5 Best Catholic Schools in Nigeria

Catholic schools help to inculcate morals in children. More so, some of the best schools you will find in Nigeria are Catholic schools. If you are looking for a school that pursues academic excellence and yet is interested in the moral upbringing of a child, then read on to find out the best Catholic schools in Nigeria.

Best Catholic Schools in Nigeria

Loyola Jesuit College

Loyola Jesuit College is run by the Society of Jesus alongside many other schools across the world. It is a coeducational boarding secondary school (otherwise known as a mixed school). The school opened its JSS 1 class in 1996 and now has 600 students, from junior secondary to secondary school. The school encourages only students from the age of 10 to apply for admission into the school. The school provides a conducive learning atmosphere not just for academic purposes but social activities such as sports and athletics. Loyola Jesuit College is an effective educational learning environment with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus and other lay teachers and staff. The school is located at Gidan Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, Abuja, Nigeria.

Holy Child College

Holy Child College is an initiative of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. The Society of the Holy Child Jesus was founded by Rev. Mother Cornelia in 1846 in England. The society was then well known all over the world for its educational program for girls and that goes on till date. The group aims to provide qualitative education in a highly moral and academic environment channeled towards the education of the girl child from primary, secondary to tertiary education levels. Holy Child College seeks to develop the whole child in terms of academic excellence, mind and spirit. The school has a well-equipped library, resource center (a multimedia computer facility), state-of-the-art computer lab, and a well-equipped hostel. Students engage in inter-house sports, cultural events, and retreats. The founders’ view that the girls should be educated to ‘meet the wants of the age’, is a value that is still upheld to date. Holy Child College is located at Number 2 Ojo, off Toyan street, Southwest Ikoyi, Lagos

Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School

The story of the establishment of Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School is said to begin with the prayers of Rev Mother Arcade, OLA who prayed that the land on which the school is currently built be given to the Catholic Mission to establish a School. Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School has made a name for itself in the fast–spreading Lagos Metropolis of today. The school aims to provide an enduring legacy of qualitative and affordable education in a conducive learning environment. Students engage in secular activities such as sports, cultural events and religious activities in addition to their studies. To date, the school can boast of not just being a neighborhood school of convenience but a destination School that is pursued and valued. Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School is located at Catholic Mission Compound, Maryland Ikeja, Lagos state.

Christ the King Catholic College

Christ the King College is a Catholic school that aims for the total formation of a child. The school provides a serene, clean and conducive learning environment. Christ the King Catholic College is equipped with ultra-modern facilities such as well-equipped science laboratories, a Computer Laboratory, Music and Art Studio, Audio-visual teaching aids with interactive boards and various sporting facilities: football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis. The emphasis of the school is not simply academic education but inculcating Christian values in the students. Christ the King Catholic College is located at Odolewu, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.

St. Francis Catholic Secondary School

St. Francis Catholic Secondary School (SFCSS) is a Catholic school run by the North-West Africa Province of the Society of Jesus. It was founded in 1990 by a Jesuit priest named Fr. Francis Cusimano, S.J. St Francis Catholic Secondary School aims to grow a child to discover their true potentials and passions in the society in which they have found themselves. The school also aims to deepen the spiritual understand of their wards.            St. Francis Catholic Secondary School is a well-rounded school that trains its students in both academic and secular activities such as sports. The school upholds cutting-edge catholic education, catholic lifestyle and moral standards. St Francis Catholic Secondary School is located at Number 107, Liasu Road, Idimu, Lagos Nigeria

Lagoon School

The Lagoon School is the first project of the Nigerian Association for Women`s Advancement (NAWA), a not-for-profit and non-governmental educational and social trust dedicated to investing in the girl child. The Lagoon School was established on the 15th of September, 1995 and open only to girls with 50 girls at the time. Now, the Lagoon Secondary school has six hundred and thirty-two students. The school moved from its former location at number 75 Adisa Bashua Street in Surulere, Lagos to Lekki in April 2001.

Lagoon School continues to operate in response to the high demand for a school that upholds virtues and moral standards in the present-day world. The school creates an avenue where teachers can collaborate with parents in bringing up their children. The Lagoon School remains a day school for girls only providing intellectual, social, physical, moral, spiritual and cultural education for girls. Students of this school are known to have excellent academic performance, good character and strong Christian principles. Lagoon School is located at Ladipo Omotesho Cole Street, Off Adewunmi Adebimpe Drive, Lekki, Nigeria

 St Gregory’s College (SGC)

St Gregory’s College is one of the 9 Catholic Mission boarding schools in Nigeria. It is also one of the oldest boarding schools in Lagos state. SGC was founded in 1928 and has grown rapidly to become one of the best in the state. This school has a reputation for its contributions in training students to be excellent in their academic endeavors and leaders in their fields. SGC is a boys’ only school with standard boarding facilities.


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