Your Personal Hair Transplant Journey

Whether you are on the verge of complete baldness or still have most of your hair intact with a few side flaws, the truth is that you can never get enough hair. Lush, healthy, and plentiful hair is what we all want.  As luck would have it, we live in the best time possible since hair restoration expertise and solutions have come a long way.

Thousands of patients from all around the world who chose to do something about their hair loss are travelling to Turkey in search of the perfect, permanent solution. Most people get quite excited once they arrive in Istanbul, as their lives are about to change with a simple hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant patients include those who experience hair loss at a younger age and even HIV positive patients. Yes, you read this right, HIV hair transplant in Turkey has high success rates.

How does it look like?

Most, if not all, patients have gone through hair transplant before and after photos when researching about their destination and clinic. They would then book an online consultation with one or more of their favorite hair transplant clinics before deciding on whose hands they wish to surrender. After hopefully choosing the right place, the patient becomes an actor in his/her own journey since everything from arrival till departure is taken care of.

What are the steps?

Most facilities in Turkey take this very seriously; they are pleasantly hygienic, and ultra-modern with highly educated and experienced experts who have performed thousands of procedures before. They are skilled in analyzing each case individually and explain your hair transplant plan better than an award-winning documentary could. Upon arrival at your clinic, a blood test is performed followed by a professional explanation by your surgeon. At this point, it may no longer feel like a cosmetic touch but a serious operation… Transplanting hair is a serious business but just like in everything, it should feel lightweight and satisfying with the touch of an expert surgeon.

What makes a great hair transplant surgeon?

Using a complicated procedure, your own healthy hair follicles are taken from the donor area and relocated to the recipient area. The donor area is usually the nape area on your head between the two ears as their follicles are not sensitive to testosterone. In fact, follicles from other parts of your body may be used as well if necessary and suitable. All of these and more should be discussed with your surgeon at length before the procedure. A great surgeon will certainly make you feel at ease while performing his art. Your surgical team will also draw your hairline in the best cosmetically appealing and natural way and discuss your expectations.

For the surgery, since the patient must be soothed, you are often given a few different options. The most common anesthesia types are the classic syringe injection and the needleless jet gun injector.

Before and aftermath

The duration of the procedure will depend on how many grafts are transplanted. The first part of the operation is when hair follicles are extracted from your donor area and stored, followed by incisions on the recipient area and the actual transplantation procedure. After it’s done, you’re good to go with a detailed goodie bag that contains medical shampoos, creams, anti-inflammatory medication, painkillers, a saline solution spray, and even an inflatable neck pillow to provide you with extra comfort on your first few nights of sleep. Make sure to pack plenty of buttoned or zipped clothing, since putting on and taking off a t-shirt is not desired for at least a week after the surgery. Your main goal is to protect the area from physical and chemical aggression to support the healing process.

It is miraculous to have the opportunity to have hair again in just one day, although full results and complete healing happen anytime between six to twelve months. If you want to book your own hair transplant journey, make sure to do your own research and find a surgeon who specializes in your hair type.

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