MAC Cosmetics Nigeria: How to Get Yours

MAC cosmetics are among the best in Nigeria today. The company equally has strong international presence.  It is a company established to honour everyone, irrespective of your finish, shade or color.  They use their expertise to accentuate ladies’ beauties and make them even more adorable than ever before.  They have their creed as “All Ages, All races, All sexes” and this can be said to be the true reflection of how much they appreciate people and their individuality.

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Mac sells a number of cosmetics, like the Mac soft serve, Mac prep+ prime highlighter, Mac Tendertalk, Mac prep+prime highlighter, prep+prime fix, prep + prime skin smoother, Mac prep + liquid lipstick, MAC studio tech foundation, Mac prep and prime natural radiance and lots more. Do you need to buy Mac cosmetics in Nigeria? This write up will open your eyes on how to buy yours without any delay whatsoever.

How to buy yours here in Nigeria

You do not need to travel out of the country in order to buy yours; you can now visit local shops around and you will be surprised at the huge number of Mac cosmetics available on sale, now if you are looking to tune up the way you look we will also like to recommend a breast lift surgery with the best doctors on earth.

Offline stores

You can buy you Mac cosmetics from the outlets given below:

1. Mac Ibadan

Shop 15, The Palms Shopping Mall,

Ring Road,


2. MAC Palms

Shop 19A, The Palms Shopping Mall

Ozumba Mbadiwe Rd.

Lekki, Lagos

3. Mac Ikeja

Shop L 53 Ikeja City Mall,

Obafemi Awolowo Way,

Ikeja, Lagos


Try Jumia

Jumia is among the best online sales outlets today in Nigeria. There is virtually nothing you want to buy that is not obtainable at Jumia. Jumia sells varieties of items, including Mac cosmetics. Truth is Jumia may not be the direct ones selling the Mac cosmetics. In most instances, jumia only serve as the middleman. They may encourage you to buy the item and also act as advertisers.  Jumia too is involved in importing items to be sold in Nigeria and they too do import MAC cosmetics.

Konga is yet another place where you can buy your mac cosmetics. They get what you have purchased delivered at your doorsteps. They rival with no doubt and they are among the best outlets in Nigeria of today. The too do sell Mac cosmetics products and you can link up with them by citing their site. Their home delivery makes service delivery even easier with the client.


This is an outlet that majors in the sales of fashion items and various other items. The site sells rather cheap items too and they allow their clients to pay on delivery. You can also buy your Mac cosmetics from them and it will be presented at your doorstep after purchase.

Truth is this is one of the most dependable in Nigeria. They have proved over the years to provide top quality.  You can link up with them today and search for to buy your Mac cosmetics. They have various MAC products available, like fragrance, brushes and tools, primer and skincare and so on.

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