Top 10 Edtech Startups in Nigeria

Edtech startups have been in operation before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a need to combine technology and education. During the pandemic, schools were closed. This birthed the use of technology to access education. With the use of technology, individuals and corporate bodies took it upon themselves to form Edtech companies. In Nigeria, there are various Edtech startups making waves in the country. This article seeks to discuss the top 10 Edtech startups in Nigeria. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Edtech Startups in Nigeria

Top 10 Edtech startups in Nigeria will be discussed below:

  • Edukoya

Edukoya is an Edtech startup in Nigeria that provides 24 hours free learning outlets that see to it that students have a better understanding of key subjects.  It was founded in 2021 by Honey Ogundeyi with a mission to build the largest e-learning platform in the world. It was recorded that in its first week of launching, the app became the most downloaded education app in Nigeria. This platform allows students to prepare for school and university aptitude tests.

With Edukoya, students get high scores irrespective of the period used for preparing for the examination. It is a platform that sees to it that students are taught based on their various individual capabilities. They also have the opportunity to get better with time.

  • Edves

Edves was founded in September 2016 by Dimeji Falana and Dare Adebayo. Whilst other Edtech startups bring students online, Edves focus on bringing schools online. It is a cloud-based platform that allows schools to manage their affairs online. They allow schools to manage report cards, e-learning, fee payments, student enrollment, and finances such as tracking daily expenses, generating bills, managing inventory, and tracking defaulters.

Edves also ensure communication between parents, teachers and the school’s administration. This ensures a smooth learning environment where parents can keep tabs on their kids’ performance online. It makes use of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Teesas

Teesas is an Edtech startup that helps students to learn greetings,  alphabets, songs, history, and stories in local languages. It also provides an app where parents can monitor the progress of their children.

Teesas adopts the use of local languages and culture in teaching students. It provides a platform where students and teachers can learn with the use of technology. Teesas provides video tutorials that are delivered in the major local languages in Nigeria as well as English language.

  • Edusko

Edusko is an educational marketplace for students, parents, schools, vendors, and solution providers. It is an education company whose primary goal is to make life easier for schools, teachers, students, and other brands interested in making the African educational system better.

  • AltSchool Africa

AltSchool Africa is one of the leading Edtech startups in Nigeria that began excelling in 2021. This company trains students for free and afterward gives them certificates universally recognized. They have a collaboration with Michael and Cecilia Ibru University in Delta state, Nigeria which is the institution awarding the certificates.

It was founded in October 2021 and is the first developer institution to award certificates in Africa. One of the features that make AltSchool Africa stand out is that they not only train students for free but also help these students to secure job placements.

  • Edcent

Edcent is an Edtech company that offers online courses and training for companies and universities. It is an e-learning platform that offers its users the opportunity to learn from professionals from top universities and companies.

Edcent offers courses in various departments, like writing, art, IT, business, humanities, and many others. It also provides certificates to deserving people who complete the courses successfully.

  • Stranerd

Stranerd was founded by Jeremiah Godwin and Timmy Salami. It began operations in August 2021.

Stranerd is an Edtech startup that gives students the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. 

With Stranerd, learning is made easy and accessible without stress. Students can get expert answers to any question asked. They can also get detailed explanations that can guide them with their studies and assignments.

  • LearnAM

This is an Edtech startup that is based in Lagos. It provides students the opportunity to improve their digital literacy through providing online learning. It makes use of visual and audio educational materials to tutor students.

LearnAM is available for both android and KiaOs users. Users of the LearnAM app can switch from using English language to either Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo or Pidgin English when taking a course on the app.

  • Ed Partners Africa

Ed Partners Africa is one of the Edtech startups in Nigeria making waves. It focuses on ensuring that private schools are provided with adequate financing in form of loans. It is a non-banking financial institution that transforms the education sector by working with school owners to assist them with loans in times of need.

Private schools providing education to people who do not earn high tend to need money to run the affairs of the schools. They need this money to pay staff salaries, buy equipment, plan excursions and so on. What Ed Partners Africa does is that they provide school owners with financial solutions to their financial problems. 

  • uLesson

uLesson was founded in 2019 by Sim Shagaya. It is a platform that has qualified teachers and makes use of technology to create quality and affordable education. The uLesson app offers students in both primary and secondary levels quality education. It also offers preparatory classes for students preparing for JAMB, WASSCE, GCE and NECO examinations.

uLesson app features interactive quizzes which have answers. This makes preparing for examinations quite easy. It also helps the students learn how to maximize their time and also know various examination setups. It also helps the students to acquire speed that will help them finish their examinations in time.


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