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The CompTIA A+ certificateidentifies the competent professionals in the IT world. It is one of the most preferred credentials that can serve as a foundation to an IT practitionerwho wants to build the career further. For the beginners, this is where they can start because it simply transforms them from a simple PC repairer to an IT specialist. It will bring many advantages when you become aCompTIA A+ certified professional. The A+ certification hasprovided a ladder for the dedicated practitioners to climb. The individuals with this CompTIAcredential understand a wide variety of aspects from networking operating systems to even mobile and security issues because they are able to fulfill tasks regardless of the device.

Why should you get certified?

Think of a field with a lot of opportunities and many individuals knocking on those doors each with the expectation to earn them.Your competence and skills can help you. The current world of IT recognizes more certified professionals. Therefore, being just a practitioner will definitely not bring you so many benefits. Big companies all over the world, such as Nissan, HP, and Intel, usethe A+ technology requiring the CompTIA skilled individuals. Hence, such situation says about a high demand for the CompTIA A+ certified specialists.The IT industry is a dynamic field, which is becoming more complex day by day and needs very informed and updated experts.

The CompTIA A+ certification qualifies theIT professionals with credentials for technical support and operational roles. These people are ready and equipped with skills to troubleshoot and solve problems. They have the following skills:

  • Connecting hardware component and devices, as well as identifying and using hardware
  • Windows operating systems installation, support client and command line
  • Software troubleshooting and application security support,as well as mobile device issues
  • Network types and connections, such as TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and even SOHO
  • Hardware troubleshooting devicesand network troubleshooting
  • Security vulnerabilitiesidentification and protection for devices and their network connections
  • Laptops installation and configurations and other mobile devices
  • Operational procedures, such as safety practices, environmental impacts, and communication
  • Understanding Mac, mobile operating systems and technologies, and Linux

You can imagine how competent one can be with such abilities and how many advantages a person will win in the professional field. These specialists can land jobs,such as a support specialist, a field service technician, and a desktop support analyst. You can get better salaries, which are within $50,000. The IT professionals shouldequip themselves in problem-solving and troubleshooting. All these things giveyouthe reasons to be certified. To be ready for the certification tests, use the ExamSnap website, which contains many study materials.

How can youget certified?

Getting the CompTIA A+ credential is simple and not so complex as many people may think. The requirement a candidate needs to meet is that one must take and pass the two non-combined certification exams. They are:

  • CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1)

This exam checksthe candidates’skills in mobile devices, networking technology hardware, network troubleshooting, as well as virtualization and Cloud computing. The test has a maximum of 90 multiple-choice questions with the passing score of 675 in a score scale of 100-900.It also includes performance-based questions, which measure the ability to tackle a problem under a simulated environment. Exam duration is 90 minutes.

  • CompTIA A+ 220-1002 (Core 2)

By passing this exam, the candidatesprove that they have skills to cover installation and configuration ofan operating system, expanded security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures. There are also 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, and others.You must score not less than 700 on a scale of 100-900. Time limit is 90 minutes.

These certificationexams are available in five languages (English, German, Japanese, Portugal, Simplified Chinese, Spanish). Each test is taken in a 90-minutesession but you won’t have much time to answer. That’s why it is so advisable to train with practice tests from ExamSnap. You will know what to expect during your real exam and will be able to manage your time wisely. The CompTIA A+ certification exams don’t come for free, but it doesn’t mean they are expensive. Each test costs around $219 and are worth it. Additional information is available on the CompTIA website.

What preparation tools should you use?

Most of the time, the learners have difficulties when preparing for the exam but not in the case with CompTIA.It has made it simple for its applicants to pass the tests by providing the following exam preparation materials available online:

  1. CertMaster Practice. These are practice materials that check if there are anyknowledge gaps that a learner has. You can focus on these gaps to achieve more confidence.
  2. This is one of the major preparation tools because eBooks give you a trusted content and knowledge from industry-leading experts.
  3. Classroom Training. The CompTIA A+ certification instructors lead their learners through the training and help them master the exam topics well.

Remember also about ExamSnap materials. This platform offers reliable exam dumps. They can be used in combination with other preparation materials. ExamSnap remains one of the most popular resources.

With the obtained knowledge and skills, the individuals can now perform well in the exams and earn their credential.


In the world of IT, there is no ally and a friend to an IT practitioner like CompTIA A+ becauseit is a good foundation to a perfect career. If you want to become an expert in troubleshooting and problem-solving, you cannot do this without a base. Therefore,CompTIA A+ is not just a certification but a key into a competitive world full of professionals. Ithas been outstanding in ensuring that there is a perfect line drawn between real certifiedexperts and the rest of practitioners.Therefore, it is worth investing in such a credential.

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