5 Best Commercial Courses to Study in Nigeria 

There are dozens of commercial courses being offered in universities across Nigeria. If you’re considering studying a commercial course in Nigeria, it’d be wise you seek admission into the courses that offer high prospects of professional success after graduation. This article will discuss the 5 best commercial courses to study in Nigeria. Read on to discover the commercial courses that made the list. 

5 Best Commercial Courses to Study in Nigeria 


The 5 best commercial courses in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • Accounting 

Accounting is one of the best commercial courses to study in Nigeria as it promises bright career prospects. Accounting is a four-year course which specialises in the study of the daily flow of money in and out of a business and how to keep an eye on the balance sheets while avoiding future challenges. Studying Accounting at the university will equip you with the practical and well-defined skills which virtually all businesses, even individuals need from time to time.  

The career path of accountants in Nigeria is bright as there is a clear career path since virtually every business needs the skills set of accountants. What’s more, as there is a constant demand for accountants in Nigeria, you’re sure to build a stable career. In addition to the clear career path and job stability accounting offers, a degree in this course presents strong earning potential and the possibility to work anywhere in Nigeria businesses nationwide need the services of accountants. 

The marketability of Accounting and the fact that businesses and individuals in Nigeria will continue needing the services of accountants as they have for so long makes studying this course one of the best commercial courses offered at universities across Nigeria. 

  • Economics

Studying Economics at the university allows you to learn so many interdisciplinary skills such as business planning, marketing, research and management, and mathematical and statistical skills, among others. These skills you’ll develop during the duration of studying Economics at the university will allow you to work in a wide range of sectors. 

With a degree in Economics, you’ll be able to identify financial risks and make decisions about where a company should invest its resources. The skills of an economist are desirable in almost any sector of the economy ranging from the banking to insurance sectors, as well as private businesses and the government, in all parts of Nigeria. In addition, the remuneration for economists in Nigeria is above-average, hence providing the opportunity to attain financial security during your professional career as an economist. 

  • Business Administration 

Business Administration is another lucrative commercial course you could study at a university in Nigeria. This course is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary undergraduate programme that teaches core principles of planning, leading, and growing a business in the contemporary Nigerian economy. Studying Business Administration offers a vast option of career opportunities for you to explore after graduation. 

With a degree in Business Administration, you could become an entrepreneur as the skills gained throughout the four years of studying this course equips you on how to make sound business decisions, identify areas for improvement, implement marketing strategies, conduct in-depth research, and more. Aside from the prospect of starting and growing your business with the skills you gain from studying Business Administration, you can also work as a project manager where you’d plan, strategize and execute commercial or government projects to achieve targets while operating within constraints. 

Other potential roles a degree in Business Administration can offer you include being a procurement officer, sales manager, financial advisor, business consultant, human resource specialist, and market research analyst, among other roles.  

  • Marketing 

Another commercial course worthy of being on the list of the 5 best commercial courses to study in Nigeria is Marketing. Marketing, which is a four years undergraduate programme, is concerned with the study of consumer behaviour and buying patterns to understand how businesses can effectively target their audiences. A degree in Marketing will teach you several worthwhile skills such as management, marketing psychology, advertising, customer experience, branding, and campaign management, among others. 

With a degree in Marketing, you can find work with competitive pay in virtually any sector of the economy, so far there’s a desire to reach out to a target audience for goods or services. Some of the job roles available to graduates of Marketing include copywriter, event manager, media planner, advertising planner, and market researcher, to name a few. 

  • Insurance 

Insurance is another commercial course that is among the 5 best commercial courses to study in Nigeria. Insurance is a programme which is concerned with the study of preventing businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals from losses that could present devastating effects. The skills that you’ll develop from studying Insurance include risk management, financial planning, property operations, and health and life insurer operations, among others. 

A degree in Insurance in Nigeria offers a high chance of assessing more high-paying job opportunities than some other commercial courses, with the ability to practice anywhere in Nigeria as the demand is nationwide. After graduation, you can work as an Insurance Sales Agent where you’d help businesses alleviate financial risks by proferring insurance packages suited for their unique needs. Furthermore, you can take up the role of an Underwriter, which would require you to use complex mathematical and statistical computations to assess the level of risks your clients are willing to undertake.

Some other things you can specialise in include being a Compliance Officer and Risk Manager. 

These courses equip you with industry-specific skills tailored to provide solutions to businesses. And since there are businesses (both public and private) all over Nigeria that constantly desire to be better, the demand for professionals of the afore-mentioned courses is not dwindling any time soon. 


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