Why the World is Waking Up to the Alarm Bells of Cyber Security

It’s a myth that cyber attacks only happen to companies that are big enough for something worth stealing from. Anyone can be attacked. Everyone has something worth stealing in the eyes of hackers. Individuals are frequent victims of cyber attacks. Even you have something that’s going to benefit some hackers sitting in a remote corner of the planet who are trying to mine some bitcoins if nothing else. Cyber incidents that lead to sexual harassment and blackmail are not unheard of among individuals. Did you know that small and medium size businesses are one of the worst victims of cyber attacks? And did you know that healthcare companies out of all, are the number one victims of ransomware attacks? Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? But that is the reality in a digital-centric world where anyone who is connected to the Internet has something of value to offer criminals, however small or meagre it may be. Thousands of people every day are exposed to malware and identity theft with their credentials being uploaded on dark web forums for sale. Literally, anyone with a few bucks to spare can buy your credentials and use them to launch a full-fledged cyber attack on your organization through you. That is why businesses today are identifying potential security risks that the super smart digital world has exposed us to and are investing heavily in cyber security to keep their data, money and repetition in check.

In fact, employers are paying for the ethical hacking course training of their employees so that they can hire from inside rather than going beyond their doors to increase their cyber security. Businesses understand the risks and their consequences when it comes to cyber security. They know that their data, money, legal stance, operation hours, shareholder’s trust and most importantly, their customers’ loyalty can be held at gunpoint due to a single mistake. That is why ethical hackers, network security engineers and incident responders are being hired on an urgent basis in organisations all over the world.

No matter which industry you belong to, cyber threats will always be a painful business risk you will face. Employers of the 21st century understand that security incidents do not just originate from the outside, in some foreign country by a group of hackers, but they can also originate from within their organisation, from the desk of a seemingly harmless worker. They are also beginning to understand that adopting new technologies to ease their operations means revamping their security strategy to incorporate the new cyber risks. It means that relying on old security methods is no longer an option. That is why the ceh certification course is updated regularly by the EC Council (the international body that provides cybersecurity education and certification all over the world) to include the latest knowledge and updates required to fight hackers with their own weapon.

It’s true that we still have a long way to go in combating cyber crime at a bigger level. There are numerous hurdles to overcome and plenty of challenges to meet that we have not even identified yet. Thankfully, the world is finally waking up to all the warnings and sirens set off by the ever-growing cyber crime industry. If anything, this allows us to be more optimistic about our future because we know that the sooner we realize the value of cyber security, the faster we will build a world where people can use the Internet without having to worry about their privacy and businesses can operate without having to worry about being breached.

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