How to Become a Freelance Model in Nigeria 

If you’ve ever thought of earning from your looks, you should consider becoming a model. The options are either to work under an agency or on your own as a freelance model. The latter option of being a freelance model offers you the opportunity to manage your time and earnings from your gigs and the freedom of working without limitation. If you find these perks attractive, you’d want to learn what it takes to make a career as a freelance model. In this article, you’d learn how you can become a successful freelance model in Nigeria.  

How to Become a Freelance Model in Nigeria 

Learn how to become a freelance model in Nigeria below: 

  • Enroll for Online Modelling Courses

Though modeling for hire largely requires that you are confident and have an appealing outward appearance, you’d need to take introductory courses online. There are tons of courses on platforms like Udemy that will help you navigate your career as a freelance model. You’ll understand the various modeling niches out there, know about photoshoot best practices and so much more, from veterans in the industry. Examples of online courses on Udemy that would give you insight into real-world experiences as an aspiring freelance model include Fundamental of Modeling and How to Become a Model (Modeling 101), to name a few. 

  • Consistently Practice What You’ve Learned 

To stand out from the highly competitive modeling industry in Nigeria, you have to hone your skill to perfection. And one sure way to do this is by constantly practicing what you learned from the online courses you took and veteran freelance models in the industry. Practice walking strides, and poses that accentuate your best features. The more you practice, the more you get better, gain experience and hone your skills. It’s recommended to own a camera to place in front of you during practice sessions to keep track of your progress.

  • Build Your Portfolio 

Now you’ve got a crash course on modeling concepts and put effort into practicing all you’ve learned, building a portfolio follows right after. Your portfolio should contain some photos and short videos that show your strengths. You should identify what your best physical features are and strike poses that accentuate them. At the start of your freelance modeling, you may have to charge less to build a professional portfolio. Having a portfolio ready makes it easier to readily apply for gigs. 

  • Pay Attention to Grooming Your Outward Appearance

If you want to make a fruitful career out of modeling, you have to pay attention to your looks as it is your selling point. Ensure that you appear good at all times, even when you stroll around your neighbourhood or go shopping in a mall. Invest in skincare, clothing accessories and other things that would promote your physical appearance.

  • Create an Online Presence 

As a freelance model in Nigeria, you know that you are responsible for managing the work you get. One way to stand out from the crowd is to have an online presence which increases your exposure and likelihood of landing gigs. You should invest in a website where your full portfolio, contact details and the modeling niche you focus on would be readily available to your potential employers. Launching a website for your freelance model career is a good way to go. Also, learn about ways you can make your website gain traffic, which invariably increases potential leads and conversions. Think search engine optimization and other best practices. In addition to having a website, you can also connect with an online audience through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. There’s no underestimating the value a strong online presence adds to your career as a freelance model. 

  • Networking 

How far you go in the industry depends to a large degree on the networks you create. As an aspiring freelance model, if you want to make a name in the industry, you’ll need to make a concerted effort to interact with other professionals in the industry. There are several ways to create this connection, they include attending modeling workshops organized by veterans, cold-calling other professionals, and collaborating with other freelancers in the industry. You can also network with people online through your website and social media platforms, so ensure to keep these updated at all times. As you start making a name in the industry from your all networking effort, you’d be taken note of, which improves your chances of landing a job. 

  • Focus on a Niche 

With the modeling industry being very competitive in Nigeria, if you’re to stand out you must niche down. There are many niches to choose from ranging from fashion modeling and runway modeling to TV commercials and appearing in video shoots. Carving out a niche will reduce the competition and increase your chances of landing gigs. So, find which types of modeling gigs you are comfortable doing and focus on it.  

  • Apply for Jobs

As an aspiring freelance model, you are in charge of getting gigs. Therefore, you need to apply tirelessly for modeling gigs. You should make it a duty to send out several emails daily to potential employers. You should make sure to compile a portfolio that showcases your strengths and create a compelling resume, which you’d use when applying for jobs online. You can also send cold emails to other professionals such as make-up artists, photographers, and other potential clients. Be sure that you provide the means to contact you, and outline your skills and your niche. Even if you don’t get much feedback, keep on sending these cold emails until the offers start coming in. 

  • Enroll in Modelling Competitions 

A great way to test all you’ve learned as a freelance model just starting is to try out modeling competitions. You get to showcase your skills to veterans in the industry and the wider public. You’ll receive constructive criticisms in areas you fall short and build real-life experience. Even if you don’t get to come out tops in the first few competitions, take it as a learning curve and make necessary adjustments. 


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