Spectranet Self Care: Beginner’s Guide (2024)

If this ISP has recently caught your attention and you’re looking to join the growing list of Spectranet customers, you can learn a lot from this post.

Also, if you just bought your Spectranet device, you can learn how to use the Spectranet Selfcare portal in this post.

However, if you’re yet to buy your Spectranet device, it is important you know that the internet service provided by Spectranet is only available across major cities in Nigeria. These include Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

spectranet self care

Although the internet service isn’t nationwide, Spectranet has promised imminent roll out of their service across various cities in Nigeria, so if your location is outside of these cities and you’d like to use Spectranet then you can wait.

Spectranet Self Care: Guide for Beginners

Now let’s learn about the Spectranet Selfcare Platform.

Based on the Spectranet website, the Spectranet 4G LTE Self-care account is a portal where users can view their personal account and account activities at any time of the day. This means you can view your remaining data plan balance, monitor data usage, and view the data expiry date and renew data plans.

The Self-care is in the form of a dashboard where all the necessary information about your subscription and activities are displayed.

Here’s how to login & check data balance on Spectranet Portal. If you’re an active user, just click on this link. You will be directed to the Selfcare official page where you will be required to enter your username and password.

After inputing your username and password, click on “Sign in” and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, if you are a new user, you can follow this link then enter the default username and password that was issued to you at the spectranet office. After you login, you’ll be notified to change the default password. Once you change the default password to a new one, you will use it for subsequent logins.

If you’re just about to buy your Spectranet device don’t forget to take note of the default username and password that you will be issued at the spectranet office. Check these out walkerstgallery .

Also, if you want to pay for Spectranet Self Service Subscription, you can follow the step by step guide below;

First, there are four ways to make payment on selfcare:

  1. In person
  2. Online
  3. Recharge Voucher
  4. Bank Payment – Kindly use the various banks and their account number to pay into Spectranet account.

Spectranet Abuja

  • FCMB |0658482020
  • Zenith |1014071129
  • First Bank | 2023929144
  • Eco Bank | 0122270544

Spectranet Lagos

  • Zenith | 1014071095
  • Firstbank | 2021922196
  • FCMB | 0658482013
  • Eco Bank | 0015020142

Spectranet Port Harcourt   

  • FCMB | 0658482044
  • Zenith | 1014506728

Once you are done with payment, scan the payment teller or screenshot of the valid transaction and send it to their official email care@spectranet.com.ng to authenticate your payment.

When using your Spectranet device, it is not advisable to retain your default WiFi key because anyone can connect to your WiFI network just by gaining physical access to your device as the default key is usually printed on the device.

Below are the steps to changing your password:

  1. Connect to your Spectranet Wi-Fi or WLAN
  2. Launch your browser
  3. In the address bar, type and press Enter
  4. You should now be in the Portal
  5. Click on settings
  6. You will see a login box, provide your credentials and click on Wi-Fi. Then click on Wi-Fi Basic Settings. From her you can change your SSID, hide SSID broadcast as well as change your Wi-Fi password.

Also, if at any point in time, you forget your self-care password and you want to create a new password to Spectranet 4G LTE Self care, you can easily create a new password one by following the tutorials below:

  1. Click on the forget password link on your selfcare login screen.
  2. Input your username.
  3. Enter the characters that will be displayed in the security image.
  4. Click on “Submit”
  5. After you click on submit, you will receive a temporary password via SMS and Email.
  6. Input the temporary password.
  7. You can now access your self-care account.

Generally, it is advised that you change your Spectranet login password every month.

Now that you know what the Self Care plan is all about as well as some other important details about using the Spectranet internet service, we’ve decided to include the various Spectranet data plans to help you in the process of selecting the ideal data plan for your needs.

It is important that your note that all these prices are VAT-Inclusive and all nite plans have 24 hours access on weekend and public Holidays

  • 4GB |₦3,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 7GB |₦5,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 15GB| ₦7,000/Monthly|24X7 Burstable Speed
  • 20GB |₦7,500/Monthly |7pm – 7am | Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed
  • 25GB |₦10,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 40GB |₦11,000/Monthly|7pm – 7am | Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed
  • 40GB|₦12,500/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 50GB |₦13,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing *Abuja ONLY
  • 55GB| ₦20,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 110GB |₦40,000/Monthly |24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing
  • 200GB | ₦70,000/Monthly|24X7 Burstable Speed | Free Unlimited Night browsing

Also, there is the Unlimited Gold Plan which cost ₦18,000/Monthly and provides unlimited burstable speed to all customers between 0-100GB. This speed reduces to 512 Kbps after 100GB is utilized.

Additionally, there is the Unified Stay Connected Plan which is available to customers on any commercial plans from Abuja. This plan applies to only customers that stay connected after consuming the monthly capped data of 50GB.

Launched in 2009, Spectranet has grown over the years to become one of the major internet service providers in Nigeria.

Spectranet was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria and the company is certainly one of the leading internet service providers in the country when it comes to delivering a better, faster, more reliable broadband internet at an affordable rate.

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