Tips and Tricks for Developing a Successful Research Proposal to Any University in Nigeria

In all Nigerian institutions of higher learning, writing a research proposal is a mandatory requirement. Research proposals are a specific academic paper that is written following a specific format. Nigerian university lecturers take student’s research proposals seriously and cannot condone plagiarism.

Every student in any university in Nigeria must learn the details of a research paper and practice writing. Students who are in their final year have no choice but to write successful research proposals.

Get the best topic

The topic of your research proposal is very important and it should address a certain problem. The purpose of researching in Nigeria is to look for a solution to a problem and not the opposite.

For example, the Montessori education in Nigeria is aimed at offering education solutions to kids suffering from developmental and learning challenges. The founder of the Montessori education system first researched the problem and found a solution. In the same way, your research proposal should seek to address a problem and not a solution.

Introduce your topic

Some students in Nigeria love to first deal with the other parts of their research proposal structure and do the introduction in the final phase. It is okay to follow this approach, but the only challenge is that it is likely to backfire and fail to flow with the rest of the subheads.

Your research proposal introduction outlines your research problem and describes the reasons why you want to carry out the research. If you want to research untapped business opportunities in Nigeria, you must highlight your expected achievements in the most simplified way.

Universities in Nigeria require students to write a research proposal as part of their final exam. Even though research project proposal education is taught in universities in Nigeria, most students face difficulties when writing their college project assignments.

However, students should not worry because they don’t fully understand all parts of a research proposal. They can seek custom research proposal writing help from Edubirdie and receive the best quality proposals. Students who use this writing help get high grades and are always grateful.

Discuss your aims and goals

Your aims highlight your intention in terms of the results you want to achieve once you conclude your research. Goals mean your objectives and your approach towards achieving them. In a broader sense, your research goals will be useful to the larger Nigerian population.

Describe your methods

For any research work to be successful in Nigeria, you need data and several other kinds of information. Researchers in Nigeria use different methods of collecting data and some can be the use of questionnaires, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, studying the already available information, and so on.

The kind of data collection method you choose is determined by your type of research. In Nigeria, your methodology has to be approved by your supervisor before you adopt it.

Give details of your scope and limitations

When writing a research proposal in any Nigerian university, scope and limitations will be important factors to consider. You cannot be open to any research material that you come across, but you must limit yourself to a certain amount of information and sources. Otherwise, your research work will be without proper direction and might cost you too much.

Mention your resources

In universities in Nigeria, a supervisor reads and approves your research proposal and then demands to know where you will get your information and sources of data. Traditionally, most students in Nigeria rely strongly on libraries, online sources, and questionnaires. List every resource and the means you will use to obtain them.

Outline your research proposal

This section gives guidance into the structure of the proposal in terms of the chapters you propose to write. This is a requirement for every university in Nigeria and you must observe this rule. Your research proposal ends with a list of references where you acknowledge other authors whose information you used in your research proposal.


As part of learning, universities in Nigeria give assignments to students to write research proposals. Students in their final year in Nigeria are obligated to write a research proposal as part of their final exams. The secret is to understand the entire structure of the proposal and follow it to the letter. The structure is universal and can be used for any university in Nigeria. The structure should be detailed and students should ensure they engage their supervisors throughout the writing phase and get approvals whenever necessary.

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