National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Student Portal

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) student portal is a virtual gate into the school, which allows the students get first-hand information dedicated to students who have successfully completed their registration and have been verified as bona fide members of the institution.
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Logging into the student’s portal gives you access to categories like:

  • Tuition Fee verification.
  • Course registration.
  • e-Library.
  • Course list.
  • Download of relevant course materials.
  • Portal Clearance.
  • iLearn

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) recently introduced the iLearn in its effort to take education to the doorstep of a higher number of the Nigerian populace, irrespective of their social status and geopolitical zones, or general location. Advancement in technology demanded an improvement in education standard and this gave birth to not just the iLearn initiative alone but the general NOUN Student Portal and implemented iLearn portal technology to enhance student’s learning experience.

The NOUN Student Portal has been created to ease access to excellent quality education. The platform provides amongst many, the following:

  • Collaboration and Networking tools to help in community of interaction among verified students, faculty members, academic staff, and facilitators.
  • Online discussions classes organized by NOUN facilitators thereby creating a virtual classroom environment.
  • Facility for students to get answers to any questions or areas of difficulty pertaining to their course of study.
  • Digitized lecture video and audio materials, the Smart e-Book, are advanced learning extras, set for an enhanced student’ learning experience and made available on the platform.
  • Access to assignments, quizzes and self-study assessment tools.


To access the student portal, simply log on to: and the next page would present you with three options – “Edu Portal”, “iLearn”, “TMA”.

Click on “Edu Portal” and it will load the main log in page where you’ll be requested to input your registration details. The page has the header – NOUN User Login. Fill in your Username, which is your surname or the name you used as in your Edu Portal registeration. Optionally, you could just fill in your Matriculation number.

Fill in your Password but click on “Forgot Your Password” if you can’t remember what you used as your password. If you clicked forgot password, head over to your e-mail and check the link sent to you to reset your password.

After correctly filling in your username and password, click on the “Log In” button.

147 thoughts on “National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Student Portal”

  1. Can I apply for degree program with my diploma/advance diploma in criminology and security studies in institute?
    If yes to diploma/advance diploma,what are the necessary things to do?
    Thanks for your usual cooperation

  2. I can’t log in my portal. They keep telling that the matric number is not on the program. And I want to register for 300l first semester… Pls should I do?

  3. Good day. I don’t understand what’s going on with national open university portals, after generating RRR and made payment at UBA for one month the response is payment not effected and I keep trying the next message portal sent was unique ID of which I still have only one unique ID, please kindly do something about this cos have not been able to do the proper registration for almost two months now.

    • Pls I can’t access my portal, also find it difficult to have a successful Portal Registration, all am getting is “this Mat. No. has been registered earlier” and to login it showing “incorrect username or password 2”. I need help so I can check my result, pls. Am Nou171016579 by Mat. No. Thanks.

  4. I started a program some years now that I have not been able to conclude and now that I am very free, l intend to continue in earnest.
    How do I go about this even though I have now left the location where I started the program at a first degree level.

  5. I registered CRS 821 (African Traditional Religious Mytho) and CRS 842 (Religion, Power and Politics in conflict Resolution) for second semester 2018. However, I could not get their materials in my study centre (Minna) and I could find online for download. Please kindly offer your assistance, as TMA1 is almost closing.

  6. please i had registered for bnsc nursing but i was later told that if only i had gone for school of nursing i would be offered an admission for nursing course. I want to ask if it is true.

  7. Pls, I join this school sometime June, 2016 but I was unable to continue, and I was at my study center yesterday to start from where I stop, but the ICT staff that registered me instead of Public Administration, he registered Public Health. So I was with him this morning, he scan my admission letter, my I.D Card and application form. So pls when we the registration close, and pls is their hope for me, or can they still correct the mistake he made.

  8. I was a student back 2011/2012 section,due to financial problem I couldn’t complete it but now I wants will go about it ?my fon no is 09084615038.

  9. I was a student back 2011/2012 section,due to financial problem I couldn’t complete it but now I will go about it ?my fon no is 09084615038.

  10. Please ,l had finished all my exams and everything needed to do in both my portal and the school regulations ,l want to ask why my name has not been published for graduation

  11. The management are not working, if something proactive not don’t the system will collapse. Imaging NOUN suppose to be flexible and had going backwards, compared to previous years incomplete semester and exams. Sooner students enrollment will drop,if it continue like this is a thing of concern.

  12. Good day sir/ma.
    Pls I will love to know if its possible for non active student for the past two years can still re activate with his or her matrix number. N if possible how?.

  13. When are we writing the MAC246 E-Eam 2017 which was suddenly postponed due to technical hitches? You asked us to be expecting an SMS message. You could remember, this happened on Saturday 26,2017. My is Abuja Model Center.

  14. Hello am new here,I greet all of uhna & I remain loyal I want to apply agricultural science @illorin centre,can you please tell me hw much am going to spend&wit these kind of messages & comment am scared please kindly give me advice.

  15. I’ve not been able to access my portal on my phone but opening on someone else’s phone. Im getting frustrated here. Kindly help me out as my exam would begin this month end. Thanks. Expecting help.

  16. pls I registered in may 2015, and have fone all registration and have been given matriculation number and I havent done anything since then…but I dont know if I can continue from there ..pls I need answers plz..when last checked my portal early this year and its was still available …I havnt paid any money…but I need a candid advice ….tnx

    • Goodmonring sir /ma, i
      am three hundred level student. Please, i have not see one of my TMA, Please help me check my portal and send it to me and i have no access to my portal again .Thanks

      • Hello sir, I am a new student, I can’t access my porter and I have registered 12 courses instead of 9, I want to reduce 3, how can I do that?

  17. Please what is actually going on, one cannot even open his portal and another thing the whole causes been registered has been dropped to be re-registered again am sick and this. please you should do something about it

  18. i don’t seem to understand what’s going on
    the management are not doing anything to help their students. its really frustrating, and discouraging. if you’re not fit for this then stop operating of crying out loud. students will pay for fees, course registration, exams registration and yet they can’t access portal

  19. good day every one, am Segun by name I just matriculated on Saturday as a student in NOUN and I put in for Communication Technology please I want u to add me up on the Com tech group so as to have access to e-lecture and other facility. thank u

  20. Good day sir/ma. I am PGDE student. I did my Teaching Practice in May 2013. My result is missing please help me. Matric. Number NOU110637130. Thanks

  21. Good day sir/ma
    Kindly assist me, I want to find out if I can continue my with noun ,I registered in 2003 with reference :ADM/BHBS073/020004092
    MATRIC NUMBER 040011566
    Phone number 08023847751

    Course : Corporative management.
    I stop after about four exams .night wish to continue from where it stop
    Thank you in anticipation

  22. Please, I paid some amount of money through Zenith Bank since on Friday 19 May 2017 but uptil now it has not reflects on my e-wallet. Each time I checked, it will tell me that the RRR is not found. What shall I do now in order to rectify this problem.

  23. I paid some omount of money through Zenith Bank since Friday 19 May 2017 and up till now it has not shonwn on my wallet. When I tried to check it it will tell me my RRR is not found. What should I do?

  24. The exams time table is out, how can we write the exams when the appropriate processes of registration and Tma is not done?.
    Please NOUN management kindly proffer solutions to our problems, if the new web side is not working why not revert it back to the old one. Because from the look of things there is a serious problem you are not unvailling to us the students, we deserve to know what is happening.

  25. pls admin i am unable to login my portal and also could not pay my school fee pls kindly support me on how to generate my remitta pin,thanks i will be expecting ur assitance.

    I’m a student of 400L from the Dept. of Mass Communication. Consequently, I wrote Exams at different semesters which I discovered that some of my courses were omitted as follows:(1). MAC341-Development Communication & Broadcasting, (2). MAC 444- Broadcast Commentary & Announcement and (3). MAC412- Media Management respectively. I shall be grateful If Exams & Records Department rectify my complaint.

    S.M. Tijjani

  27. My is Suleiman Hassan,

    I am trying to apply for admission into BSC economic, I generate RRR and also successfully paid. The issue is when I tried to continue after payment i.e fill form for application an error pop up that a “wrong entry level selected” and I tried both the level available in the portal (100 & 200 level) all the same. Kindly assist with feed back on what I should do to rectify the issue.


  28. I have not paid and am afraid to pay because of this portal issue. The worst part of it is that the school portal is not opening at all. When you try to open it, it will be telling you page not found. My question now is, how will they calculate our GP or Know the papers one wrote since the former portal is no longer working.

  29. am in two 200 level, first semester i went to school to write my first paper, i discovered that eight of my courses were already written and i wrote only one. All because of their inability to do the job they were employed to do. As i speak, i have not been able to access portal to register for second semester so i can add two or three courses from first semester. I think we are been treated like this because they have “the cake and the knife”.

  30. Please,perior to this period, i was having N36,000 in my e-wallet. But the new website came on board, i could not access my old potter again and the money i have in it is no longer there. I will like to know how to retrieve the money so that I can continue with my registration. I look forward to seeing my money on my wallet.

  31. My name is AUGUSTINE UWEZUKWE IFEANYI, a hundred level student.I made a mistake while registering my course on the portal. I chose business administration instead of enterpreuship and addition of names.I report the issue at NOUN BENIN CENTRE, they said they don’t have the link to change it. I have paid twenty thousand naira but I need this change effected so I can register my courses before the portal will is closed.

  32. I have not been able to access my portal through my phone since we begin this semester, have paid my fees but have not been able to print out my tmas and I learnt exam is commencing by June, please what can I do? I have even re-register on the portal yet, still can’t login. Someone should please help me out.

  33. i wrote 1st semester exams last but have not bn able to access my result due to the portal fault. am even confuse weather to register for the 2nd semester b/c i have not seen my 1st semester result. Please admin advise me.what will i do?

  34. hello!!! please I’d found it very difficult to log in into my portal!! please help me!
    Adeyemi Mubashir Adebola- PGD PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (Nou133912102).

  35. Greetings,I keep wandering if this is distance learning there is nothing that someone can do without going to that study center, event to login to your portal as a student, and everything that they will do for someone there is money, i registered Economics and under the Economics ninth (9) Books are to be giving for me they end up given me only four, and i buy the remaining some one thousand(1000) and some one thousand five hundred (1500) now they said exams remain just but one month and me i can’t login.

  36. Please I’m graduated student since 2015 my name has not be coming out,what happening I have do I could and I followed the school instructions please help me to do something abeg whosoever in change to do some thing nou110118183 I study criminology at osogbo center

  37. i request for a change in course since last year semester and i have not heard or seen any change whereas i ve done the necessary and required method even paying the sum of 5k to the bank. please can anyone put me through or explain what is wrong ?

  38. Iam proud to be a NOUN undergraduate student however, lack of access to my student portal is frustrating. Can any one help me out by guiding me on how to access the new portal?.
    I will really appreciate.

  39. Please, have been trying to open my portal and to download my materials but is not working, can you please help me with the site to do it please.

  40. Pls I am a final year Law Student, i am having issues on cheing my last semester examination results no enable me Know the courses to registered for. My ADR 1 result was not released in 2016 ist semester. Also I am finding it difficult to log in into my portal. My name is SANNI OLAIDE ISIAKA. My matric number is NOU 120379920

  41. Have never seen such an idiotic school like this , that you can’t protest all they are after is your money after then nothing. I still give kudus to the former management lead by Prof. Vincent Tenebe don’t know which planet this present one came from.

  42. I have my money to pay now but can not access d portal after tolling to get this money
    Am getting feed up with d school mgt am in my final year i want to graduate and leave this school

  43. I will like to encourage everyone to keepon praying for the school management to get solutions to the in relevant network problems we’re all encounters now, it’s very important so much more.

    • amen all demonic activity holding this school portal in boundage will die by five jesus anem and in allah nema
      i want to say this portal must stabilise befor any exam and all time table should be prosprone

  44. I did my registration for 1st semester 200 Level last year september, but unable to do any of my TMA due to portal issue,this year i have paid #18000 registration fee and #20000 to register for my course but unable to logging,for how long will the management rectify this issue, the school is now making me to be discouraged. Management should please do something fast, or is that the school want to extort students,please my money should not just waste like that, because it not easy. Management should give us genuine information/answer on time,so that i can decide on what next to do, the academic calendar has not been followed again. Am tired of this school……………………oh my God help.

    • please I have the same issue and didn’t even register for exam and courses due to Porta issue but I didn’t repeat the semester. I decided to to pay for 2nd semester 200l thinking the 1st semester will appear so I can add some of the courses and do in 2nd semester 200l but to my surprise the 1st semester 200l courses didn’t show for me to register some. am just to confuse and angry cause have already paid for 2nd semester 200l. did you rewrite your1st semester 200l or you went ahead to 2nd semester 200l? I will love to see your reply. thanks

  45. i made payment about a month ago and the mooney is not reflecting in the portal. i have not even done my course registration not to talk of paying my thesis writing. What can i do?

  46. I have being trying to login to no access it is saying the system couldn’t log in check your credentials and at times it will says page not found why all these nonsense with noun the vc professor Adam is the cause of all these nonsense.

    • please I register courses second semester 100 level last year due
      to Portal issue I didn’t register for exams and I did not write exams.
      . I decided to to pay for 1st
      semester 200l thinking the 2nd semester 100l
      will appear so I can add some of the
      courses and do in 1st semester 200l but
      to my surprise the 1st semester 200l
      courses didn’t show for me to register
      some. am just to confuse and angry
      cause have already paid for 1st semester
      200l that is the compulsory 18000
      I will love to see your reply. thanks

  47. Please this school is discourange people to enroll as it publish just immaging a situation like this: for more than a month now the student portal is not working and september they say the registration has closed knowing fully well that the portal not in good other. Now i have not able to generate RRRR to pay for school fees not even register for course nor exam please which kind of forstration be this. Can an body explain this for me and the show me way forward i beg.

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