Digital Marketing In Nigeria: The Present and The Future


Nigeria has registered its name among the countries of the world deeply enmeshed in digital marketing. Digital marketing in Nigeria can be said to be a new idea. The very first digital store actually started operation in 2012; so, it will not be wrong to say digital marketing in the country is at its infancy. It is sure to grow with time anyway. After the very first one was established, a number of other digital stores came up with most of them headquartered in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital.

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The present

The digital stores in Nigeria do not just sell their own products; they also sell products provided by other Nigerians. Any individual that has any item to sell can always link up with them and they will open an online store for the individual. The beauty of it is that they will help the individual to market these products. While the service may not be free, many Nigerians have found it to be affordable and profitable.

According to a report given by vanguard newspaper, the Nigerian is presently worth $2 billion. This is not surprising anyway; many Nigerians fell in love with the idea of digital purchase the moment these digital stores opened for business. The idea of getting your products delivered to you at home without you making any effort was so thrilling and irresistible. To make the idea of online purchase even more interesting, many of the stores make it possible for you to pay on delivery.

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What the future holds

Mr. Jesse Soleil, the Executive President of Digital Porter Novelli, had projected that the Nigerian digital market will surely hit $10 billion by year 2020. He made this known during his five-day visit to Nigeria. He believed this will be possible if brands and marketing communication professionals can incorporate simple marketing ideas in their overall marketing strategy. He believed combining the FiveChannels marketing communication with digital marketing will go a long way in promoting the Nigerian ecommerce industry.

Despite the limitation pointed out above, the exponential growth in Nigerian digital market is not in doubt. Truth is digital marketing in Nigeria is here to stay. Many more of the Nigerian population will come it trust in the Nigerian ecommerce to deliver their goods and services as and when due.

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Important factors

One of the factors that will push the Nigerian digital market to the next phase of growth is competition. There are quite a number of them out there today with each one trying to outdo the other in service delivery and customer satisfaction. This trend is bound to continue and one can only expect great growth ad transformation in the nearest future, just like the Nigerian telecommunication industry is experiencing change and growth.

One factor that may militate against the Nigerian digital market is the safety of online payment platforms. The ecommerce companies will have to improve on this to make the dream of a future exponential growth a reality. The Nigerian digital market will equally have to expand its reach and make global payment possible. Anyone who thinks ecommerce in Nigeria is just a fad will be making a grave mistake; it is actually the future!


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