5 Best School Management Software in Nigeria

A school Management system is a software package designed to automate a school’s different operations. A good school management software offers a complete package, from class management to examinations and school schedules. The teaching profession and school administration can be a lot to deal with, especially when one has to work with papers and files. A school management software system makes the job easier and more organized. You will find that many School Management Software Systems in Nigeria provide teachers, school administrators, and even parents’ services. This article writes on the best School Management Systems available in Nigeria.

Best School Management Software in Nigeria

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BlueBic is one of the most reputable School Management Systems in Nigeria. The company offers technology solutions that make the teaching profession easier, thereby facilitating learning for students. The software also organizes school operations and a seamless experience for school administrators. BlueBic provides technological solutions and maintains a close working relationship with the School to ensure its systems are not difficult to operate. BlueBic’s solutions can be divided into three:

BlueBic for Teachers

These are comprehensive but straightforward modules designed for teachers’ use. They help to eliminate stress from teaching and make for easy management of class activities.

Assignment Management

A teacher is provided with resources and notes to create home works faster and in due time. It also makes for more transparent communication as the teacher lets them know the due dates on time. The teacher is also able to track and evaluate assignments, compute and assign grades with these tools. The result is that students do better at their school work because of better communication and ease of work.

Attendance Management

BlueBic offers attendance management tools to keep track of your student’s attendance and eliminate absenteeism or lateness.

Accurate Reports

Teachers can create error-free reports and transcripts with the BlueBic reporting tools.

Human Resource management

BlueBic offers school administrators tools to record and organize employee details, parents’ information, and student particulars. All these help for effective management of the School.


SchoolShell has a reputation for its effectiveness, comprehensive tools, and customer service. It remains the best school management software in Nigeria. The company provides effective technological solutions tailor-made for its particular client. SchoolShell also ensures it stays with its clients even after delivering the product to ensure no problem is left unsolved. SchoolShell provides services to primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.

Account Management Systems

SchoolShell provides account management tools for easy computing of school finances, from the collection of school fees to automation of payroll and other school expenses. SchoolShell helps administrators to be more organized and transparent in their dealings. All finance computing is done online effectively and on time.

Student registration

SchoolShell provides systems to handle the complex processes of registering new students. Teachers and staff will not have to go through cumbersome paper works. These tools handle everything from the processing of school fees to assigning Identities to new students, making the job easier for the staff.

School records

With SchoolShell Management Tools, teachers can keep and update each pupil’s records without expending much time or energy as is done with the paperwork. Other features provided by SchoolShell include:

Digital Textbooks: With SchoolShell, students have access to digital textbooks and other relevant educational materials to aid learning.

Video Lectures: Students can watch video lectures on different courses and subjects at their own pace and time.

Interactive platform: SchoolShell offers a platform where students can answer questions and interact with other students and teachers for better understanding.

Biometric Attendance: SchoolShell provides a biometric system for attendance recording.

Educational Games: SchoolShell provides educational games for parents and students in primary schools.

You can trust SchoolShell to create new practical tools to solve whatever problems you have in your School.


Nortify provides a complete and comprehensive School Management System suite for teachers, parents, and administrators designed for phones, tablets, and PCs. Features of Nortify include:

Smart Admission Engine

Smart Admission Engine by Nortify takes away the hectic admission process school administrators, and teachers have to go through every year. This tool simplifies every level of the admission process. Parents can register and enroll their kid(s) in schools following easy steps and guidelines.

Smart Form

Parents can fill in admission forms online while the candidate’s details are automatically replicated in the School’s database. This takes away the stress involved in manually filling the admission form.

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Nortify offers a computer-based Testing platform with automatic grading of students to receive their results immediately. This takes away the stress of marking for teachers, saving time and energy.

 Smart Admission

The innovative admission tool from Nortify sends out provisional admission notifications to successful candidates. This shows that Nortify handles all admission processes from start to finish.

Educare app

Educare is an effective School Management Software System that uses modern IT-based technology to manage all areas of a school. Features of Educare Software include:

Account Management System

Educare finance is the company’s comprehensive financial solution and tools to handle a school’s financial records, from processing school fees to payment of salaries and month-end financial records.

Educare for teachers

Educare provides a platform for teachers to communicate with students and measure performances easily. These tools include class-wide views, contacts, history, roasters, etc.

Report Processing

Educare enables teachers and school administrators to create, customize accurate reports for students. It also helps for easy tracking of students’ progress for parents, students, and teachers.


Teachers can easily mark attendance, eliminating issues of lateness or absenteeism in School.

Human resources tools

Educare provides tools for school administrators to manage their staff by automating processes for increased productivity. School administrators can easily monitor staff activities, receive feedback, and stay up to date on school operations.

Admission Process

School administrators can easily follow up on potential customers through automated admission forms and Educare tools that gather information on prospective students.

These are School Management Softwares available in Nigeria and tailor-made to address Nigerian school challenges.


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