10 Best Dental Schools in Nigeria

Generally, schools that offer admission to study Medicine and Surgery also admit students to study cosmetic dentistry.

Typically, it takes an individual 6 years of tertiary education in a medical school to become a family dentist and be able to perform a Cavity Filling Treatment to patient.

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The admission requirements into the university to study dentistry include 5 WASSCE passes in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, allowing the students then to work with the most respected clinics like the Toothless clinic Durham Dental clinic, visit Durham Dental website here to be treated by an experienced staff.

For students who want to use A-Level result rather than an O-Level result, having at least 3 passes are required. Also, they should have passed in the following A-Level subjects: Chemistry, Biology/Zoology, and Physics.

There is also a specific UTME-subjects-combination for an individual who wishes to study dentistry in the university. These subjects are English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Best Dental Schools in Nigeria

dental schools in nigeria

Now that you know the admission requirements, let’s take a look at the 10 best dental schools in the country. The list is in no particular order.

College Of Medicine, University Of Lagos, Idi-Araba, Lagos

The Dental School of the University of Lagos is located in the College of Medicine In Idi Araba. It is one of the best dental schools in the country, and produced a great family dentist.

The institution has produced some of the best dental surgeons in the country. The students at the dental school are taught by professionals who have great knowledge and experience in the field.

The Dental School is known as the Faculty of Dental Sciences. It was established in 1964 by a Senate resolution. It is the oldest Dental School in Nigeria/West Africa and indeed the First Dental Faculty to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa by Black Africans.

College Of Health Sciences, OAU, Ile-Ife

The Dental School in O.A.U is located within the College of Health Sciences of the University.

The dental school was established in 1975 and it is the third oldest continuously operating dental school in the nation. The school beautifully blends its rich tradition with the rapidly evolving technological developments. It uses a problem-solving approach to teach its clinical courses.

Specifically, the dental school is a place for people who love excellence: people who want to think about how public dental health research and services interact with the wider public health policy, business, information and biomedical technologies. It is also a place where the practice of dentistry is driven by the need to address oral health care as part of the individual’s total health care such as dental veneers placed by the dentist in those who needed them.

College of Medical Sciences, University of Benin

The dental school of the University of Benin is one of the top dental schools in the country. It is located in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria and it is said to be the overall best in the country.

This School of Dentistry is known to support a strong research program in basic sciences, clinical sciences, social and behavioural science and public health.

The departments in the school include Restorative dentistry,Preventive Dentistry, Periodontics Dentistry, Oral Surgery/Pathology as well as Oral Diagnosis and Radiology.

College Of Medicine, University Of Ibadan

The College of Medicine, University of Ibadan is also one of the top dental colleges in the country. The college was created at the inception of the University in 1970. Initially, the College of Medicine only had a Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, but it has grown to include the dental school along with the School of Basic Medical Sciences.

The departments in the School of Dental Sciences include Child Oral Health,  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Pathology / Oral Medicine, Periodontology and Community Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry.

College Of Health Sciences, University Of Port-Harcourt

The dental school is one of the three Faculties operating under the College of Health Sciences. It is also one of the top dental schools in the country which offers emergency oral surgeon services performed by the advanced students.

College Of Medicine, University Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

The dental school of the University of Nigeria is one of the top rated in the country. It is located in the Enugu Campus which is where the College of Medicine was established.

The departments under the dental school include Department Of Child Dental Health, Department Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Department Of Preventive Dentistry and the Department Of Restorative Dentistry.

College Of Medicine, Lagos State University, Ikeja

The dental school of the Lagos State University College of Medicine otherwise known as LASUCOM took off on the 9th of February 1999. The college admitted its first set of students after 10 years of incubation.

It was set up with the mission of train medical doctors and other allied professionals in order to carry out research, and provide health care services;

Over the years, this college has grown to become one of the most sought after in the country as the institution as stayed true to its vision of producing world-class graduates in the health sciences that have contributed to global medical practice and research by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovation for the advancement of humanity.

Bayero University Kano, Faculty Of Dentistry

The dental school at Bayero University, Kano was set up to train dental manpower excellent in diagnosis during the first dental checkup, management and prevention of oral and peri-oral disease conditions and with the acquisition of skills relevant to the planning of oral health needs of the North-western zone of Nigeria in particular and the Nation in general. The undergraduate dental programme is adopting a community-oriented and community-based educational philosophy for the training of its dentists

The faculty shares the same curriculum with MBBS programme in 100 level in the faculty of science, and also in 200-400 levels in the School of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences. Undergraduate dental students in addition to oral biology in 200-300 levels and advanced operative technique in 400 level. The 500-600 levels are devoted to the junior and senior clerkships in the faculty of dentistry.

College Of Medical Sciences, University Of Maiduguri

The dental school in UNIMAID is one of the foremost schools in the Northern part of Nigeria.

College Of Medicine, Niger Delta University

The Niger Delta University admitted its first set of medical/dental students during the 2001/2002 session.

The college is known to provide a solid scientific and professional basis for healthcare practice on the platform of Primary Health Care (PHC).

This is achieved by training the students to practice evidence-based medical and allied medical sciences anywhere in the world.

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