10 Highest Paid Art Courses in Nigeria

If you are considering studying an art course at a university in Nigeria, then you should consider applying for one that has the prospects of providing you with high-paying jobs after graduation. In this article, we will address the 10 highest-paid art courses in Nigeria. Read on to discover what they are. 

10 Highest Paid Art Courses in Nigeria

The 10 highest-paid art courses in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • English Language 

English Language is one of the art courses that offer its graduates strong job prospects as the skills you’ll develop from studying this course can be applied to virtually every industry. Some of the highly sought-after skills that make English Language graduates desired by employers across industries include superb writing techniques, the ability to produce written and spoken information concisely, and advanced grammar and vocabulary, among others. A degree in the English Language can land you a high-paying job as an editor, author, journalist, public relations officer, publisher, lecturer, researcher, and much more. 

  • Law 

Although Law is not a pure Art course, it has attributes that make it considered art. Law is one of the most prestigious courses in Nigeria which is also known to provide strong job prospects in virtually every sector after graduating and completing Law School. Before you get a degree in Law, you would have been taught the 13 compulsory law courses which include Legal Methods, Nigerian Legal System, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Company Law, Law of Torts, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Law of Evidence, Jurisprudence, and Law of Equity and Trusts. 

These undergraduate law courses coupled with Civil Litigation, Corporate Law and Practice, Criminal Litigation, Property Law, and Law in Practice, which you’d taught in Law School prepare you for a myriad of job opportunities, such that you could apply to work in a top-tier law firm, or go into corporate practice. As you gain experience and grow in professionalism, your earning capacity increases. 

  • Mass Communication 

Mass Communication is another art course that’s among the highest-paid art courses to study in Nigeria. Spending four years studying this course at the university will equip you with sound theories and skills to effectively pass information across to a large audience using verbal and written media. With a degree and skills acquired in Mass Communication, there are many career options in several fields you can decide to focus on, such as marketing, journalism, entertainment, communication consulting, and broadcasting. 

  • Music 

Music is an art course concerned with music history and theory,  music business and administration, and professional performance and composition. With a degree in Music, there are vast career options you could pursue in Nigeria, especially in the thriving music entertainment scene. The skills you developed while studying Music at the university will prepare you for high-paying job opportunities such as being a music critic, vocal coach, talent scout, composer, lyricist, artistic director, digital score recorder, and music producer. 

  • Linguistics 

Linguistics which is concerned with the scientific study of languages and their structure is yet another art course that offers strong high-paying job prospects to graduates in Nigeria. Since communication in Nigeria cannot be overstated, many employers require the services of linguists, whether they be banks, publishing firms, law firms, telecommunication companies, public relations firms, tertiary institutions, and so on. A degree in Linguistics can earn you a high-paying job in the aforementioned fields as a publishing proofreader, marketing executive, lexicographer, accent coach, translator, and foreign languages teacher. 

  • Theatre Arts 

Theatre Arts is one of the most diverse art courses to study in Nigeria. A degree in Theatre Arts equips you with a range of extensive skills that hold strong prospects in the movie industry and other related fields. Although a degree in Theatre Arts isn’t a guarantee for a successful career owing to how competitive the industry is, it prepares you to perform well and improves your employability in the job market. 

With a degree in Theatre Arts, you can find work as a playwright, movie director, set and costume director, performing artist, stage manager, theatre educator, and drama therapist, among others.  You can also find out as a teacher, arts manager, and public relations officer, to name a few. 

  • Foreign Languages 

In many Nigerian universities, both private and public, there are departments dedicated to the study of foreign languages such as Italian, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. During the duration of the undergraduate program, you will be equipped with sound knowledge of these foreign languages and their corresponding cultures and civilizations. What’s more, you’ll learn about oral and written foreign languages and how to translate and interpret those foreign languages. 

As a graduate of Foreign Languages, you can find work in an embassy, multinational company, government agency, and other establishments where you function as a translator and interpreter. And since not many people can understand foreign languages, you get to enjoy quality remuneration and a long-term career. You may also decide to combine your paid employment with freelance interpreter and translator services.

  • Fine and Applied Arts 

Fine and Applied Arts is another art course that offers graduates strong job prospects in various capacities in the production of art. With the skills and training developed while studying this course, you can work for yourself or decide to work for cultural institutions, mass media, and other industries, all of which present opportunities to earn a decent income. 

  • International Relations 

Although a degree in International Relations does not give you direct entry into a specific field after graduation, it equips you with a broad knowledge base that can be applied to a range of related career paths. You can pursue a meaningful career in government institutions, the private sector, or non-profit organizations. Some job roles you can handle with the skills obtained from International Relations include relief coordinator, fundraiser, international educator, risk analyst, management consultant, and investment advisor. 

  • Literature in English 

A degree in Literature in English equips you with many transferable skills which can be applied to a wide range of industries. Some roles you can work as a Literature in English graduate include copywriting, advertising, book publishing, teaching, lecturing, and much more. 

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