10 Best Laptops for Students in Nigeria

A laptop is an essential and important tool for all Nigerian students. Assignments, presentations and projects have to be typed and recorded. Hence, a laptop is not a luxury but an essential part of the learning process for all students. A student, however, needs a laptop that is efficient and of good quality, yet affordable. There are companies that produce high-quality devices yet at affordable prices. We have gathered a list of the best laptops for students to guide you in your decision to buy a Personal Computer (Laptop).

Best Laptops for Students in Nigeria

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Lenovo IdeaPad 110S-11IBR

When it comes to a simple, affordable yet performance-oriented laptop, the Lenovo IdeaPad 110S-11IBR is what comes to mind. It is a lightweight system that is about 11.6 inches. Its images and other visual content are of very good quality rates and it is altogether a product of solid engineering. The Lenovo IdeaPad 110S-11IBR is powered by an Intel Celeron N3060 processor with dual cores. It also has an integrated Intel HD Graphics card with 2GB of RAM. While you might think, an internal storage space of 32GB might be small, you can always use an external hard drive for more space. The laptop comes at different prices and at about N75, 000. The Lenovo Laptop is one of the most affordable laptops you will find at under N100, 000. While its limited memory, storage and processing and capacity mean it can only be used for light tasks, the Laptop is nonetheless a great option for a student. It also comes with the new Windows 10 software, an HDMI port, two USB ports, Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity options, all you need as a student.

HP 255 G6

HP is not a strange brand when it comes to devices. HP is that brand that knows how to treat every market, from those who need high-end to entry-level products. The HP 255 laptop series is now in the 6th generation while the HP 255 G6 is the latest. The major difference however is that newer generation models come with newer, faster, and more efficient processors. They also come with longer battery life and improved user experience. Though the HP 255 has an option for 2GB RAM, there are other models that offer 4GB of RAM with an internal storage space of 500GB. The price is just about 80,000 Naira. The HP 255 has an option for an AMD Quad-Core chipset and an impressive 4-cell Li-ion battery. It is about 15.6 inches unit and carries an Intel HD Graphics card. It also comes with Windows 10 software. If you want a laptop suitable for both work and play, the HP 255 is what you need. Remember that the HP 255 is a recent model and you can get older generation models such as the HP 255 G5, G4.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 15 has almost the same features as the HP 255. However, this system has an Intel Celeron chipset instead, however, it still comes with 4GB RAM + 500GB ROM specification. It has a display size of about 15.6 inches. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series has a slim 22mm edge, this makes it portable and easy to travel within your laptop bag without occupying much space. This laptop is also renowned for its long battery life. Its Control Processing Unit is built on the Windows 10 operating system and promises a speed of 2.16GHz. The Dell Inspiron 15 is budget-friendly starting from around 99,000 naira depending on the configuration. This laptop will get the work done for a Nigerian student. It also comes with a one-year warranty (depending on where you buy it from).

Acer Aspire ES1

Acer is one of the manufacturers renowned for offering high-end technology at affordable prices. The Acer Aspire ES1 promises at least 2GB of RAM with a 500GB hard disk space. This laptop is a Linux laptop. It has a Celeron Dual-Core Intel Celeron chipset as its control processing unit. It also comes with the Windows 10 operating system. It has a 15.60-inch display and its great graphics are powered by Intel Integrated HD Graphics. It has long battery life. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, Ethernet. Other interesting features of the Acer Aspire ES1 include USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and HDMI ports.

HP Stream Laptop Series

The HP Stream Laptop series is specially targeted at users in the education sector. They run on Intel Celeron processors. They also come with an 11-inch and 14-inch display variety. There are HP Stream Laptop series such as the HP Stream 11 Pro, HP Stream 14, or the HP Stream 11 which is smaller and lighter. Pricing starts at around 63,000 Naira for different models of the HP Laptop Series. The laptop runs on Windows 10 and has options for 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM. Although the HP Stream Laptop Series has a low storage capacity of just about 32GB and 64GB as options, you can always get an external drive to augment it.

HP 250

HP 250 is another HP Laptop. While the HP 255 series run on AMD processors, the 250 series run on Intel processors. While most of the laptops in the series, especially in the latest series, the HP 250 G6 will cost above 100,000 Naira. HP 250 G1 has a 15.60-inch display. It is powered by a Core i3 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. You will be able to buy Intel Celeron processor-powered versions of this laptop with Windows 10, 500GB hard disk, and 4GB RAM at close to 90,000 Naira. However, the latest models come at about N110, 000.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100

The Lenovo IdeaPad 100 comes with different specs such as 2GB of RAM and an internal memory of 500GB. It also has a 15.6 HD display. It is also powered by the Intel HD Graphics card chipset and still offers as much as 2.16GHz of clock speed. The Laptop has a rugged case which helps it last long with many users. It has a 4-cell Li-ion battery strong enough to last a reasonably long time. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options and comes with a Windows 10 operating system.


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