How to Create a WhatsApp Link in Nigeria

WhatsApp is arguably the most popular instant messaging app Nigerians use. As a business owner, you would want your potential customers to click to chat with you on WhatsApp without having to save your phone number and search for it on the app before starting a conversation. A WhatsApp link is what simplifies those steps into one. In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can create a WhatsApp link for your business in Nigeria. We’ll provide you with several ways of creating a WhatsApp link. 

 How to Create a WhatsApp Link in Nigeria

How to create a WhatsApp link in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • How to Create a WhatsApp Link in Nigeria 

There are several ways to create a WhatsApp link for your business which we will explain later in this article. The different options include creating a direct link manually, customizing the link with a pre-filled message, and generating a WhatsApp link online. We would take on each of the different options for creating a WhatsApp link and provide examples to help you do that. 

  • How to Create a Direct WhatsApp Link Manually

The manual method of creating a direct WhatsApp link is very easy to do if you follow the structure properly. 

This is the structure for creating a direct WhatsApp link:<yourWhatsAppphonenumber>.

In the place of <yourWhatsAppphonenumber>, it should be your phone number in the international format, without adding the + sign, brackets, or dashes. That is to say, if your number in international format is +(234)814300XXXX, you shouldn’t put the + and/or () when creating the direct link. 

Example: We are creating a direct WhatsApp link for a hypothetical business enterprise, Cabba. The phone number belonging to Cabba is +234814300XXXX. 

The right way of creating the direct link: 

The wrong way of creating the direct link: 

  • How to Create a WhatsApp Link with a Pre-filled Message 

This option of creating a WhatsApp link with a pre-filled message allows you to easily track where the conversation is generated. As a business owner who deals with a variety of products or services, adding a pre-filled message to your WhatsApp link will let you have the elements on which to base the conversation beforehand. 

The structure to follow when creating a link with a pre-filled message: 

The text you’d want to appear on your WhatsApp link must be encoded in ASCII characters, using %20 instead of spaces. 

Example: Let’s create a pre-filled message for Cabba (the business enterprise we used earlier). Remember, the WhatsApp phone number of Cabba is +234814300XXXX.

What we want the pre-filled text to be is: Hello, how can I buy perfume from Cabba? Thanks.

Here’s how to do it:, %20can%20I%20%buy%20a%20perfume%20from%20Cabba?Thanks. 

  • How to Generate a WhatsApp Link Online 

If you think you may not be able to create a WhatsApp link using the tap methods we have discussed above, there’s another alternative you can use. The alternative way is to visit websites that offer the possibility to generate a WhatsApp link by simply entering your phone number. 

One of the trusted websites we recommend that you use to generate your WhatsApp link is the domain which allows you to generate a WhatsApp link with a custom message in less than a minute, for free. 

To use the site, visit, then type your phone number, provide a pre-filled message that users can send to you, and complete the process by clicking on “Generate my”. After that, you can copy the link and use it wherever you want. 

The site also has a Premium version which allows you to monitor the statistics of each link created on the platform. 

Another alternative website you can use to generate a WhatsApp link online is the Veepar domain ( To generate your WhatsApp link on the Veepar site, you would have to create an account and log in. Then, type in your phone number with your country code (234 for Nigeria), provide a default message you want your customers to send you and click ” Get Link” to complete the process and get the link. 

  • What are the Advantages of Creating a WhatsApp Link? 

Usually, when you want to communicate on WhatsApp you will need to first know the phone number of who you want to chat, save it on your smartphone, and search for it before you can start the conversation. If you’re a business owner or company that utilizes the internet to market your products or services, you wouldn’t want to put your potential customers through the hassle of reaching you on WhatsApp by copying your number, saving it on their phone, and proceeding to search for your number on WhatsApp before sending you a message. 

To prevent your potential customers from going through so much stress chatting with you on WhatsApp, creating a WhatsApp link for your business would prove helpful. A WhatsApp link for your business makes it very easy to click to chat with you wherever they come across your business contact, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms. 

Another benefit of the WhatsApp link for your business, particularly the one where a pre-filled message is added, is that it allows you to monitor where every conversation with a potential customer is generated from. This way, if you have a variety of products or services your business offers, you’ll know exactly where to base your conversation with your customers immediately after they click on your business’ WhatsApp link containing pre-filled messages. 

With WhatsApp being the most used messaging app in Nigeria, business owners can integrate the app into their customer support and marketing efforts. And creating a WhatsApp link for your business makes it easier for your potential customers to chat with you by just clicking the link wherever they find it. 

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