UNILORIN Dress Code: All You Need to Know

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) requires that students of the institution appear in a socially acceptable manner, based on the modalities of the Students’ Dress Code. Students of UNILORIN are thus expected to adhere to the dress code and appear decent while on the campus as appearing otherwise may give off negative impressions of such student(s). Read on to find out what the UNILORIN students’ dress code entails.


This is all you need to know about the UNILORIN dress code:

  • Students are expected to always hang their student identification cards on their necks at all times while on the school premises.
  • Male students should ensure that their hair is neat and well combed all the time.
  • Students of UNILORIN, both male and female, are not allowed to dye their hair any colour, apart from the natural colour.
  • Male students are expected to have their hair well kept and groomed at all times while within UNILORIN premises.
  • The UNILORIN management forbids male students to carry curled hair.
  • No male student of UNILORIN is permitted to weave his hair or use dreadlock extensions.
  • Any male student of the university that trains a beard must ensure it is neat and well-groomed at all times.
  • The student population of UNILORIN is forbidden to put on clothes that portray obscene inscriptions relating to gangsterism and immorality.
  • Female students of UNILORIN are not permitted to wear Jeggings (or Leggings, as commonly referred to)  with a short top within the university’s premises. If a female student must put on a pair of Jeggings, then her top must be long enough to cover her properly.
  • Students of UNILORIN are prohibited from putting on ripped jeans to lectures, examination halls, administrative blocks, and within the university’s premises.
  • The female students of UNILORIN are not allowed to wear skimpy dresses such as Spaghetti tops, body hugs, topless blouses, and short gowns.
  • The students of UNILORIN are not allowed to wear bathroom flip-flops to administrative and academic areas of the university.
  • Female students of UNILORIN are advised to use light make-up if they must. The use of heavy make-up is not allowed.
  • The male students of the university are not allowed to put on earrings within the premises of the school.
  • Students are not allowed to wear dirty and rumbled clothes to the university’s premises.
  • The female students of UNILORIN are prohibited from wearing dresses that expose sensitive parts of the body such as the cleavage, chest, back, navel, back, thigh and the armpit.
  • See-through or transparent clothes are prohibited to be worn on the university’s premises.
  • Students of UNILORIN are prohibited from putting on tight-fitting clothes on the university campus.
  • Students are not allowed to put on shorts/knickers on the school’s premises.
  • Students are not allowed to have body markings and tattoos on their skin.
  • Male students are prohibited from sagging their trousers.
  • Students are not permitted to do hair-dos such as dreads, rough coils, galax, and fade-outs, among others.
  • The female students of the institution must ensure that all they put on must pass the knee.
  • Female students are prohibited from fixing hair extensions with colours such as blue, green, white, yellow, red, pink, and purple.
  • Female students are not allowed to do hairstyles that carry inscriptions.
  • Female students are allowed to weave and braid their hair, including fixing extensions and wearing wigs.
  • Female students with hair are expected to keep it weaved and neatly packed at all times.
  • Traditional attires and corporate wear are permitted to be worn by students of UNIlLORIN as long they do not reveal sensitive body parts.
  • Females students of UNILORIN are prohibited from wearing nose rings.
  • Female students of the University of Ilorin are prohibited from having multiple ear piercings.
  • Students of the University of Ilorin who use the laboratories must ensure they put on their lab coats and other necessary clothing accessories while in the lab for safety.
  • Different Faculties and Departments in the university may have specific dress codes for their students. Each student of such Faculty or Department should ensure that they adhere to those codes.

Though not all tertiary institutions require students to adhere to a specific dress code, some do, such as the University of Ilorin. In 2018, the management of UNILORIN set up a committee that ultimately formed the modalities of the dress code enforced in the institution. The students’ dress code seeks to dissuade the students of the institution from putting on indecent attires. The dress code provides students with the orientation that how they appear affects how people perceive them, hence, urging them to dress responsibly if they want to command respect and protect their integrity.

Furthermore, proponents of students’ dress codes such as UNILORIN believe that if students dress appropriately at all times while on school premises, it positively enhances the total educational process of learning. Indecent dressing from both male and female students may cause distractions which can impede the learning process. So, the dress code aims to create a better learning environment. Also, the enforcement of the dress code is praised to prepare students for the standards of the real world after graduation. Students who would become professional employees may have to dress in a certain way as part of a workforce. So, this ultimately prepares them on how to dress appropriately in their future careers.

In addition to the points raised to support the enforcement of dress codes in a higher institution of learning is that dressing better makes one stand out and easily noticed. This can make a student look approachable to others,  ultimately creating avenues to connect with people.

The Student’s Disciplinary Committee (SDC) is responsible for enforcing the mandates of the students’ dress code within the school premises. Students who are found wanting in regards to adherence to the code will receive penalties as prescribed by the school’s management. Therefore, new and returning students to UNILORIN must endeavour to know the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of the dress code and adhere strictly to the prescribed codes.

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