.net, click on Bills & Purchases, and then click on Pay RRR invoice. You could also print out the Payment Advice, and make payment at any commercial bank in Nigeria.

The final step is that the Student Copy Academic Transcript will be emailed to the email address you provided during the procedure. Also, you could download this unofficial copy of the results transcript from the student portal (https://studentportal.unilag.edu.ng)

  • Why Do You Need a Transcript?

Transcripts are particularly important during admission processes as they help higher education institutions assess the abilities, credentials and understanding of applicants for a particular course. This will provide the higher institution you seek to further your education with a holistic view of your capabilities to ascertain if you are eligible.

Also, transcripts are part of the documents required for visa interviews at the embassies of any country you may seek to further your education. Furthermore, many international scholarship boards require transcripts as part of their application process. If you apply for such a scholarship, with your official transcript, the scholarship board can make a concise assessment of your academic achievement.

  • Domiciliary Account Numbers for Payments for UNILAG Official Transcripts

The following domiciliary account numbers are for payments of transcripts documents in UNILAG:

  • Account Name: CBN UNI of LAGOS

Account Number: 90103020025033031

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited

Swift Code: GTBIGB2L

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Correspondent Bank: CITIUS33

  • Account Name: CBN UNI of LAGOS

Account Number: 90103020035033002

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited

Swift Code: GTBIGB2L

Currency: GBP

  • Account Name: CBN UNI of LAGOS

Account Number: 90103020465033003

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited

Swift Code: GTBIGB2L

Currency: EUR

Correspondent Bank: MUDLGB22

Document Amount (NGN) No. of Copies
Transcript 10,000 1
Extra Copies of Transcript 1,000
  • Processing Fee
  • Postage Charge
Document Destination NIPOST (NGN) Private Courier (NGN)
Within Lagos State 3000 5000
Outside Lagos State, Within Nigeria 5000 5000
West Africa 5000 15000
East Africa 5000 20000
North Africa 5000 20000
South Africa 5000 20000
European Countries 5000 20000
Asian Countries 5000 20000
North American Countries 5000 20000
Australia/Oceania Countries 5000 20000
Antarctica 5000 20000


Document Processing Type Processing Fee (NGN)
Soft Copy (email) 3000
Soft Copy (file upload) 5000
World Education Services (WES) 15000


  • Noteworthy Notices on Official Transcript Application

There are a few points you need to keep in mind as you go about the transcript application process. You need to know that transcript applications are treated on a first-come-first-served basis. So, it is pertinent that you start the transcript application process early enough. Another important notice is that you should never make payment to any person or organization to fast-track the process.

If you gained entry into the University of Lagos through the Foundation or Diploma programme, you are expected to apply for the Diploma Result along with the degree transcript on the application portal. If you are a Medical student who gained admission through the Diploma programme, you should direct your application for Diploma Result to the School of Foundation Studies (foundation@unilag.edu.ng).

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