How to Know Original Samsung TV in Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be revealing valuable tips on how to know an original Samsung TV in Nigeria. The tips that we’d provide in this article will help you to distinguish between original and fake Samsung television. Keep on reading to find out. 

How to Know Original Samsung TV in Nigeria

How to know original Samsung TV in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • Observe the Samsung Logo 

One way to know the authenticity of a Samsung TV in Nigeria is by observing the Samsung logo on the television set, remote control and packaging box. A fake Samsung television would not have the same logo as the original because it’s difficult to replicate the logo without raising brows. Instead, fake Samsung televisions have distorted logos, or have their logo on removable stickers. 

Furthermore, the original Samsung TV remote control has the Samsung logo clearly engraved on it. Also, the packaging box of an original Samsung TV has the Samsung logo clearly printed on it. So, if you discover that the Samsung TV doesn’t bear the Samsung logo that you’re familiar with, you should become suspicious as this is a sign that the TV might be a clone. 

  • Check the Model and Serial Numbers 

Samsung issues model and serial numbers to all the televisions they make.  So, to confirm that a Samsung television is genuine, check the model and serial numbers of the television. For older models of Samsung TVs, you’ll find the model and serial numbers at the back of the television set, usually on a small sticker. These numbers, comprising letters and digits, are usually written in capital letters and on top of each other. 

For much newer Samsung TVs, particularly smart TVs, you’ll find the model and serial numbers by using the remote control. The steps involved in checking for the model and serial numbers of Samsung smart televisions are as follows: 

  • Press the ‘Home’ button
  • Navigate to ‘Smart Hub’
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Scroll to ‘Support’
  • Select ‘About this TV’ (in some models of Samsung smart TVs, you’ll see ‘Contact Samsung’)
  • You can now view the model and serial numbers of the Samsung smart TV
  • Check the Warranty Card 

Warranty cards are among the relevant proof of authenticity for Samsung TVs in Nigeria. Samsung attaches a warranty card to the packaging box of every television set it produces. The warranty card contains information about Samsung and methods to reach them, and so on. A fake Samsung TV won’t have a warrant card, so be wary of any Samsung TV that doesn’t have a warrant card. 

  • Confirm the Resolution of the TV 

A fake Samsung TV would advertise what it doesn’t have on the packaging. One such feature mostly falsified is the screen resolution of the screen of the television. To confirm the authenticity of a Samsung TV via resolution verification, you’ll need to connect with an HDMI or VGA cable. For example, using the tools (HDMI or VGA cables), you can tell that the resolution of a genuine 4K is 3840 × 2160, whereas a clone television would record a lower resolution of around 2880 × 2160. 

You can also evaluate an original Samsung TV based on the picture quality of the television. A fake Samsung TV can never be as clear as an original Samsung TV. 

  • Check the Start-up Screen 

You can easily confirm the authenticity of a Samsung TV by checking the start-up screen of the television when it is being put on. You can search on Youtube for the start-up screen of the model of the TV to familiarize yourself with the boot-loader screen. Alternatively, you can find a friend who already has a Samsung TV to go with you to check the start-up screen of the television. 

  • Compare Prices With What Goes in the Market 

One characteristic of fake televisions in Nigeria is their cheap price. Original televisions do not pack so many features for a very little amount. So, if you come across a Samsung TV that claims to have all the latest television technology but goes for half or one-third of the actual price then you should be suspicious because you might be dealing with a fake TV. You can compare the price of the cheap Samsung TV by checking the price of the Samsung TV on the Samsung website or other showrooms and authorized dealers.   

  • Check for Consumer Manual for the TV 

Consumer manuals are one of the ways to prove the authenticity of a Samsung TV. New Samsung TVs should always come with a consumer manual so if there’s none or it’s poorly done, you should be suspicious because the TV might just be a fake. A consumer manual of an original Samsung TV would carry the product information of the television on its pages

  • Weigh the TV

The weight of a Samsung television in Nigeria can determine the authenticity of the product. A genuine Samsung TV weighs a lot more than a fake TV would. This is so because the materials used for producing fake Samsung TVs are usually substandard and as such are lighter in weight than the original TVs. So, ensure to weigh the Samsung TV to ensure it matches the weight it ought to be. 

  • Contact Samsung Customer Care in Nigeria

You can reach out to the Samsung online customer care service in Nigeria to enquire about the authenticity of a Samsung TV. You can call 08007267864 to quickly get in contact with a Samsung representative or send your enquiry by email to  

  • Check the Packaging Box of the TV

The packaging box of an original Samsung TV should carry the logo of the brand, service centre address, product details and other similar information. Furthermore, most original Samsung packaging boxes are in the form of cartons. Therefore, be suspicious of a Samsung TV that has an overtly flashy and colourful packaging box and without a clear Samsung logo and other important details. 

When you go shopping for a Samsung TV, do well to buy from Samsung official showrooms or recognized dealers across Nigeria to prevent getting a fake. 


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