Top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria

In today’s world, cryptocurrency is currently gaining momentum. This has birthed the need for blockchain startups in major countries and has resulted in the creation of cryptocurrency exchange websites that have been operating and providing services to the needs of people. With the current trend of Bitcoin and Blockchain, Nigeria is not left behind. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have grown so much in value that they now affect the economy of different countries, Nigeria inclusive. In this article, the top 10 blockchain startups in Nigeria would be looked into.

Top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria

Top 10 Blockchain startups in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • HouseAfrica

HouseAfrica was founded in 2019 to help individuals, corporate organizations, and banks to verify investments and possessions before acquisition. HouseAfrica is a real-estate startup that helps its prospective investors through the use of technology to make the right decisions.

This blockchain startup elevates suitable and affordable investments using technology. This platform offers management of the construction supply chain from yard to development site for developers.

HouseAfrica also offers HAF tokens which are then used to buy, sell, rent, pay rent, manage properties, and pay utility bills. These HAF tokens are handed out on the WAVE blockchain under token standards.

  • SureRemit

SureRemit is a blockchain platform that makes payment easier, stress-free, and cheaper. This platform is a non-cash remittance one that raised 7 million US dollars through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

SureRemit provides a token that strives to eliminate extra costs in users’ daily transactions, and also lower the cost of transfers. It also gives the sender some sort of power and visibility over how the value is spent. These tokens can be used to buy digital vouchers that can be used to get goods and services from local traders at specific locations.

  • BuyCoins

BuyCoins is another blockchain startup that allows its users to sell, buy, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017. It is a Lagos- based company that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

BuyCoins allows its users to make deposits through debit cards or bank transfers. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies using their local currency without stress.  BuyCoins is also a safe, reliable, and secured platform to trade cryptocurrencies. It also encourages advanced traders to buy more assets at favourable rates. 

  • NairaEx 

NairaEx is another top blockchain startup in Nigeria that allows users to trade naira for bitcoin without stress. It was founded in 2015. NairaEx aims to utilise the strength of bitcoin to provide a reliable and strong economic system.

NairaEx provides Nigerians with the ticket to the riches and power of bitcoin. This platform does not depend on the payment processor or mobile payment solution for cash payments. By so doing, it drastically eliminates deposit fees. 

NairaEx sees to it that bitcoin is traded more conveniently. It makes blockchain trading easy and transparent in terms of pricing and rates. These are the features that make NairaEx stand out in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Bitkoin Afrika

Bitkoin Afrika is another top blockchain startup in Nigeria that operates a Person-to-Person (P2P) cryptocurrency trading platform. On this platform, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum from other users.  

Bitkoin Afrika makes the trade of cryptocurrency fast, secure, and stress-free. Adverts are made by some users to let others know they are willing to sell or buy cryptocurrency. When these targeted users see these adverts (trade posts), they engage in the trade.

Bitkoin Afrika works in such a way that every account comes with a cryptocurrency wallet that ensures that users send, receive, and store cryptocurrency. 

  • Cowrie Exchange

Cowrie Exchange is another top blockchain startup where users can buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Ethereum. It was created in 2018.

Cowrie Exchange is a platform that is available at all times, round the clock. Users can carry out exchanges by using bank transfers. By using Cowrie Exchange, customers can fund their cryptocurrency wallets straight from their bank account without stress and swiftly. 

  • Nairaswitch

Another top blockchain startup in Nigeria is Nairaswitch. This particular platform seeks to provide Nigerians with a secure platform as well as provide the necessary tools needed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. 

By using the Nairaswitch platform, users can buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria through bank transfer, web money, and perfect money, all at a fair and competitive market rate. The kind of cryptocurrency exchange rates it offers makes it stand out amongst other platforms. Nairaswitch also makes the trade of cryptocurrency safe, secured, fast and stress-free. 

  • CoinSwapNG

CoinSwapNG is a cryptocurrency exchange startup in Nigeria that offers sale price checks and purchase price checks. It was founded in 2016. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash. 

CoinSwapNG is a blockchain platform that offers fast, secure and cheap solutions to its users. Their wholesale prices for small exchanges for people buying and selling cryptocurrency are the lowest you can find anywhere.

  • Ellcrys

Ellcrys is a Lagos-based blockchain startup that is creative and innovative in building the way developers work together. Ellcrys focuses on solving the problems that developers encounter.

This platform has an ICO that promises to make the mining and distribution of its local cryptocurrency more available and fair. Ellcrys aims to allow many people to co-own and manage software projects. It tries to rekindle collaborative efforts.

  • TripleJExchange

TripleJExchange is a blockchain startup that began operations in 2019. Its sole aim is to strengthen the Nigerian cryptocurrency market, giving it a strong front in the cryptocurrency sphere. 

With TripleJExchange, users can sell and buy Bitcoin with the use of gift cards and fiat currencies. Also, with this platform, its users can buy data plans for their mobile networks by making use of Bitcoin.

TripleJExchange was created to ease the process of cryptocurrency exchange conversion to ensure a successful transaction. It guarantees speed and efficacy. It is a safe and secured space to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It also provides one of the best cryptocurrency rates in the cryptocurrency market. 

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