Tech Tools That Make Running Business Easier

The use of tech tools has shaped the way we get things done. Nowadays, we make use of modern gadgets in almost all aspects of our daily routines. There is no individual of this generation that lives without the use and application of tech tools. But then, as an entrepreneur or a business operator, at what level have you instilled the use of modern tools into your business?

The application of modern technology in a business can minimize operational costs and complexities. The adoption of this system in an establishment does not require setting up an IT department, especially for businesses that run on a small or medium scale. Reports have shown that businesses that adopt modern technology gained more returns than others.


Modern technology can help a business reduce costs and boost productivity. In this era, there are lots of applications and powerful tools that can steer a business to operate more efficiently. We have listed some of them below. Sit back while we walk you through them.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the backbone of every business. As such, every business needs to develop a policy to help manage its relationship with the customers, this is where CRM software becomes handy. It avails businesses with a fountain from which they can manage corporate relationships with their clients. it also gives users valuable reports of their site visitors and engagements.

Customer relationship management programs help to create a mechanism through which businesses can make strategic policies to maintain their customers while achieving their overall business goals. They scrutinize collected data and give recommendations for further commitment. Check out HubSpot and Zoho for enhanced CRM service.

2. Note-taking applications

Whether you’re a corporate or personal user, note-taking apps will help you simplify the process of taking down notes on your smart devices. These apps are great alternatives to note-taking on paper. Moreover, they can help you spend less time on note-taking while saving some bucks. Wunderlist and Evernote are good examples of this category.

In other cases where you require taking down notes from important calls, a phone call recording app is all you need to help you get that done without any hassle. Also, it saves you from the stress and cost of re-contacting a client to make confirmation after dropping a call.

3. E-Signature Tools

Technology has gone beyond helping you take down notes. Some programs can help you append signatures on a document. On occasions when you’re required to finalize your agreement with a client by signing a document, an E-signature tool will help you get that done from your comfort zone.

E-signature apps allow you set deadlines for parties to sign on a document. It gives room to add the email address of parties to signing a document. They often send notices at intervals to parties who are yet to sign when the due date is close. DocuSign and WPS are top players that provide E-signature solutions to users.

4. Accounting software

Every organization whether profit or non-profit oriented deals with funds, hence the need for an accounting system to keep proper records. Aside from keeping records of incomes and expenditures, these programs can also help to generate statements and reports. Likewise, they can help to automate several payment processes to ease the work of the accountant. Wave and QuickBooks are typical software that does an excellent job in performing business accounting tasks.

5. Email marketing software

Marketing has been a powerful means to attract more customers to a business. Email marketing is one major facet of marketing that businesses can explore to promote their brand. There are lots of intricacies associated with email marketing. However, the processes have been simplified, thanks to email marketing software.

These programs are designed to provide automated email marketing services which include sending multiple emails, analysis, and reports on mail sent. MailChimp is a good plug for those considering opting into the game of email marketing.

6. Site Monitoring Tool

One of the ways to interest potential customers in your business is by creating a website. A professional website serves as a medium to generate more traffic to your virtual space. Having gone through these processes, you need a program to help monitor your site visitor’s engagement. The reports from this software can help you make decisions geared toward converting leads to sales.


Website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar give you these acumens so that you can make the crucial modifications and enhancements to grow sales and drive more traffic to your site. A professional online site is an invaluable tool within your peril, hence the need to make the most out of it by employing the service of a digital tech tool.

7. Social media management tools

Social media has been an online living space for most individuals in this generation. If you must thrive in a rapidly competitive business world, you need to embrace the trend by creating an online presence for your brand.

While performing tasks to keep your social accounts abreast with the latest happenings in your business can be a daunting task, you can explore social media management software to help you automate some processes to keep your account active while you expend time on other business dealings.

These programs can help you monitor your social media post engagement and avail you with the data required to thrill your audience to keep them engaged on your page. Hootsuite and Buffer are great options in this case.

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