25 Ankara Peplum Tops for Ladies (2024)

It can be really tedious for ladies coming up with that simple yet slaying outfit for events; the perfect fabric, design, styles, accessories and shoes.

An outfit less extravagant yet classy and chic, easy and quick to design, perfect for harmoniously combining other outfits, flatters your physique, suitable for ceremonial events, business meetings or appointments, an evening stroll in the city, exudes femininity, grandeur and  style, what comes to mind is Peplum tops!

Now this begs the question, “why peplums?” Simple bit! It’s an ageless classic; it never goes out of trend. As far as designs go, Peplums accentuates the hip and makes the waist look smaller by comparison, by adding volume to the hips, peplums trick the eyes into seeing a more hourglass figure.

25 Ankara Peplum Tops for Ladies

Contrary to popular beliefs, Peplum dresses and tops do not only work for tall, busty ladies, the key is to know your form and leave the rest to us. However, certain limitations are therein and should be considered when it comes to Peplums.

  • If you’re on the plus side, it is way better to chose styles with an overstated waistline and smooth peplums with less drama. The fabric patterns also matter, flora designs would enhance your plum look while geometric designs would conceal as much. Avoid getting the frill of your peplum at the widest point of your hips.
  • In concealing your wide thighs and accentuating your waist and hips go for a thin strap.
  • If you’ve got a slender figure or you’re petite, there really are no cons or prohibitions, wear peplums of any width and style as you please.

Ladies, whatever your figure, size and height here are some of the best peplum designs for your next outing.

ankara peplum tops 1

This Ankara peplum top is unlike any other; double frills yet relaxed with small pleats on the waist line. This would work just fine with skirts and any length of trouser and it’s suitable for any event, formal or outings.

ankara peplum tops 2

Asides the beauty of the Ankara material itself, this peplum style has a glow about it. The stylish shoulder and sleeve design makes it one of the best Ankara tops in recent times.  ankara peplum tops 3

I like to call this one the double peplum camisole. Stylish and easy for a day out or a simple walk on the streets with tight or stretchy pants. ankara peplum tops for ladies

One of the best and most popular Ankara peplum tops in the fashion world today. One warning though, do not combine this with blazers or jackets. It may ruin the look. A simple pencil skirt, sandals and going heavy on accessories will do just fine with this.

The long drape gives this peplum a different look from the back to the front, this top harmonizes the whole figure and gives it a unique elegance. While you can attach a belt to this for an occasion as seen here, you can as well decide to free the top. If you are on the plus side, you could opt for this. This peplum is best suitable for combination with pants or jeans, no flats but heels.

This is one ladies with plus size will appreciate. Ensure you rock this with suitable accessory to enjoy the best of it.

This simple yet spectacular peplum design is a not the best option if you’re on the plus side, bringing so much attention to your waistline and tummy region is inevitable and this can give your tummy a bumpy look. It is most suitable for slender ladies and the style is best with soft fabric.

This simple Ankara print peplum should not be overlooked. Peplums with relaxed frills like this wouldn’t go well with corporate long skirts. If you aim to look dapper on a formal event with Ankara peplums this is most suitable with straight skirts above the knee or a nice jean trouser.

As far as peplums go, this is one of the easiest designs I’ve seen. Although it may fail to serve its purpose of balancing broad shoulders and narrow hips, it will not be ignored. It’s suitable for both petit and tall ladies.

This peplum top will bring a smile to your face if you’re looking forward to that weekend outing or picnic with friends. It is perfect for casual functions and most suitable with heels and matching accessories. 

Talk about creativity and beauty, this makes the cut in all spheres.

Peplum tops like this are best with soft and cool fabrics. The trick is to get an Ankara material with cool colors and patters that match your form. The folds make it an amazing choice irrespective of your form, the most work was done on the strap above the folds that truly determines how your peplum looks on you.

This look can be achieved with soft waves and tight straps. It’s a multi-layered peplum top with really soft fabric. Other fabrics aside Ankara designs may flatter this style but this is a sure bet for it.

Let us chill a bit and let the style do the talking! See how this beautiful peplum was combined with jeans and heels. Class!

Let us try an off-shoulder peplum top for a minute. There is something about off-shoulder tops that has captured the hearts of many. Irrespective of the type and style, the class that accompanies the top is just mouth-watering. Follow the trend; follow excellent fashion. 

This is another simple and lovely design that has won the hearts of fashion lovers in recent times. This peplum design top with nice décolleté is suitable for both formal functions and dinner dates.

Broad frills like this wouldn’t go so well with long skirts or skirts with mermaid designs. Cool Pants, jeans or a mini like our model would do justice to that outfit with the right shoes of course.

You just have to love this style. Simple and beautiful.

Usually, this peplum dress not only gives the silhouette a curvy look, it gives the back the attention it requires with this drape at the behind. If you’re all about the “booty up” trend or a member of the “German Juice” community this simple design is just for you.

A perfect peplum top for days you want to go casual and still maintain your remarkable sense of fashion.

This is another style you can bless your wardrobe with.

Now let’s not forget our formal looks. A design as such is easily combined with straight skirts and stilettos. We don’t need too much drama on the folds (bringing out all the curves we can save to flaunt some other time) hence the angled pleats. Not forgetting to mention, the design of the fabric made it very outstanding, geometric designs on the fabric would do well for this peplum top than flora designs.

Here are some more peplum tops to brighten your day.

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