The 5 Biggest Reasons Financial Investors Are Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been one of the biggest stories in 2017, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. With its unique features, such as transparency and decentralization, some financial investors see Bitcoin as an investment opportunity they can’t afford to miss out on. If you are a Bitcoin investor, too, you should be aware of the reasons that highlight why Bitcoin investment is a good option.

Most interestingly, Bitcoins are also backed by tech giants like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, which gives the currency its air of legitimacy at But what are the biggest reasons financial investors are buying Bitcoin? Read on to know more to have an overall better understanding.

1) A safe investment option

Investing in bitcoin is like investing in any other currency. In fact, it’s more of a bet on what people will be willing to pay for bitcoins in future. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins are extremely volatile which make it different from traditional currencies. One thing investor will always remember is that it’s not about investing in actual bitcoins, but rather betting on people’s willingness to buy and sell them later. It’s like a virtual bet on how valuable bitcoin will be at some point down the road.

2) Good Returns

While it’s not wise to invest in just one currency, financial experts agree that returns on investments can be quite strong for those who do. If you know how to choose a good cryptocurrency and stick with it, you may earn thousands of dollars or more over time.

Due to its anonymous nature, criminals have also taken an interest in crypto-investing, but savvy investors are wary of scams and don’t mind losing what they’ve invested if they avoid fraudulent schemes. It is possible to make money off cryptocurrencies legally; however, you need to be careful when doing so because there are many bad actors involved who will rip you off.

3) Low transaction fees

Another major appeal of bitcoin as an investment is its low transaction fees. When you invest in bitcoin, you don’t need to pay any bank or credit card company a percentage of your earnings. While credit cards charge up to 3% for processing payments, bitcoin only charges about 1%.

This way, when investing in Bitcoins, you can save your hard-earned money each year. If you plan on buying large quantities of bitcoins, it might be worth paying a bit more than 1% per transaction to use a platform like Coinbase that simplifies the process.

4) Ease of Access

Trading in cryptocurrency is highly accessible and largely unregulated. You can set up an account on a major exchange and start trading within minutes, no questions asked. However, you’ll need to provide your personal information—including a form of identification—which allows for verification and prevents fraud.

The barrier of entry is much lower than traditional investing (minimum investment in traditional markets is $5,000 or more), so it’s no surprise that younger generations are turning to cryptocurrencies as their primary vehicles for investment. Since all funds are generally stored directly on an exchange, they can be accessed at any time by logging into your online account.

5) Zero chances of hacking

Since bitcoins are virtual, it’s impossible for hackers to take them away from you. That’s why many financial investors—whether they trade stocks, currencies or commodities—are investing in bitcoin: because of its security. Every single Bitcoin comes with an address so unique that it cannot be used by anyone else—no matter how hard they try or how advanced their technology becomes.



Bitcoins have seen an immense amount of interest recently in investors and entrepreneurs, but also in new users. When it comes to trading or investing bitcoins, there are a few factors to consider: security, usefulness for trading goods (and services), and liquidity.

Investing isn’t simply about buying bitcoin and watching your money appreciate—though it can certainly be fun to just sit back and watch your investment increase over time—it’s also about taking advantage of current trends in finance so you can build a portfolio that matches your needs. The Bitcoin investment market is, no doubt huge, with plenty of financial investment opportunities for enthusiast crypto investors.

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