Top 10 Cheapest and Affordable Web Hosting in Nigeria


Hosting in NigeriaOne of the benefits of having a cheap web hosting plan in Nigeria is that we can easily begin to market our services and products online. When we talk about Bluehost Hongkong website hosting in Nigeria, there are numerous options that come to mind.
As you already know, all fingers are not equal. You may be starting out and not know anything about website hosting. I will quickly suggest to you that you should take advantage of all the companies that will be listed in this article. The reason for this is that I remembered when I started my online journey, I had little capital to do anything.
When I finally learned WordPress, I bought a web hosting package which cost about N2,500 per year. After this I began building my website.

So do not be afraid to get a cheap and affordable web hosting in Nigeria as this might turn out to be the best bet when you are just coming to do your business online.

Putting up a website should not scare you because of the cost and there are always two sides to the coin. A cheap web hosting package has its own ups and downs. There are merits and demerits. So for someone with little knowledge on websites, you need to test the stream first.

There are some things you should personally check out for when looking cheap hosting in Nigeria. Some cheap hosting sites earn money by allowing other companies to put advertisements in the users’ websites. Don’t get surprised if you see advertisements that you didn’t put in your websites. These Cheap hosting sites might also use pop-ups which can be very irritating for visitors. This might lead to fewer customers visiting your website.

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Another disadvantage is that cheap hosting sites might have your website URL as a sub-domain of the web hosting company domain. This is not good for your business as customers might think that your company is not well established enough to have your own website. Others might even think that your company is a scam. There is a big possibility that a potential customer will disregard your website and choose another company who sells the same product as you.

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of cheap hosting are many. If you are only starting with your business then it might be beneficial for you to choose a free or cheap hosting site as this will cost you less. However, if you are already a well-established company and your goal is to obtain more customers and increase their confidence in your product, then a paid webhosting service might be more beneficial for you. It is important to analyze the pros and cons of your web hosting providers before deciding.

List of 10 Cheap and Affordable Web Hosting in Nigeria:

From N900 per year on their basic plan you get the following features
1 GB Disk Space
5 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP
Unlimited Mysql Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts

From N350/mo you get the following features on their Aspire plan
1GB Webspace
4GB Bandwidth
Free .NG Domain
4 Subdomains
1 Hosted Addon Domain
1 Parked Domain
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited SQL Databases

From N93/mo you get the following features on their civillian plan
500 MB Space
5 GB Bandwidth
1 Domain Allowed
Unlimited Email Accounts
Free Domain Not Available

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From N300/mo you get the following features on their starter plan
Control Panel
1,000Mb Web Space
4,000Mb Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL
5 Sub Domains

From ₦1000 on the faji starter plan you get features such as:
100MB Storage Space
1GB Bandwidth
Free SEO tools
Over 340 Free Softwares
Multiple PHP (PHP 5.2 – PHP 5.5)
WordPress & Joomla Installer
Unlimited Email Access

From ₦1000 on their net starter plan you get features such as:
Host 1 Domain
100 MB Disk Space
2 GB Bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
Control panel
24/7 Support


From ₦2000 on their Larva Hosting Plan you get features such as:
2 GB Disk Space
4 GB Bandwidth
No Free Domain Registration
2 Free Sub-domains
1 Hosted Addon Domains
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited SQL DB

For N2,500 on their standard package you get:
10GB Disk Space
30GB Bandwidth
0 Domain
Unlimited Email Accounts

From ₦2500 on their starter plan you get features such as:
100 MB Storage Space
1 GB Monthly Bandwidth
4 Sub-domains
4 Email Accounts
Control panel
24/7 Support

From ₦2500 you get features such as:
1 GB Storage Space
10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
0 Sub-domains
Unlimited Email Accounts
Control panel
24/7 Support


Other Cheap Nigerian Web Hosting Companies to also consider are:
For N3500 on their lite plan you get:
1GB Space
2GB Bandwidth
Free Domain
10 Email Accounts



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  1. Emmanuel Ikechukwu

    Pls which hosting site in Nigeria can offer me domain name + DNS,CNames management and hosting altogether for N6000 or lower,pls its urgent.

  2. chaktty

    For a beginner just starting to blog, the starting cost may not find good place in their heart even when it’s quite clear that it’s not always good to start with blogspot or other free platforms.

    Domain cost is getting cheaper everyday but quality is still very Paramount especially as regards hosting your blog.

    The good news for those who want to launch their blog or would like to register their domain name is here. is a big name in the domain and hosting industry and it’s one of the best providers with quality services, reliability and customers relationships.

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    Hurry before it closes, and enjoy. You can switch to namesilo if you want as that one is also tested and trusted and cheap for recurring price.

    For a very competitive domain and hosting price, Techpally is also partnering with Hostinger to offer custom cheap plans for you guys. Keep following.

  3. Love

    Nice post. I host with speedyconnect also one one the cheapest unlimited hosting company in Africa. As low as N2700/year.
    here is a peak of my experience.

  4. mr Barnk

    check garrantor it is very cheap

  5. mr Barnk

    check garrantor

  6. Chukwudi

    What about AfeesHost.Com? because if we are talking about fast, cheap and most reliable Web hosting in Nigeria with friendly support. AfeesHost remain my No1. choice for any developer like me who know what he is doing and want the best for his/her clients.

  7. Yodel

    Cheap, loads faster, reliable. Customer service is good too, average response time is 20 minutes.

  8. john

    Nedhost offers unlimited, super-fast, cloud powered web hosting with over 99.99% uptime and full failover, 100% High performance SSD Disk @ amazing price

  9. Johnpaul Onwueme

    Where is this blog hosted?

  10. nairaclass

    Nice post.

  11. David Okoli

    How about, they claim to offer ‘unlimited’ for only N7k/yr.
    What do you think about this?

    1. Welsh

      VBHOSTNET.COM are unreliable.

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