Importance of Unity Schools in Nigeria

The importance of unity schools in Nigeria can never be overemphasized. Unity schools in Nigeria promote national unity, national building and national integration. Students from different parts of the country and all works of life, irrespective of their different ethnicity and religions come together under the umbrella of unity schools to acquire knowledge and learn values, hence promoting unity. There are over a hundred unity schools situated in various regions and states in Nigeria that provide Nigerian children with the opportunity to appreciate the different levels of diversity of the people in the country. In this article, the importance of unity schools in Nigeria will be discussed extensively.

Importance of Unity Schools in Nigeria

The importance of unity schools in Nigeria will be discussed below:

  • Unity Schools Promote National Unity among Children

One of the importance of unity schools in Nigeria is that they promote unity among Nigerian children. Unity schools teach children about the virtue of acknowledging the belief and religions of other people that are different from theirs. This helps in promoting unity in diversity.

We all know that Nigeria is home to different ethnic groups and religions. Unity schools thus help children to understand each other and be more tolerant. They also teach them to appreciate different people from different religions and also respect them. All these help to promote unity among them.

  • Unity Schools Raise People of Great Esteem

In Nigeria, one of the importance of unity schools is that they raise people of great esteem. Unity schools help to bring up people who can think for themselves and also respect other people’s feelings. They teach people how to appreciate the dignity in labour. Unity schools teach people to appreciate various values.

Unity schools help to build people who are capable of making their own decisions and standing by them. They also teach people through thorough disciplinary actions that there are consequences for actions. They are taught how to be responsible citizens because at one point in school they have handled responsibilities and carried out various assignments that helped to build their level of confidence.

  • Unity Schools Provide Children with The Opportunity to Further Their Education

Another importance of unity schools in Nigeria is that they provide Nigerian children with the opportunity to further their education in higher education irrespective of their background. Unity schools provide children with the room to have access to secondary education.

Since unity is strategically located in different parts of the country, this gives different children from different regions an equal shot irrespective of their religious, ethnic, or social background.

  • Unity Schools Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

Unity schools in Nigeria offer Physical and Health Education classes to their students to encourage healthy living among them. These classes are taught by qualified and well-trained physical education personnel. They help to improve the general flexibility and overall coordination of the students.

These classes also help to brighten up the mood of the students and promote how they interact with one another. They socialize freely during classes. All of these help to improve the total well-being of the students. Physical and Health Education classes also teach students skills that will encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles even as they progress in life.

  • Unity Schools Equip Students to Embrace Modern Technology

Unity schools provide students from all works of life the opportunity to embrace the modern age of science and technology. In most unity schools, students are taught the basics of coding and other IT skills.

It is common knowledge that we live in a global village. In today’s world, technology has advanced drastically. Most unity schools see to it that they equip their students with the knowledge of the modern level of information about advanced science and technology. Most unity schools have computer labs that are fully equipped with modern computers. All of these help to contribute to equipping the students to live effectively in a fast-paced and progressing society.

  • Unity Schools Provides a Wide Range of Curriculum

Unity schools in Nigeria provide children with a wide range of curricula which helps build their different talents. At different levels of secondary school, there are different activities, both academic and non-academic, help to groom potential.

Unity schools offer different subjects that encompass science, business, basic technology, fine and applied arts, and even their technical colleges offer subjects like catering, painting and decoration, wood and metal work, ladies’ garment, bricklaying, and repairs of phones and televisions, ICT, among others. All of these help students to focus on any area of their choosing and also create a niche for themselves in the outside world, irrespective of their interests or strength.

  • Unity Schools Inspire Students to Aim High

Another importance of unity schools in Nigeria is that they inspire students to aim for higher achievements in school and in their later life. Unity schools are structured in such a way that there are rewards for exceptional performance. There are rewards for both academic and extra-curricular activities. These rewards help to motivate students to strive to attain outstanding accomplishments in school and outside school. This also helps to boost their zeal to succeed in life and also attain greater heights in their life endeavours.

  • Unity Schools Help Promote Nigerian Culture and Language

One of the importance of unity schools in Nigeria is that they help to promote Nigerian culture and language. Unity schools in Nigeria promote Nigeria’s culture and heritage and also other cultures in the world. Unity schools teach their students about these cultures through academics and other media.

Students are taught the values and culture of the people of Nigeria. They are also taught what is satisfactory within the Nigerian African cultural heritage, and also the cultures of other countries. This helps them to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Nigerian people.

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