Best Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria 2023

Choosing the best Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria when trading Bitcoin is vital for a profound trading experience as an investor or trader. As Bitcoin becomes more popular in the country, the more important a Bitcoin wallet is. Due to the high increase in Bitcoin’s fame, it’s expected that there are some scams and fake Bitcoin wallets out there, which is a good reason why you should learn how to avoid crypto scams and become a better crypto trader in Nigeria. Now, the question becomes, ”what is the best Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria?”

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet?

In simple English, a Bitcoin wallet is just like a bank account number. Just like in Nigeria where you are required to have a Bank account name and number to be able to receive money in the country. This is a good symbol of how the Bitcoin wallet works as well.

Where the name of the cryptocurrency is the bank name and the crypto wallet is the account number. To identify a Bitcoin wallet, always ensure that the set of characters begins with either “1”, “Bc1” or “3”. And it must be 26 to 35 characters long.

Breet App, The Best Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

Breet is an OTC crypto app in Nigeria that enables users to quickly sell and convert cryptocurrencies to cash which can be instantly sent straight to your local Naira bank account or Mobile Money (if in Ghana).

What Breet does is exceptional and unique. As a Breet user, you can immediately convert your Bitcoin to cash money without using or waiting for another party like a peer in the p2p trading system. You can sell your crypto to cash in less than five (5) minutes.

What Makes Breet The Best Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria?


1. No P2P Trading, No Waiting, No Slow Transaction

In cryptocurrency markets, peer-to-peer trading is sometimes abbreviated as P2P trading. Users can buy and sell bitcoins to one another directly thanks to this exchange act. P2P trading actually happens when user “A” holds some cryptocurrencies and sets a price to sell them for, and user “B” examines a number of market charts and concludes that “A” should go ahead and make a purchase.

You have some influence over peer-to-peer trading in terms of who buys your cryptocurrency, from whom, the price, and the timing of settlement. Be aware that peer-to-peer trading has some hazards even though it allows users some control over the procedure. Users that are risk-averse can benefit from exchange platforms like Breet in this situation.

With Breet App, you will not have to wait for another peer to buy your cryptocurrency and approve such a long process which takes a lot of time. As a business owner or trader, your customers can easily pay you for your product or service with crypto and you will not have to wait. In seconds, your Bitcoin wallet will dictate when you receive the crypto after every security check has been fulfilled. No need to wait for a peer and no slow transaction.


2. Security

Breet is a well-secured trading platform. While registering, you will have to verify your valid email address. There’s also an option to verify a valid phone number. To have access to Your Breet wallet, you will have to set up a login password. There’s also the availability to use other options like fingerprints. You can as well utilise the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. All these security measures prevent hackers and unauthorised access to your wallet.


3. Fast Transaction Speed

Breet is very fast, and that’s one of the major features that make the Breet app special. Breet users can easily and swiftly convert Bitcoin to naira, as well as other cryptos in less than five minutes. No slow transactions with Breet.


4. Reliable Customer Support

Breet provides 24/7 customer assistance to its users and this is evident based on several users’ feedback. whenever you choose, day or night. There are also more ways to contact Breet support, such as phone number, email address, live chat function on the app, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This denotes trustworthiness and dependability.


5. Breet Educational Tool

The Breet cryptocurrency blog teaches users about cryptocurrency trading. Breet blog is perhaps Nigeria’s greatest crypto blog; it provides users with reliable and up-to-date information about the many types of cryptocurrencies, as well as their potential hazards and rewards. This can include information about each cryptocurrency’s technology, market patterns, and past performance, as well as any pertinent news or events that may affect its value. The best part is that you don’t have to visit the website to obtain updates; the blog is also embedded into the app. So straightforward!


There is still so much more to learn and love about the best Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, Breet. 

How To Set Up A Breet Bitcoin Wallet

Every Breet user is given a unique Crypto Address.

For instance, in the case of Bitcoin:

  1. Navigate to the bitcoin trading website and press the “GENERATE BTC ADDRESS” button (if you are yet to generate one).
  2. Once you produce an address, it, along with the QR Code, becomes permanent for your account.

The same procedure applies to all Cryptocurrencies.

You can receive Crypto at your address at any time, with the understanding that any Crypto received will be automatically added to your Naira balance at the correct rates.

If you require assistance, please contact our support staff at or call/Whatsapp at 08090569499.

Final Thought

With the unique features Breet offers, it is reasonable to say the Breet App is the best Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria. Its speedy transaction time, reliable support team, security, and more makes Breet the perfect Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria that you should utilise as a trader, either for personal or business purposes.

To get started, you will have to download the Breet app, which is available on all Android and iPhone devices. Breet is also launching its web version soon.

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