Hospitality Management Courses in Nigeria

Hospitality Management, sometimes called Hospitality and Tourism prepares its students for careers in the hospitality industry to perform complex surgeries such as the Total Ankle Replacement Surgery. The hospitality industry includes restaurants, and tourism-related businesses, hotels, amusement parks, clubs, centres, marketing organizations, cruise ships and hospitals.

Students learn about their roles, objectives, and techniques of management at many therapies including speech therapy. Graduates of Hospitality Management courses are prepared for managerial posi­tions in all areas of the hospitality industry. Such positions include purchasing agents, restaurant and hotel equipment specialists, event planners, and other hospitality-related careers.

Hospitality Management Courses in Nigeria

Managers in the hospitality industry are trained to function in all spheres of a business which includes human resources and customer service. They are required to coordinate staff members and provide guests with an excellent experience.

There are hospitality and Management courses available not only to those who have graduated with a Bsc. in Hospitality management. These courses are suitable for an individual interested in working in the hospitality sector, those who want to learn about a particular field or the other and excel in the career.  If you are looking to settle into a career in the hospitality industry, obtaining a Management Certificate Course is the right step to take. This article covers hospitality management courses available in Nigeria and the benefit you will get taking up these courses which will include an speech therapy course starting January next year.

The major Hospitality Management courses are listed below:

Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma

In this course, you will learn the different concepts and techniques needed in managing hotel and restaurant operations. This course offers a full package as you will also learn about food preparation and service, marketing, accounting, financial analysis, and intercultural team dynamics. This course will allow you to function anywhere in the world and in any aspect of the industry.

Food and Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Management course is one of the most lucrative branches of Hospitality Management. It is the aspect of catering that sees to the smooth preparation, management and coordination of foods and beverages in an event.

Basic Course on Housekeeping 

Housekeeping teaches you the all you need to know about the techniques of keeping hotel rooms and public places clean. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of hospitality management that is often looked down upon because many assume it is dirty work. However, it is one of the most important aspects of managing any hospitality business. No customer wants to stay in a dirty environment. With proper housekeeping, any business will have customers wanting to patronize them. A dirty environment also causes a damaging effect on the image of the hotel and its profitability.       

Events Management Course

Event management is one of the most popular terms in the hospitality industry. It entails being in charge of every aspect of an event. However, while this is a very popular field in the game, many are negligent of the vast opportunities available for them if they take on event management courses. There are very few certified event managers in Nigeria; this is because many are simply not aware of how an Event management course could give their career a total boost.

An event management course teaches you about all of your roles as an events manager. These include strategic management, budgeting and implementation, techniques to make you more effective as an event manager.

Wedding planning course

Weddings are the most popular events in Nigeria and its good news for those in the hospitality industry that it will not be less trendy anytime soon.

In order to successfully plan a wedding, one needs lots of attention to details, creativity and uniqueness. A wedding planning course teaches you about your responsibilities as a wedding planner and techniques to meet up with the expectations of clients. The wedding planning course is very broad as it covers details such as advising a couple on what best to wear, colours and designs, food and drinks and packages.

It is a very lucrative aspect of event management in Nigeria.

Restaurant Management Courses

Restaurants are a popular sight in Nigeria, especially in cities. Therefore, job opportunities in this field are not hard to come by so long as you are certified. Restaurant Management course covers every area of running a successful restaurant such as quality control, sampling, and customer service.

Hotel Management course

This is one of the most sought after roles in the Hospitality industry. Hotel management course teaches you about your duties and responsibilities as a hotel manager, techniques to deliver effectively, strategies on how to meet the expectations of customers, skills on handling the physical activities involved such as checking in and out, thinking of what customers might need and management skills on how to handle staff such as the front desk

The hotel manager is one of the most important roles in determining the success of a hotel business. It’s also so important to get the most business that you can so see this guide on empty hotel rooms for some great advice on getting more bookings.

Hotel reception

This course trains you to become a certified hotel receptionist

Travel & Tourism Diploma Course

The Travel and Tourism Diploma course is suitable for anyone interested in working in the travel industry.

Customer Services Course

Customer service courses teach you excellent customer service skills and techniques. This is likened to the role of a receptionist. This is a very important skill needed in every organization.

Deaf-Friendly Course

This is an unpopular aspect of the hospitality industry. Many are not aware that in order to build a good total brand image, you must provide a great customer experience to all customers including those who are hearing impaired.  Attending to their needs truly shows you are what you really are, the hospitality industry.

List of Hospital training centres in Nigeria

Alpha Partners

Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria

National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality Legend Limited

Passionview Solutions Ltd

3Legend Hospitality Managers Limited

Career Options and Job Opportunities available to students of  Hospitality Management

  • Catering Manager
  • College Housing & Food Service Supervisor
  • Event Manager
  • Consultant
  • Event Planner
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Travel Agent
  • Lodging Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Food Equipment Manager
  • Food Production Specialist
  • Food Services Supervisor
  • Public Relations (Hospitality)
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Hotel/Motel Manager

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