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Otobase Solution Company is an indigenous Nigerian company that has distinguished itself in security system supply,installation and maintenance. We are one of the leading companies in Nigeria that introduced latest technologies in the GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, CCTV, etc.
Our technical capacity is one of the best in the country today. The company is made up of highly experienced and competent technical experts and highly trained Engineers who work in different areas of security system. For people who owns a car, getting an insurance for it is a matter to be given a deep thought. Everyone knows that car insurance costs high, yet, important. The idea behind this costly insurances is maybe because cars are expensive and this gives the reason why premiums are a very dear commodity. However, in this new age of car insurances, a new type of car policy is born! This is one of the short-term insure companies introduced and termed the car insurance for one week. A car is only insured for a one-week period. With this short coverage, the user or buyer of this insurance is not being prompted with so much requirements, unlike the regular or normal car policy in which many documentary requisites are being asked to be prepared. A short-term policy for one week is the best choice for people who are renting cars for a short travel or a tour. This kind of insurance is also advisable for those who runs a rent-a-car business, those who intends to borrow a car from friends or relatives for short drives, or for those who are still in quandary as to which regular car insurance they want to avail of but needs to use their cars. While still shopping for better insurance coverage suitable for their needs, these people can take this short-term insurance and enjoy the use of their cars. Here you can read the answer about car insurance how much is yours worth?

Using a car, even for a short time, needs an insurance to cover it and its use. An insurance coverage is required to secure the driver, the car and its passengers from any incidents or accidents that may happen while using the car. Getting this car insurance for one week covers these things, too. Like any other insurances, this type of insurance is also costly. Depending on the coverage anyone chooses, this type of short-term insurance costs a bit higher than the normal or regular car insurances. Other people do not take good interest in this type of insurance for reason that it is highly priced or expensive. However, giving considerations on the benefits that car insurance for one week has offered, any safety-conscious user need not question its price or cost.

In the field of insurance nowadays, this type of short-term insurance is an effective, simple and easy-to-buy car insurance policy. All insurance companies are now offering this kind of insurance for they find this new type effective and beneficial, and so does the user.

Yet, it must be borne in mind that a good insurance is one that gives out a policy that best provides the exact needs of the insured. And for this, it is still wise to ask the advise and recommendations of the experts.We ensure the availability of our product and services which are designed to add value to insurance companies, Haulage companies, Taxi/transportation companies, corporate organizations and individuals. Pro tip: You can compare different car insurance quotes at Money Expert website as well. What you should worry about is that if you have been convicted, it is not easy to get convicted drivers van insurance for a reasonable price and the worst thing is that most insurance companies are not willing to insure you.

With many consecutive years in the tracking security system, we have developed and established lasting solutions for our numerous satisfied clients around the nation.
Our success story is built on our sincerity and commitment with passion for intelligence and excellence for maximum security.
Our systems work in a meticulous yet simple way to accomplish all the tasks to deliver timely, accurate and cutting edge mapping solutions to our clients directly to your mobile phone or your computer. The system works in three steps as described and illustrated as follows:


1. The Tracking Unit – A tracking unit is overly installed in the client’s vehicle. This is Done to make sure that the unit is not sabotaged or damaged in any case. The tracking unit receives GPS signal and the on-board processor translates and encodes these signals. This information together with other vehicle status such as current speed, ignition status, car voltage status, mileage, doors status and various other status are packed together into a single transmission date, encoded, encrypted and transmitted directly to our center using the widely available GSM Network.
2. The Control Center – Our Control Center receives the data sent from the unit, decodes and decrypts the message with all the information about the vehicle and feeds the information into the control center application. The control center software uses this data to identify the transmitting unit(s) their details and locations and maps and further relays them into our web severs and to your mobile phone stating specifically the location and speed of the vehicle.

3. Tracking Website – Information from the control center is then sent directly to our web server. The server is equipped with powerful map engine and a map server that translates the data and uses it to display on the map and other statuses about the vehicle. The site is fully secured with several secured layers. Clients login into our secure site using the supplied username and password to view their fleet. It’s that easy! To login into your account, please Click on the Live Tracking.

We use UHF GPS tracking device supported by all Nigeria Police Force to locate and recover your vehicle no matter where it is hidden.
Our HWL and Insurance approved Trackers can even successfully find your stolen car if the thieves use GPS/GSM signal Jammer.

You can also save money on your driving cost and car Insurance with Security System from Tracker. We successfully track and recover a range of stolen vehicle fast, which benefits Insurance companies and these benefits are then passed on to you in the form of discounted premiums.

Choose from our range of stolen vehicle recovery solutions: 
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