How to Rock Palazzo Trouser in Nigeria

With the fashion trend for ladies in recent years prioritizing comfort, palazzo trousers have become popular among the womenfolk in Nigeria. If you have palazzos in your closet and are wondering how to style them, then you are on the right blog. In this article, we are going to be showing you different ways you can rock your palazzo trousers in Nigeria. Read on and learn how to style these loose and extremely wide trousers that flare out from the waist to the ankle.  

How to Rock Palazzo Trouser in Nigeria

How to rock palazzo trouser in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • How to Rock Patterned Palazzo Trouser

Wondering how you would style the pair of patterned palazzo trousers you’ve got without looking over the top? First, you need to ensure to choose a right-patterned ankle-length palazzo. Throw on a plain T-Shirt. It could be cropped or tucked in, depending on your preference. Then, for the choice of footwear, we recommend you either choose a white pair of Converse shoes, gladiator sandals, or sneakers to go with your outfit. You’ll certainly look dazzling without doing too much. 

  • How to Rock White Palazzo Trouser

If you’ve got white palazzo trousers and are thinking about how to style them, we’ve got you covered. We recommend that you combine your pair of white palazzo trousers with either a linen or soft cotton shirt. Tuck in the shirt and throw on some tribal jewelry to achieve an incredibly classy appearance. For makeup, it’d be best to tone it down a notch for a “no-makeup” look. 

  • How to Rock Striped Palazzo Trouser with Crop Top

Thinking of going to the beach? Then, you will need something airy and comfortable as you saunter on the sandy shores. A pair of striped palazzo trousers paired with a matching crop top and sliders for footwear is a perfect combination for your next beach date. Don’t forget to take a hat with you. 

  • How to Rock Straight Formal Palazzo Trouser

If you are working a 9 to 5 but still want to rock a palazzo to the office, you wouldn’t want to rock a casual one. Instead, for a formal palazzo that’s straight-cut and the flare less broad. So, throw on your pair of formal palazzo trousers alongside a camisole to achieve a balanced silhouette.  

  • How to Rock Palazzo Trouser with an Oversized Tunic

Another choice for styling your palazzo trousers is to combine them with an oversized tunic. This combination will make you look comfy but chic. In place of an oversized tunic, you may choose to put on a sweater or an oversized dress shirt. 

  • How to Rock Palazzo Trouser with a Tube Top

Combining a tube top with palazzo trousers is a great choice if you’re looking for ways to emphasize the flaring nature of the palazzo trouser. To complete the look, throw on wedges and a nice side bag. With subtle makeup and this combination, you’re good to go to your brunch party. 

  • How to Rock Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers

Although palazzo trousers generally flare from the waist to the ankle, some have unusually wide legs. If you have one of these and are thinking about how to style them, we’ll tell you how shortly. These wide-leg palazzo trousers are a perfect choice when you want to go for a casual business meeting. To complete this look, throw on a blazer. 

  • How to Rock 3/4th Palazzo Trousers with a Bodysuit

Instead of ankle-length palazzo trousers that are the norm, you could rock a 3/4th palazzo trouser. A hugging body suit paired with a 3/4th palazzo is a perfect outfit to wear to a meeting. To finish the look, throw on a formal blazer and pumps. 

  • How to Rock Floral Palazzo with Turtleneck T-Shirt

This combination of floral palazzo trousers and a turtleneck T-shirt is perfect if you want to achieve an indie look. To finish this look, put on ankle-strap heels and adorn some jewelry. 

  • How to Rock Black Palazzo Trousers with Off-Shoulder Top

The combination of black trousers and white shirts is a common style rocked by many women in Nigeria. If you want to tweak this style a notch, switch the black trousers for a pair of black palazzo trousers, and the white shirt for a white off-shoulder top. You can rock this combination to a party or a date, but not to the office. 

  • Tips for Rocking Palazzo Trousers 

You’ve seen there’s a wealth of choices on how to rock your palazzo trousers in Nigeria. However, there are some pertinent tips we believe can make you look your best when rocking a pair of palazzo trousers. 

First, there’s a myth that palazzo trousers are fit for tall women alone. Though palazzo trousers look good on a tall woman, short, petite, and curvy women can also rock a palazzo and still look good. If you are short, you’d want to go for slightly narrow palazzo trousers. For petite women, when wearing palazzo trousers, avoid wearing any top that adds weight to your upper body. A crop top is an example of a top that doesn’t add weight to your upper body. For curvy women wearing palazzos, ensure to always combine this loose-fit trouser with a well-fitting top. Also, avoid too many layers. 

The ideal length for palazzo trousers is ankle-length so they wouldn’t touch the floor when you walk. If you want the length to be slightly longer, make sure to wear heels. If the length of your palazzo exceeds the ideal length we started, it will bunch at the bottom and look unappealing. What’s more, you could step on the extra fabric while walking and trip.

The last tip we’d be sharing is what shoes you should wear with palazzo trousers. We think pumps, platform heels, and peep-toe heels are some of the best footwear to wear with palazzos. This is because these aforementioned footwears narrow down the broad silhouette of palazzos. In addition to these, wedges, sneakers, Oxfords, and sandals work too. 




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