How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

There are many reasons you might need to track someone’s identity on phone. Usually many use a phone tracker to figure out the location of a phone if it has been stolen.

This article provides you with information on how to track someone using Phone number and the top Phone trackers in Nigeria.

How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

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The major reason people might need to find out who is using a phone number is in the case of phone harassment. Phone harassment occurs when you constantly receive phone calls or texts from unknown numbers against your will. Phone harassment is illegal and also dangerous because it disturbs a person’s peace and is a breach in security.

Phone harassments can happen through the following people:

  1. A scammer who wants to find out more about you so as to steal your money
  2. An ex-partner such as a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife
  3. A business partner who’s business deal with you went wrong
  4. A prankster who is simply playing around

Whoever it is that is calling you, it is important you are able to identify the caller so you can know what further steps to take as regards the phone harassment. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Someone disturbing your phone continually with calls
  2. Someone making offensive suggestions, requests or comments
  3. Someone calling you and refusing to identify himself/herself
  4. Someone who keeps calling you even after you have requested no further contact
  5. Someone trying to intimidate you over the phone by using tactics such as switching identities, silence, deep voice, etc.

There are different websites that will offer you phone number tracking services. You must be very cautious because many of these websites are not secure and could be out to scam you. Do not provide any of your information on websites that you do not know anything about. Ensure you read reviews about a website before you trust them. Some of these websites only want your phone number so they can send spam messages in the future and you want to avoid such. In case of a stolen phone, you can find out the location of the phone by using mobile phone tracking via GPS rather than phone number tracking. GPS tracking will track the phone more directly and you will get the right location.

Before now, finding out who is calling or has called you used to be a difficult task. This was because of the limited solutions available to find out the identity of the caller and to also stop the unwanted contacts (calls, SMS). However, there are ways you can now track someone with phone number in Nigeria. These are:


If you’re worried that they’re planning to meet someone they’ve met on Facebook in real life, you might want to consider The low-cost service lets you find anyone’s location on a map, just by knowing their phone number.

Simply enter the number of the phone you want to locate. will send them a text with a link. When they tap it, will send you their location. You can use pre-set messages that are designed to get them to tap the link. Or you can create your own custom message. Your call. There’s no app to install and no expensive subscription to pay for. Using really is that easy.

Call your network provider.

One very good option in tracking someone with phone number is by contacting your network service provider. Network service providers store call logs which means that you can ask some questions about certain calls. However, for security reasons, network providers will only give you the city and state from where the call was made even if you have fully authenticated your story or reasons for needing this information. You can also tell them to look out for the phone number in case something else comes up.

Remember that there are many websites and applications that claim to be able to help you find out the identity of a phone number user in Nigeria. Below are phone number trackers that are most used and have some trust in Nigeria.

All you will need to track a cell phone with the applications below are:

A cell phone

A smart phone/Laptop

  • Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the greatest and well-known caller ID app that allows you track a person by phone number. The application is also free for use. True caller is also capable of tracking caller locations. True caller is the most updated app for this purpose on the play store. With True caller, you can also avoid spam calls, spam SMS and even block unwanted contacts.

How Truecaller works

If a person who has your contact on their phone’s contact list downloads or installs the Truecaller app, your own contact details (name and number) gets added to the global Truecaller database (with or without your permission)

However, Truecaller doesn’t immediately make your contact details available but users can search based on your name.  As soon as you call any Truecaller user that does not have you on their contact list, the app’s caller ID function will query the database and identify you, thus indirectly “unlocking” your identity and making it known to the caller.


This particular application also helps you with the identity of an unknown phone number will help you uncover the hidden-phone number who frequently calls you.

How Trapcall works

  1. Go to your play store and download the TrapCall app on your Android phone or iPhone
  2. Sign up to activate the service
  3. When there is an incoming call from an unknown call D (someone whom you do not have his or her contact), a Blocked Caller, Private Caller, simply decline the call by pressing the decline button on your phone.
  4. When you have declined the call, it gets forwarded to TrapCall
  5. After a few seconds, Trapcall will send the information of the caller right back to you.

For Premium and Ultimate users of the Trapcall app, you will be provided with the name and address of the caller. The app provides you with Live Caller ID (only on iPhone), with which you can put a name and a face to an unrecognized caller. Live caller ID also saves a contact on your phone with this information so that if you get a call from this number again, you’ll see their information as soon as you receive the call.

Most of the websites that offer phone number tracking services work only in other countries, such as India and the U.S. Some of these also do not offer specific information. However, these ones above are the most trusted and used in Nigeria.


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