How to Get a Job in the USA From Nigeria [+Useful Advices]

Foreign Policy posted that in 2019 Nigerians sent about $6.2 billion back home from the USA. It states that many immigrants leave Africa to find a better place to work, and America provides many such opportunities. In this article, we will tell you how to start building a career in the USA and what aspects you should pay attention to.

Where are the Best Places to Find a Job

In order to work abroad, you must have official permission such as a work visa or a green card. But, first, you must find a job that will be the basis for issuing you the permission to enter the country. So when searching for open vacancies, you should also research where exactly you want to live. Focus on the states in which the Nigerian community is most developed. This would be an excellent support for you in an unfamiliar country. According to the Pew Research Center, there are 348,000 Nigerians living in the USA, and Texas, New York, and Maryland have the greatest number of immigrants.

Lots of companies in the United States offer sponsorship. This means that they guarantee that your employment will be legal; accordingly, the process of obtaining a visa is greatly simplified. Top organizations that may sponsor you include:

  1. Infosys – This is a company that develops software for e-commerce and telecommunication enterprises. In the past 2 years they have issued more than 55,000 work visas. Infosys is interested in technologists, technical consultants, analysts, and engineers.
  2. Deloitte & Touche – This company specializes in accounting and consulting. They issue visas of various kinds to specialists, both novices and experienced professionals.
  3. Google – This company is engaged in cloud computing, advertising technology, and web search algorithms. They have issued more than 17,000 work visas.
  4. Accenture – This company is interested in programmers, analysts, and other specialists from the IT world. To apply for visa sponsorship, check their website.
  5. Wipro – This company has already claimed visas for more than 23,000 foreigners. Wipro is looking for engineers, software analysts, consultants, project managers, architects, etc.
  6. Amazon – The biggest e-commerce business in the country is also considered to be one of the best employers with visa sponsorship. They are interested in HRs, area & program managers, equipment coordinators, etc.
  7. Ernst & Young – This company is looking for specialists in accounting, finance, payroll, and tax experts. Over the past 2 years, Ernst & Young has filed 18,000 applications for visas.
  8. Microsoft – This company has 18,000 foreign nation employees. The company hires experienced professionals, students, graduates, and is friendly towards people with disabilities.
  9. Capgemini – This company works in the field of computer systems design, technical consulting, and management. Capgemini is interested in IT specialists, including programmers, engineers, and testers.

There are 2 ways to become part of the sponsorship program. The first is to send your resume to companies directly on their websites. When doing so, it is important to attach a cover letter in which you can describe in more detail why the organization should hire you. To get a positive answer, your profile must shine. The best advice you can get is to qualitatively prepare documents. Your resume should reflect your best qualities and main benefits. Even if you are a student and do not have the experience, you are still required to prepare a CV. It is often a good idea to use professional tools for application document preparation. Once your papers are ready, send them even to the companies that are not hiring at that moment. Many vacancies are never published, so you will be more likely to get a job if you take some initiative.


The second way is to use online job search websites. Platforms such as Indeed or Glassdoor have lots of vacancies, and you can find the most affordable for you with the keyword “sponsorship”.

Work & Travel

If you are a student or graduate and want to get a job in America from Nigeria, consider Work&Travel USA. They offer various training programs, internships, and seasonal jobs for students between the ages of 18 and 30. The advantage is that you combine both work and travel. It is also a great opportunity to share cultural experiences and acquire important skills. Each year, 100,000 visitors come to the United States by the Work&Travel program.

What job can I get

You can find various kinds of work, both on a long-term basis and seasonal. To get a job in the USA from Nigeria consider the following positions:

  • Software developer – The IT industry is extremely developed in the United States, and they are happy to hire developers, web designers, QAs, engineers, etc. from other countries. If you are looking for the best software developer job, do visit us. On average, programmers can count on $100,000 – $130,000 a year. Mobile developers earn about $70-$90 per hour. For a position in this field, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields, as well as advanced knowledge of the English language.
  • Medical Assistant – This is one of the most demanding positions in the healthcare industry. You can expect to get about $16 per hour. Medical Assistants are responsible for working alongside physicians and provide services in outpatient and ambulatory care facilities. For this role, you need a high school diploma and must pass a certification exam.
  • Babysitter – Nigerian babysitters are in high demand in many families. Their pay is hourly, and on average they can earn $1,500 monthly. Your responsibilities will include walking with children, feeding, training, organizing a schedule, and so on. Babysitter services may require from 2 to 10 hours. Candidates for this position must also have excellent English skills.


Some professions do not require knowledge of the English language or specific qualifications such as:

  • Graders and Sorters – According to a Forbes survey, this is one of the most popular jobs for immigrants. Salaries for graders and sisters are pretty similar. You can make about $12 per hour with no experience. Having 1- 4 years of experience you can expect to get $15.
  • Cleaner – You can sign a contract with a cleaning agency and work as a cleaner in offices, trading floors, general buildings, private houses, etc. This is not an easy job, as you will have to work hard and be in contact with chemicals. On average, a cleaner receives $13-$14 per hour.
  • Dishwasher – Holding a position in cafes or restaurants, you can work 8-12 hours a day. The average dishwasher gets about $11-$13 per hour.
  • Courier – A courier delivers various packages to consumers. On average, a walking courier can make $28,000-$32,000 per year.


You can find many job offers that match your criteria. But what if the search returned no results? You must take additional steps to advance your opportunities. For example, undergoing appropriate training. Note that the job search process will not be quick. It may take 3 months or more. For more useful information, check how to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

How to Get Work Visa

There are several visas in the USA that allow foreigners to work in the country. EB-1 and EB-2 visas imply getting a green card and the possibility of obtaining citizenship in the future. H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, are temporary, while H-1B is the most recommended employment option. The American government imposed an immigration ban on Nigerians, which prevents them from living permanently in the USA.


In order to get a visa, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. But in some cases, this will not be enough. If you want to work in the healthcare sector, you need the equivalent and a license. For many other industries, like IT, marketing, recruiting, sales, etc., the equivalent is not needed. But strictly check conditions with your employer.

To obtain a visa, your sponsor company must submit documents to the Department of Labor. If the answer is positive, you will be sent instructions on what steps you and the employer must take to be approved to enter the country. You will also have to be interviewed at the US Embassy in Nigeria.


This visa allows you to temporarily work in the agricultural industry in positions that are not available to US citizens. Similar to the previous one, in order to receive permission, your employer must submit a form to the Department of Labor.


This is a visa for qualified and unqualified workers who enter the country for seasonal work. It requires the employer to submit a form to the Department of Labor indicating that there are no employees in the United States to carry out such work.


If you want to know how you can get a job in America from Nigeria, you need to investigate legal aspects and immigration steps. The only viable option for working in the country is to get permission to enter. The US government will give you a visa, provided that you will occupy the position indicated in your immigration forms. The most affordable way to work in the USA is to be hired by a company that offers sponsorship. Many organizations in various locations have such programs for graduates, seasoned workers, and real experts. Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree will significantly increase your chances of success.

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