10 Best Liquid Soaps for Fair Skin in Nigeria

Fair skin requires much maintenance to keep it glowing and at the same time healthy. There are many skin products on the market that claim to be for fair skin but contains ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Your first step to achieving great skin is getting a good bath soap for your fair skin. A good soap for fair skin will help guard against issues such as skin darkening or damage from the sun. It will also contain clinically proven ingredients effective at lightening dark spots and hydrate the skin.

Best Liquid Soaps for Fair Skin in Nigeria

In this article, you will find the best liquid soaps for fair skin in Nigeria.

Fair & White Brightening Shower Gel

The Fair & White Brightening Gel comes in liquid form. It is enriched with glycerin which is an emollient that pulls water from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface and traps it there so your skin looks plump and hydrated. It also contains Pomegranate and Lemon extracts that help to maintain fair skin tone. It is also a good product for acne. It has a nice scent and is a big size of about 1000 ml of shower gel. With consistent use of this shower gel, your skin will be smoother and have a glowing feel.

QEI Paris 100% Skin Lightening Shower Cream with Carrot Oil

This is a 100% skin-lightening shower cream for all skin types such as oily, normal or dry. The shower gel has a base of Carotene and other natural actives which help to tone and moisturize the skin. It is also rich in essential vitamins such as A, E, and C which provide nourishment and helps to repair and reconditions the skin. It contains shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize the skin from within which makes it ideal for dry skin types The QEI Paris Shower Cream is dermatologically tested and approved and safe for use. It also contains carrot oil and other plant actives to tone the skin.  You can be sure this formula will get your skin even and glowing.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

This liquid soap from Dove is made with Nutrium moisture technology to infuse moisture into deeper layers of the skin. It contains many moisturizing ingredients that hydrate the skin from within. It is also made from natural ingredients that will not irritate or dry out the skin. It provides great nourishment to your skin and helps to maintain the natural balance of the skin. Dry skin types will benefit from this shower gel as it reduces skin dryness. It also has a great scent. Consistent use of the Dove Body wash will leave your skin hydrated, clean, and fresh.

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is a shower gel that is able to improve one’s skin condition after consistent use. It deeply moisturizes the skin and relieves you of skin dryness. It also does not leave a coated soap feeling; which means that after use, you will feel clean from head to toe. This shower gel contains Shea butter which nourishes the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Upon consistent use, one is left with younger-looking skin. It also has a long-lasting scent.

Extract Luxury 24k Gold Shower Gel

Extract Luxury 24k Gold Shower Gel is known to have a whitening and glowing effect. It contains vitamins that nourish the skin and leaves your skin brighter and younger-looking. This shower gel is made from natural ingredients. It has a rose fragrance and a gold-ish colour. It is specially formulated using the highest quality of ingredients and guarantees results after use. Upon consistent use of the 24k Gold Shower Gel, your skin will be left glowing.

Lux Soft Touch Body Wash

This Body Wash contains nourishing ingredients that will leave the skin smooth and soft. It is formulated with Floral FusionTM Oil and has a great scent that lingers all day long. It is also enriched with Silk Essence and Rosewater which effectively moisturizes the skin and leaves your body feeling as soft as silk. This shower gel is particularly great for dry skin types because it moisturizes the skin from deep within.

Idole shower gel

The Idole shower gel not only brightens up your skin. You can also count on this shower gel to thoroughly cleanse your skin and not leave behind any residue. It has a rich lather and is able to soften rough skin texture and condition your skin. This shower gel has different fragrances that range from spices, fruits and herbs that are all able to refresh your skin. The Idole shower gel contains carrot, an ingredient that effectively brightens the skin and restores glow.

Pure Egyptian Magic Shower Gel

The Pure Egyptian Magic Shower Gel is a powerful whitening soap. It is described as an extra brightening and firming body wash. It contains tomato extract, glutathione+, ascorbic acid, this combination helps to brighten dark spots on the knee, elbow, thigh and other dark areas. It also contains collagen which tightens the skin. This shower gel works well as a face and body wash because it cleans and refreshes the skin. It is also known to be effective at fighting skin blemishes such as pimples, marks, black spots and freckles. It lightens the face and body quickly yet evenly. With consistent use, one is left with balanced skin and a toned complexion.

Clearasil oil-control/ Anti- tanning shower gel

The Clearasil Oil control is a shower gel ideal for every skin type. It is also a great option for oily skin type as it cleanses the skin without drying it out. The Clearasil Shower gel contains Lavender leaf extract which gives it a great fragrance. It is also packed with essential vitamins that nourish and heal the skin. With consistent use, this formula will help your skin brighter and younger-looking. The Clearasil oil control is also an anti- tanning gel that brightens dark areas of the skin and leaves your skin blemish and tan-free.

These are the best liquid soaps suitable for all fair skin types, whether dry, oily, or sensitive in Nigeria.


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