How to Join La Buena Vida in Nigeria

You might have come across La Buena Vida adverts or had a friend try to convince you to join. The numerous opportunities members potentially stand to gain may make you consider investing in La Buena Vida. In this article, we’ll be talking about what La Buena is all about, how to join, the opportunities for qualifying members, and other useful information to enable you to make an informed decision on whether or not La Buena Vida is good for you. Read on to find out. 

How to Join La Buena Vida in Nigeria

How to Join La Buena Vida in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • What is La Buena Vida and The Opportunities They Offer? 

Before we proceed to tell you how you can join La Buena Vida, we think it’s important that you get an understanding of what you’re about to invest in. Let’s explore what La Buena Vida is all about and the opportunities for members in the following paragraphs. 

First of all, La Buena Vida is a project that was created and managed by a non-governmental organization (NGO) called C21FG which is situated at Bahamas Plaza in Gudu, Abuja. As an NGO, C21FG is not expected to pay taxes. The project is also known as “The Good Life Project”, which is the English translation of the Spanish word, La Buena Vida. 

The business model of La Buena Vida is based on network marketing, which is commonly referred to as multi-level marketing. You’ll need to purchase any of the requisite packages to join the program (we’d discuss this later on in the article). So, the way to make money on La Buena Vida is to convince people to join the program by purchasing any of the different registration packages and by selling physical products. So, the more you recruit more people to join the La Buena Vida project, the more you get to earn on the program. 

Several compensation plans abound for top affiliates and members who’ve attained leadership in the program such as car gifts, vacation packages, and housing compensations. 

Here are the opportunities members of La Buena Vida get to enjoy: 

  • Cash compounding services to generate funds for business projects
  • Reduced and free lifestyle packages globally 
  • Health Maintenance Organizations for qualifying members
  • Chance for members to acquire a new home through the La Buena Vida E-Block channels

However, to enjoy these above-listed opportunities, there are certain stages you need to reach. And the more downlines you can recruit under you, the better your chances of enjoying these opportunities offered by La Buena Vida. 

  • How to Join La Buena Vida in Nigeria  

If you are confident that you possess the right networking and marketing skills, as well as the system to sell products or quickly get downlines, joining La Buena Vida might be good for you. There are two ways to become a member of La Buena Vida, one is by visiting their office located at Bahamas Plaza in Gudu, Abuja. Just walk in and you’d be put through the process of how to join. The other way to join requires that you go through members of La Buena Vida, who would bear the responsibility for mentoring and nurturing you throughout the program. 

Whether you choose to join by visiting the La Buena Vida office in Abuja or through an active member, you would have to register by purchasing any of the requisite packages on the program. The packages vary in price and the compensation and opportunities you stand to gain depending on the package you go for. 

Here are the different packages and their respective prices:

  • Starter Package @ N44,888
  • Entrepreneur Package @ N134,664
  • International Package @ N314,216

Remember, for you to make any money as a member of La Buena Vida, you must be willing and ready to do lots of marketing of the products or recruit new members to join under you as your downlines. 

  • Is Investing in La Buena Vida a Good Idea? 

Whether La Buena Vida is a good investment opportunity or not depends on your capabilities. As we’ve stated several times in this article, you only make money from this business by marketing products of La Buena Vida and/or by recruiting other people to be your downlines – basically how Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) works. So, if you cannot do what is required to earn, then it’s not a good idea to invest in it. 

If you go to the La Buena Vida website to get information about their business model and what they do, you’d not get something substantial to enable you to make an informed decision. What you’ll see on the website are testimonials and unverified claims made by active members about how they became multimillionaires through La Buena Vida. This comes off as a red flag to prospective members who desire to learn about the business before signing up. 

Although joining La Buena Vida gives you the chance to develop your networking and marketing skills, we do not think it’s a good idea to join La Buena Vida at this time. Since it’s designed as an MLM, those that get rich from the scheme are those at the top. Therefore, you’re likely to lose money, time, and resources, just as many other members of La Buena Vida, who’ve failed to progress up the ladder and make money. 

The only way you can enjoy the compensation and opportunities La Buena Vida would give to you is by selling products and/or recruiting people under you. This isn’t a walk in the park though, but if you already have the system to sell products or quickly recruit downlines, then La Buena Vida may be good for you. 

To close this article, we need to reiterate that La Buena Vida operates a network marketing business model. Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing. This means the way to earn on the program is to recruit more people to join La Buena Vida. The other way is to sell their products. If you don’t have what it takes to quickly recruit downlines or sell products, then La Buena Vida is not for you. 

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